The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex

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Lamberhurst in 1900
Lamberhurst in 1900
As we drive down from Scotney Castle, we find ourselves approaching the most picturesque old village of Lamberhurst, with its ancient moated inn in the centre of its highway. It is a long and hilly road, but we are well repaid for our journey because from it we have a far extending view of pretty tiled cottages amongst the trees and rising grounds, one of which is crowned by the church ; whilst to the right lies the Court, the home of the Morland family, with its lovely gardens and charming old-world rooms.
But the Court is so hidden in the leafy foliage of its surrounding trees, that we may walk through Lamberhurst, studying its old inn, moat, and pretty timbered cottages, without realizing the fact that the great painter lived here, and learnt to study nature's book under these delightful influences.
extract from Lady Hope's English Homes and Villages published in 1909

Parish & other records Before

Books and other documents
Published Title, author and references
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also published as
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North East Front of Scotney - 1783

Scotney Castle - 12th Aug 1786

Scotney Castle - 1809

Scotney Castle - 1809

The Court Lodge - 1809

Lamberhurst Church - 1809

Bayham Abbey - 16th Dec 1871

Bayham Abbey - Ground Plan - 16th Dec 1871

Remains of Scotney Castle - 1887

Old Scotney Castle - 1887

Stair House - 27th July 1889

Scotney Castle - 1900

Lamberhurst - 1900

Bayham - c 1900

Places and properties in Lamberhurst - a directory of homes, farms, churches, schools, inns, and other places of interest that existed prior to 1900 has been compiled from Post Office directories, Kelly's directories, Trade directories, Census data, Ordnance survey maps and books of the period
Churches, Inns,
Schools, Shops
and other places of interest
Baptist Chapel
Bayham Abbey House [a.k.a. Bayham Mansion], Bayham
Bayham Church, Bayham
Chequers Inn, High Street
Court Lodge, Church Road
Elephant's Head, Hook Green
Furnace Mill, Furnace Lane
George and Dragon Inn, High Street
Hook Green School, Hook Green
Horse and Groom Inn, High Street
Manor Down House, Lamberhurst Down
Mill (als Pepper Mill) Place, Furnace Lane
National School, The Village
Old Workhouse, The Village
Scotney Castle, Lamberhurst Down
St Mary's Parish Church, Church Road
Swan Inn, Lamberhurst Down
Roads and Streets
Church Road
Clay Hill Road
Furnace Lane
High Street
Hook Green
Horsmonden Road
Lamberhurst Down
Lamberhurst Quarter
Lamberhurst Road
Mount Pleasant Lane
Parsonage Lane
Pembury Road
Pudding Lane
Slade Road
Spray Hill
The Village
Yew Tree Green
Homes and Farms
Ambleford [a.k.a. Amplefords], Lamberhurst Quarter
Bartletts, Lamberhurst Quarter
Bayham Lodge, Bayham
Beaux [a.k.a. Boakes] Cottage, High Street
Beech Farm, Pembury Road
Beech Lane Cottages, Lamberhurst Quarter
Bentham Cottages
Bewl Bridge Farm
Brewery Cottages, The Village
Brickfield Cottages, Lamberhurst Down
Browns Wood Cottage, Clay Hill Road
Bull Lane Cottages, Hook Green
Clay Hill Farm and Cottages, Clay Hill Road
Cogger's Hall, The Village
Cold Harbour Farm, Lamberhurst Quarter
Coney Burrow Cottage
Cutthorn, Parsonage Lane
Dairy Lodge
Daisy Bank, High Street
Dengates, Lamberhurst Quarter
Douches, Lamberhurst Quarter
Douglas Place
Down Farm, Lamberhurst Down
Down House, Lamberhurst Down
Down Villa, Lamberhurst Down
Emshurst, Lamberhurst Quarter
Francis Cottages, High Street
Free Heath, Hook Green
Gate House Cottages
Gate House Green
Grantham Hall, Lamberhurst Quarter
Great Dunks Farm, Lamberhurst Quarter
Hickmots, Lamberhurst Quarter
Hoathly Farm, Clay Hill Road
Hog Hole, Yew Tree Green
Institute Cottage, The Village
Keeper's Cottage, Parsonage Lane
Lindridge Farm, Lamberhurst Quarter
Lindridge Green Cottages, Lamberhurst Quarter
Lindridge Lodge, Lamberhurst Down
Little Lindridge Farm
Little Owl House, Clay Hill Road
Loam Pitts, Lamberhurst Down
Homes and Farms
Maitlands [a.k.a. Matlands]
Manor Cottages, The Village
Manorden [a.k.a. Manor House], High Street
Marsh's Cottages
Mill House, The Village
Mount Pleasant, Mount Pleasant Lane
Mount Sion Cottages, The Village
Mount Zion
Neals House, Yew Tree Green
New Farm Cottages, Clay Hill Road
New Slade, Slade Road
Nine Points, Clay Hill Road
Ninevah, Clay Hill Road
Oak Bank, The Village
Old Counting House, Furnace Lane
Old Farm, Pembury Road
Old Hill, The Village
Old School House, Hook Green
Old Toll Gate Cottage, Spray Hill
Owl House, Clay Hill Road
Owl's Castle Farm
Park Cottage, Lamberhurst Quarter
Parsonage Cottages, Parsonage Lane
Pear Tree Cottages
Pierce Barn Cottages
Pierce Cottages, The Village
Pitts [a.k.a. Pets] Gate Farm
Primrose Cottages, Lamberhurst Quarter
Quarter Farm, Lamberhurst Quarter
Rising Sun, Lamberhurst Down
River Cottages, The Village
Rock House, The Village
Sandhurst Farm, Clay Hill Road
Sharp's Cottages, Lamberhurst Quarter
Skiff's Cottages, Clay Hill Road
Slade Farm, Slade Road
Snagg's [a.k.a. Snail's] Well, Clay Hill Road
Spray Hill, Spray Hill
Spring Cottages, The Village
Stair House [a.k.a. The Brewery], The Village
Stone Cottages, Furnace Lane
Stubbs Wood Cottage, Bayham
Swan Cottages, Lamberhurst Quarter
Swan Green Cottages
The Brook, High Street
The Grange, Lamberhurst Quarter
The Grange Keepers Cottage, Lamberhurst Quarter
The Mount, The Village
The Parsonage, Parsonage Lane
The Priory, Parsonage Lane
The Thimble
The Vicarage, The Village
Tile Cottage, The Village
Tile House, The Village
Toll Gate Cottage
Tolls Lye, Bayham
Tott Cottages
Trills Cottages
Uzzard's Farm, Clay Hill Road
Water Lane, High Street
White Magpie, Yew Tree Green
Windmill Cottage, Lamberhurst Quarter
Windmill House, Lamberhurst Quarter
Wiskett's [a.k.a. Whiskett's] Farm, Spray Hill
Wood Cottages, The Village

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