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Buxted village in 1929
Buxted village in 1929
Buxted Village Website
Buxted Village Website
"Buxted is truly beautiful both inside and out - that is to say, it has lovely scenery of its own and there are numerous viewpoints from which the beautiful country around, far and near, may be seen. What have we? A magnificent park containing the finest avenue of Scotch firs in England, another avenue of various trees and a superb grove, of ancient limes; many pretty walks by woodland and stream; deep-cut lanes with picturesque sand-rock banks; rippling brooks rushing beneath green arches of hazel and willow; open commons clad with bracken and gorse; valley and hill, holt and copse, hedgerow and footpath, arable land and meadow - every variety of rural scenery, and almost every kind of tree and shrub to set it off. Even man's contribution to the picture is full of charm, for many of the buildings in the parish add to the natural beauty of it - they are not like many modern erections, dreadful blots on the landscape. The parish church is a fine example of mediaeval architecture; the 16th century Hogge House fitly crowns the little cliff on which it stands; the half-timbered houses of Bevingford and Maypole Cottages, Stonehouse Farm, the old moated Rectory house, Hendall Farmhouse with its portico, the iron-gate and approach to New House, the Eight Bells Inn with its timbered front, Five Chimneys with its clustered smoke-stack, The Toll with fine timber-work, and several quaint oast-houses - all add their own peculiar charm. Besides all these there are the unique cave-dwellings at the Hermitage, of partly natural and partly human origin, that form a picturesque feature in the landscape quite unique."
extract from Buxted the Beautiful written in 1929 by Rev. K.H. MacDermott
Buxted is a village and parish in the East Grinstead division of Sussex, in the hundred of Loxfield Dorset, rape of Pevensey, rural deanery of Uckfield, archdeaconry of Lewes and diocese of Chichester. Buxted includes Hadlow Down (until 1st October 1905 when it was formed into its own civil parish); Pound Green; Five Ash Down and High Hurstwood (which was formed as a separate ecclesiastical parish on 22nd December 1871). It is 42 miles south of London

Buxted is referred to in historical documents as Buxsted; Bocstead; and Buxstead and has its origins in the Anglo-Saxon words 'boc' meaning beech and 'stede' meaning a place. Buxted originally is probably 'the place of beech trees'
Buxted historical notes has been derived from the same sources to highlight Buxted's key events in chronological order

Parish & other records Before

Books and other documents
Published Title, author and references
1828Sussex Trade Directory ⇒ entry
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1835The History, Antiquities and Topography of the County of Sussex by Thomas Walker Horsfield, F.S.A.p. 365
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also published as
Tunbridge Wells and its Neighbourhood by Lady Hope ⇒ p. 141
1927The Sussex Highlands ⇒ p. 53
1929Buxted The Beautiful by K. H. Macdermott ⇒ Book
2004The Manor of Duddleswell by Colin J HobbsManor records

People of note
Clarke, Edward Daniel
(1769 - 1822)
Traveller and man of science
Egles, Edward
(1761 - 1838)
Cotton manufacturer
Gell, Rev. John Philip
(1816 - 1898)
Van Diemen's Land educationalist
Hogge, Ralph
(c1525 - 1585)
Iron Master
Jenkinson, Charles Cecil Cope, Earl of Liverpool
(1784 - 1851)
MacDermott, Rev. Kenneth Holland
(c1800 - )
Rector of Buxted and Author
Medley, George
(1722 - 1796)
Wine merchant and landowner
Saunders, Anthony
(1649 - 1719)
Rector of Buxted and Uckfield benefactor
Watson, George Dan
(1785 - 1838)
The human calculator
Woodman, Richard
(1524 - 1557)

Picturesmore pictures 

Buxted Place - 1773

North Front of Mr Olives House in Buxted Parish - 1773

St Margarets Church - 1777

St Margarets Church - 1783

Buxted Place, West Front - 1785

Hogge House - 1785

Outside of the Vineyard Rock in Buxted Parish - 1785

East View of the Range of Vineyard Rocks in the Parish of Buxted - 1785

Thomas Medley of Conyboroughs, Esq., died 1728, aet 84 - 1785

Buxted Place - 1798

Buxted Park, Church - 1902

Buxted Park House - 1902

Buxted - 1903

The Village - 1904

Buxted Maps

c 1724

c 1795

c 1825

c 1875

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1st Sept 1787





Places and properties in Buxted - a directory of homes, farms, churches, schools, inns, and other places of interest that existed prior to 1900 has been compiled from Post Office directories, Kelly's directories, Trade directories, Census data, Ordnance survey maps and books of the period
Churches, Inns,
Schools, Shops
and other places of interest
Almshouse, Hog House Lane
Buxted Corn Mill, High Street
Buxted Hotel, High Street
Buxted Park
Buxted Rectory, High Street
Curtains Hill, Hadlow Down
Eight Bells Public House, High Street
Hempstead Mill
Holy Trinity Church, High Hurstwood
Hurstwood School, High Hurstwood
Independent Chapel, Five Ash Down
Maypole Public House, High Hurstwood
National School, High Street
Popes Well Lane
Post Office, High Hurstwood
Smallberry Hill, Hadlow Down
St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church, Herons Ghyll
St. Margaret's Church
St. Mark's Church, Hadlow Down
St. Mary's Church
St. Mary's Vicarage, High Street
The Oak Public House, High Hurstwood
Tibbs [Tebbs] Bridge, Fowly Lane
White Hart Inn, High Street
Roads and Streets
Coopers Green
Fowly Lane
Framfield Road
Herons Ghyll
High Hurstwood
High Street
Hog House Lane
Hurstwood Road
Potter's Green
Pound Green
Rocks Lane
Totease Road
Wilderness Lane
Homes and Farms
Alpine Villa, Framfield Road
Baily Pits
Barham [a.k.a. Barnham] Cottage
Barnsgate, Uckfield Road
Barrack Cottages, High Hurstwood
Beacon View, Framfield Road
Beaconfield Villa, Framfield Road
Belle Vue, Framfield Road
Bevingford [a.k.a. Bevenford] Farm, High Hurstwood
Blacksmith Farm, High Hurstwood
Brick and Tile Works, Hadlow Down
Brick Works, High Street
Britts Farm, High Street
Brown's nest
Brownsbrook, Duddleswell
Burnt House, Hadlow Down
Burnt House, High Hurstwood
Butchers Farm
Buxted Bridge
Buxted Hill
Buxted Lodge
Buxted Rocks, Hurstwood Road
Buxted Station, High Street
Buxted Wood
Careys Cottages
Carrots Farm, High Hurstwood
Cecil Villa, Framfield Road
Cherry Gardens, High Hurstwood
Cherry Tree Villa, High Street
Church House, High Street
Claygate Farm, Five Ash Down
Common Fields
Coopersgreen Farm, High Street
Coopersgreen House, Coopers Green
Corbrook [a.k.a. Cocks Brook, Coxbrook], Hurstwood Road
Crossways, High Hurstwood
Crowpits Farm
Crows [a.k.a. Doves] Nest, Duddleswell
Curtains Hill Farm
Dog Kennels
Dolloways [Dallaways] Bank, Pound Green
Elder's Cottage, High Hurstwood
Fair View Villa, Framfield Road
Fern Bank, High Hurstwood
Five Chimneys, Hadlow Down
Fowly Cottage, Fowly Lane
Foxhole Farm
Gate House Farm, Hadlow Down
Gill [a.k.a. Jill] Hope
Gordon Villa
Great Hall Farm, High Hurstwood
Greenhurst Farm
Hadlow Down Post Office, Hadlow Down
Half Anchor [a.k.a. Acre] Farm, Etchingwood
Hanghurst Farm, High Hurstwood
Hecking Wood, High Street
Heron's Ghyll Farm, High Hurstwood
High Common
High Cross
Highhurst Wood Farm, High Hurstwood
Hobbs Farm
Hog House, Hog House Lane
Hole [a.k.a. Hall] Farm
Holly Cottage
Holly Cottage, High Hurstwood
Home View, Framfield Road
Homebush [a.k.a. Holly Bush] Bank
Horseshoes Farm, High Street
Howbourne [a.k.a. Howborn] Farm
Huggetts Farm, Fowly Lane
Hurstwood, High Hurstwood
Hurstwood Mill, High Hurstwood
Ivy Hole, High Hurstwood
Kyles Bray
Lane End, High Hurstwood
Laurel Cottage, High Hurstwood
Laurel Cottage, Etchingwood
Lephams [a.k.a. Lipmans, Leaven] Bridge
Linden House, High Street
Little Alley, High Hurstwood
Little Forge
Little Totease Farm, Totease Road
Loamhole, High Hurstwood
Lodge, High Street
Lodge House, Duddleswell
Lower Totease, Totease Road
Homes and Farms
Maypole Cottages, High Hurstwood
Merton Villas, High Street
Mill House
Millers [a.k.a. Tullys] Farm, Hadlow Down
Mount Pleasant House, High Hurstwood
Myrtle Cottage, Ringles Cross
Nashes [a.k.a. Perrymans] Farm, Hadlow Down
New House [a.k.a. Olive House, Sackville Place, New House Farm], High Hurstwood
New Road, High Street
Newhouse Farm, Pound Green
Newlands Farm
Nordens [a.k.a. Nortons] Green, High Hurstwood
Nursery, High Street
Old Harry's Farm, High Hurstwood
Oldhall Farm, High Hurstwood
Overton Villa, Framfield Road
Park View Villas, Framfield Road
Parkhurst, High Hurstwood
Perimans [a.k.a. Blackhouse] Farm, High Hurstwood
Pestles [a.k.a. Passalls] Farm
Pickreed, High Hurstwood
Pickreed Cottage, High Hurstwood
Pinions, Duddleswell
Police Cottage, High Street
Popes Green
Popes Hole
Popes Well
Popes Well Green
Popeshall Farm
Popeswood Farm
Possels [a.k.a. Tesel] Cottage
Post Office, High Street
Pound Lane, Duddleswell
Poundgreen Farm, Pound Green
Poundgreen Villa, Pound Green
Primrose Cottage, Pound Green
Puckstye Farm, Duddleswell
Redbrook Cottages
Redtile Farm, High Hurstwood
Ringles Cross Lodge, Ringles Cross
Rocks Farm, Rocks Lane
Roses Common Farm
Sash Windows
Sevenoaks Cottage
Shadwell Farm, High Hurstwood
Shepherds Hill
Sleeches Farm, Fowly Lane
Smithy at Shepherds Hill
Snatts Cottage, High Hurstwood
Spotted Cow Farm, Hadlow Down
St. Margaret's Home
Stone House, High Street
Stone House, High Hurstwood
Stone Quarry, High Hurstwood
Stonehall Farm, High Hurstwood
Stroods Farm
Tanyard Farm, Etchingwood
Telfield Cottage, High Hurstwood
The Box, Hurstwood Road
The Hermitage, Hurstwood Road
The Nest, High Hurstwood
The Vicarage, High Hurstwood
The Willows, Pound Green
Toll [a.k.a. Toll Gate] House
Toll Farm, Hadlow Down
Toll Gate, High Hurstwood
Totease, Totease Road
Totease House, Totease Road
Turkey Square, Coopers Green
Upper [als Great] Totease, Totease Road
Upper Hasting Ford
Vernon Cottage, Framfield Road
Views Wood
Vine Cottage, High Hurstwood
Waste Farm
Wellington Cottage, High Street
Wellington Row
Wilderness Bank, Wilderness Lane
Wilderness Cottage, Wilderness Lane
Wilderness Farm, Wilderness Lane
Wite House, Pound Green
Woodbrook Farm
Workhouse Farm
Yew Tree Hill

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