The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
Ticehurst High Street in 1910
Ticehurst High Street in 1910
The comparative seclusion of Ticehurst is largely compensated for by the beauty of the neighbourhood, typical of East Sussex scenery at its best; by the healthiness of the village which is set on a high ridge affording glorious views; and by the fact that the population, while sufficiently large to admit of common action in the provision of social and recreative facilities, is still small enough to preserve that community of interests among all classes which is one of the happier features of life in our country districts.
The name of the parish is spelt in a rich variety of ways in old records … Ticheshurst, Tiseherse, Tisehurst, Tysehurst, Tyseherst, Tyshert and Tiseherst. As to the derivation of the name, one finds oneself in the realm of speculation and conjecture. The second syllable of the word is, of course, the Anglo-Saxon word hurst, signifying a thick wood. The origin of the first syllable is not undisputed. Some have suggested that it recalls the name of a Saxon goddess, while others allege that the parish takes its name from the River Teise, a small stream which rises in the parish and eventually joins the Medway near Yalding.
extract from Leonard Houston's Ticehurst: the Story of a Sussex Parish
Ticehurst is a large village and parish and head of a union, on the border of Kent and on the road from Tunbridge Wells to Battle and Rye, 3 ½ miles north-east from Ticehurst Road station on the South Eastern section of the Southern railway from Tonbridge to Hastings, and near Wadhurst and Etchingham stations on the same line, and 9 ¾ miles south-east from Tunbridge Wells, and is in the Rye division of the county, hundred of Shoyswell, rape of Hastings, petty sessional division of Burwash, county court district of Tunbridge Wells, rural deaconry of Etchingham, archdeaconry of Hastings and diocese of Chichester.
Ticehurst population1,4361,5931,9662,3142,4652,8502,7582,9393,0072,9312,9312,8532,611

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Books and other documents
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People of note
Newington, Charles
(1780 - 1852)
Surgeon of Ticehurst House

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Borzell near Ticehurst - 1783

South Front of Whiligh in Ticehurst belonging to Henry Courthope Esq. - 1784

Ticehurst Church - 1785

The Old Vicarage - 1792

Highlands and Ticehurst House - c 1830

The New National School - 1849

The Old Vicarage - c 1851

Old Boarzell House - 1859

Church Street - c 1869

Ticehurst Church - c 1879

The Lower Toll Gate - c 1890

Shoyswell - 1900

Limden Farm - 1900

Shortridges - 1900

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1st Sept 1787




Places and properties in Ticehurst - a directory of homes, farms, churches, schools, inns, and other places of interest that existed prior to 1900 has been compiled from Post Office directories, Kelly's directories, Trade directories, Census data, Ordnance survey maps and books of the period
Churches, Inns,
Schools, Shops
and other places of interest
Almshouses, Ticehurst Village
Bell Inn, Ticehurst Village
Bridge Hotel, Peartree Hill
Chequers Inn, Ticehurst Village
Duke of York, Ticehurst Village
Ellmans Pit, Ticehurst Village
Flimwell Baptist Chapel
Hare & Hounds, Flimwell
Huntley's Mill [a.k.a. Burwood Farm, Dunsters Mill] Mill, Huntley Mill Road
Royal Oak Inn, London Road
St Augustins Vicarage, Hawkhurst Road
St Peter's Church, Stonegate
St. Augustine's, Flimwell District Church, Hawkhurst Road
St. Mary the Virgin Church, Church Street
Stonegate School, Stonegate Village
Stonegate Vicarage, Stonegate
The Bull Public House, Three Leg Cross
Ticehurst Asylum [a.k.a. Ticehurst House, The Establishment] Farm, Vineyard Lane
Ticehurst School, Church Street
Union Workhouse, Union Street
Vicarage, Church Street
Welcome Stranger, Flimwell
Wesleyan Chapel
Witherenden Mill, Peartree Hill
Roads and Streets
Bardown Road
Battenhurst Road
Birchett's Green
Burnt Lodge Lane
Church Street
Church Settle Lane
Claphatch Lane
Cottenden Road
Cross Lane
Dale Hill
Freedom Lane
Hastings Road
Hawkhurst Road
High Street, High Street
Huntley Mill Road
Limden Lane
London Road
Lower Gate
Mabb's Hill
Peartree Hill
Pickford Lane
Rosemary Lane
Stonegate Village
Three Leg Cross
Ticehurst Village
Tinkers Lane
Union Street
Vineyard Lane
Wards Lane
Wardsbrook Lane
Homes and Farms
Amen Corner, Ticehurst Village
Baker's Farm, Three Leg Cross
Bardown House, Bardown Road
Battenhurst Farm, Battenhurst Road
Battenhurst House, Battenhurst Road
Bearhurst [a.k.a. Barehurst, Burhurst] Farm, Battenhurst Road
Beaumans Farm, Claphatch Lane
Berners Hill, Rosemary Lane
Biggs Farm, Battenhurst Road
Bines House, Cottenden Road
Birchett's Green Farm, Birchett's Green
Boarders [a.k.a. Borders] Farm, Three Leg Cross
Boarsell [a.k.a. Boarzell], Hastings Road
Bolster's Gate, Bardown Road
Brads Cottage, Huntley Mill Road
Brick Kiln Farm, High Street
Bricklehurst, Bardown Road
Brickyard, Shover's Green
Broomden, Burnt Lodge Lane
Broomhouse, Union Street
Bryant's Farm, Wards Lane
Bugsey's [a.k.a. Bugges, Buggs] Farm, High Street
Burnt Lodge, Burnt Lodge Lane
Burwash Road, Battenhurst Road
Bush House, Ticehurst Village
Cabbett Cottages, Peartree Hill
Chapel Cottage, Ticehurst Village
Cherry Tree House, Dale Hill
Chesson's Farm, Wards Lane
Church Gate Cottage, Ticehurst Village
Church Villa, Church Street
Claphatch, Claphatch Lane
Clara House, Ticehurst Village
Clay House [a.k.a. Clayhams], Ticehurst Village
Clayhall, Battenhurst Road
Cock [a.k.a. Mount Pleasant] Farm, Stonegate Village
Coldharbour, Three Leg Cross
Colonels, Ticehurst Village
Colyers House, Tolhurst
Cooper's Farm, Stonegate
Copings [a.k.a. Copen's] Farm, Freedom Lane
Corner House, London Road
Cottenden House, Cottenden Road
Croft Cottage, Ticehurst Village
Croft House, Ticehurst Village
Crutters Farm, Bardown Road
Dale Hill Farm, Dale Hill
Down Wood [a.k.a. Downash] Farm, Rosemary Lane
Elliotts Cottages, Ticehurst Village
Establishment Lane, Burnt Lodge Lane
Fern Villa, Flimwell
Firmont, Flimwell
Flimwell Place, London Road
Flimwell Rocks, Flimwell
Frant Cottages, Ticehurst Village
Gallops Cottage
Gardener's Cottage, High Street
Gas Works, Lower Gate
Gibbs Read Farm
Gravel Pit Cottages, Cross Lane
Gravel Pit House, Cross Lane
Gravelpit, Birchett's Green
Greenwoods, Claphatch Lane
Hammerden, Peartree Hill
Hazelhurst Farm, Huntley Mill Road
Hazelwood Cottage, Ticehurst Village
Herbert Cottage, Church Street
Highlands, Vineyard Lane
Holbeam Wood, Birchett's Green
Holly Bank, Dale Hill
Hoppers House, Cottenden Road
Improvement Alley, Ticehurst Village
Ivy House, Union Street
Keepers Cottage, Hawkhurst Road
Kemps House and Cottage, Ticehurst Village
Kennels Cottage
Ketley Farm, Rosemary Lane
Laurel Cottage, Church Street
Limden Farm, Limden Lane
Little Boarsell [a.k.a. Boarzell], Hastings Road
Little Dale Hill Farm, Dale Hill
Little Whiligh
London Barn, Hastings Road
Lower Hazelhurst [a.k.a. Quarter] Farm, Freedom Lane
Lower Hazelhurst Cottage [a.k.a. Haselash], Freedom Lane
Lower Platts, Ticehurst Village
Lower Tolhurst, Burnt Lodge Lane
Lower Turnpike Gate, Lower Gate
Homes and Farms
Mabb's Hill Farm, Mabb's Hill
Maplesden, Church Settle Lane
Mariann House, Ticehurst Village
Midhill Cottage, Ticehurst Village
Mill Lands, Cottenden Road
Mount Pleasant Farm, Hastings Road
Mumpumps [a.k.a. Mount Pumps], Hastings Road
New House Farm, Cottenden Road
Newbarn, Wards Lane
Normans Wood House, Shover's Green
Norwoods Farm, Huntley Mill Road
Oakover, Wardsbrook Lane
Oakover Farm, Wardsbrook Lane
Old Forge House, Wards Lane
Orderly Room, Ticehurst Village
Overys Farm, Huntley Mill Road
Parsonage Farm, Wardsbrook Lane
Pashley Farm
Pashley Manor
Pickford, Pickford Lane
Platts Cottage, Ticehurst Village
Porters Lodge, Hawkhurst Road
Porters Lodge, London Road
Post Office, Ticehurst Village
Post Office, Stonegate Village
Post Office, Three Leg Cross
Prospect House, High Street
Prospect House, Union Street
Prospect House, Flimwell Mount, Flimwell
Quarry Villa, Tolhurst
Quedley, Flimwell
Reads House, Ticehurst Village
Reeves Cottage, Three Leg Cross
Ridgeway Farm, Burnt Lodge Lane
Rock Cottage, Ticehurst Village
Rocks Cottage, Hastings Road
Rose Cottage, Ticehurst Village
Rowligh [a.k.a. Rowley], Freedom Lane
Sewel Lodge, Ticehurst Village
Shover's Green House, Shover's Green
Shover's Green Post Office, Shover's Green
Singehurst Farm
Southfields, Wards Lane
Spring Cottage, Ticehurst Village
St Augustins, Hawkhurst Road
Steellands, Ticehurst Village
Stervenden Cottages, Peartree Hill
Stone House, Union Street
Stonegate [a.k.a. Ticehurst Road, Witherenden] Station, Peartree Hill
Stonegate Farm, Stonegate Village
Stonegate Toll House, Stonegate
Storrer's Farm, Limden Lane
Summer Hill, Burnt Lodge Lane
Sunny Bank, Hawkhurst Road
Swiftsden [a.k.a. Boarzell Nursery], Hastings Road
Tendels, Freedom Lane
The Haven, Ticehurst Village
The Institute, Ticehurst Village
The Polars, Stonegate Village
The Vineyard, Vineyard Lane
Tilehouse, Claphatch Lane
Tolhurst Cottages [a.k.a. Slab Castle], Tolhurst
Tolhurst Farm, Burnt Lodge Lane
Tutt's Farm, Limden Lane
Upper Platts
Upper Turnpike Gate House, Three Leg Cross
Uppergate [a.k.a. Upper Toll] Cottage, High Street
Wallcrouch, High Street
Walter's Farm, Tinkers Lane
Wardsbrook Farm, Wardsbrook Lane
Warwick House, Ticehurst Village
Washington House, Three Leg Cross
Waterloo House, London Road
Wedbourne Villa, Ticehurst Village
Wedd's Farm
Welshes Farm, Claphatch Lane
Westbourne Villa, Ticehurst Village
Westons, High Street
Whatmain Garden, Ticehurst Village
Winters House, Battenhurst Road
Wishdown, Claphatch Lane
Witherenden Cottages, Peartree Hill
Witherenden Farm, Peartree Hill
Wood Lane Cottage, Ticehurst Village
Woodbine House, Ticehurst Village
Woodlands, High Street
Wratten's Cottage, Peartree Hill
Wyley, Ticehurst Village

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