The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
Mayfield village in 1892
Mayfield village in 1892
"The sweetest village in England."
Thus wrote Coventry Patmore, the poet, of Mayfield, before the days of railway or modern building; but the old village has a great charm yet, and is practically unspoilt by alterations. It crowns the top of a gradual ascent, and stands a landmark for many miles around. The fine old church and the towers and roofs of the convent buildings form a central group on the highest point, around which cluster the peaked red roofs of the houses that follow the downward slope of the ground, not so closely set together as to prevent glimpses of sunny gardens and green trees in their midst.
extract from Mayfield - The Story of an Old Wealden Village written in 1903
Mayfield is a village and parish in the East Grinstead division of Sussex, in the hundred of Loxfield Pelham, rape of Pevensey, rural deanery of Dallington, archdeaconry of Hastings and diocese of Chichester. Mayfield includes Five Ashes, Coggins Mill Street and parts of Hadlow Down. On 1st October 1905 Hadlow Down was formed into a separate civil parish. Mayfield is 8 miles from Tunbridge Wells and 42 miles south of London
The population of Mayfield in 1811 was 2,079; in 1841 was 2,943; in 1861 was 2,688; in 1871 was 2,828; in 1881 was 2,912; in 1891 was 3,217; in 1901 was 3,164; in 1911 was 2,803; in 1921 was 2,880; and in 1931 was 3,080.
Mayfield historical notes has been derived from the same sources to highlight Mayfield's key events in chronological order

Parish & other records Before

Books and other documents
Published Title, author and references
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also published as
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People of note
Bell-Irving, Elizabeth M.
(1848 - c 1928)
Maynard, John
(c1595 - 1665)
Wickliffe, John
(c1320 - 1383)
Vicar of Mayfield

Picturesmore pictures 

South Front of Mayfield Palace - 1773

Side of Mayfield Palace - 1773

Freemans - 1773

The Banqueting Hall, Mayfield Palace - c 1780

Mayfield Abbey - 1781

View of Mayfield taken at around a mile distant on the Tunbridge Wells Road - 1783

North and North East View of Mayfield Hall and Palace - 1783

Great Hall of Mayfield Palace - 1783

West End of the Hall of the Archbishop of Canterburys Palace at Mayfield - 1783

St Dunstans Palace - 26th Dec 1783

Ruins of the Palace at Mayfield - 1797

Mayfield Place - 1809

Mayfield Palace - 1840

Middle House - 1863

Mayfield Maps

c 1724

c 1795

c 1825

c 1875

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1st Sept 1787





Places and properties in Mayfield - a directory of homes, farms, churches, schools, inns, and other places of interest that existed prior to 1900 has been compiled from Post Office directories, Kelly's directories, Trade directories, Census data, Ordnance survey maps and books of the period
Churches, Inns,
Schools, Shops
and other places of interest
Alms House
Argos Hill Windmill, Argos Hill
Bakers Shop, High Street
Brewers Arms, Back Lane [a.k.a. South Street]
Carpenters Arms, Fletching Street
Chapel Cross, Hadlow Down
Coggins Mill, Cogginsmill Street
Five Ashes Police Station, Five Ashes
Five Ashes Post Office, Five Ashes
Frant Bakers
Grocers Shop, East Street
Little Street
Mayfield Palace, High Street
Mayfield Vicarage
Merryweather Mill
Mouse Hall Mill, Tidebrook
National School
National School, Five Ashes
National School, Hadlow Down
New Inn, Hadlow Down
New Street Independent Chapel
Old Workhouse, High Street
Ordnance Place
Plough Beerhouse, High Street
Post Office, Hadlow Down
Post Office, Bakers & Grocers Shop, High Street
Pottens Mill
Pound Bridge, Witherenden Road
Pound Hill, Fletching Street
Providence Chapel, Hadlow Down
Providence Place, Hadlow Down
Railway Hotel, Station Road
Railway Station, Station Road
Roman Catholic Convent, High Street
Rose & Crown Inn, Fletching Street
Royal Oak Inn, High Street
Sawyers Arms, Back Lane [a.k.a. South Street]
School House
Scotsford Bridge, Scotsford Hill
St Mark's Parsonage, Hadlow Down
St. Dunstan Church, High Street
St. Dunstan's Bridge
St. John the Baptist Church, Tidebrook
Star Inn, High Street
Station Hotel, Station Road
Stonemasons Arms, Hadlow Down
Under Road
Wesleyan Chapel
Wesleyan Chapel, Hadlow Down
Roads and Streets
Argos Hill
Back Lane [a.k.a. South Street]
Cogginsmill Street
East Street
Fair Oak Street
Five Ashes
Five Ashes Village
Fletching Street
Hadlow Down
Hadlow Down Village
High Street
Lake Street
North Street
Rotherfield Lane
Rushers Cross
Scotsford Hill
Station Road
Tinkers Lane
West Street
Witherenden Road
Homes and Farms
Albert Villas, Station Road
Allens Farm, Five Ashes
Amber Cottages, Witherenden Road
Angle [a.k.a. Engle] Farm, Argos Hill
April Cottage, West Street
Bainses Cottages, Witherenden Road
Bank of England Cottage, Five Ashes
Barnetts, Hadlow Down
Bason Reed, Hadlow Down
Bassetts Farm, Cogginsmill Street
Batts Wood Cottages
Beehive, Five Ashes
Bivelham [a.k.a. Byvelham, Bibleham] Farm, Witherenden Road
Blackhouse, Back Lane [a.k.a. South Street]
Bone Mill Cottage, Hadlow Down
Box Cottage, Back Lane [a.k.a. South Street]
Brick Works, Five Ashes
Brick Works
Brick Works
Brick Works, Hadlow Down
Brickkiln Farm, Hadlow Down
Bridgers Cottage
Broadreed Farm, Hadlow Down
Brook Farm
Brook House [a.k.a. Brookside Farm], Tinkers Lane
Brookers Cottage, Five Ashes
Broomfields, Hadlow Down
Bungehurst Farm
Burnells, Hadlow Down
Butchers Cross, Five Ashes
Buttons Farm, Five Ashes
Cards House, Hadlow Down
Cardswell, Back Lane [a.k.a. South Street]
Chapel House, Back Lane [a.k.a. South Street]
Chequer Farm, Five Ashes
Chilley Cottage, Five Ashes
Cinderhill, Rushers Cross
Claytons [a.k.a. Glatting] Farm
Coldharbour, Rushers Cross
Coles Hall, Five Ashes
Colkins Farm, Cogginsmill Street
Combe Farm
Cot Pitt Farm, Five Ashes
Cottages, East Street
Cowdens Cottages, Five Ashes
Cowdens Farm, Five Ashes
Crab Farm, Five Ashes
Criers [a.k.a. Cryers] Farm, Five Ashes
Crooked Reed, Rushers Cross
Croust Farm, Five Ashes
Dapsland Farm
Dogmap [a.k.a. Dogs Nap] Cottages
Dollys Folly, Back Lane [a.k.a. South Street]
Doozes [a.k.a. Dozes] Farm
Downford Farm
Dudsland Cottage, Five Ashes
Dudsland Farm, Five Ashes
Dudsland Gate House, Five Ashes
Dunstons Villa, Station Road
Ellis's Farm
Erreys Cottage, Five Ashes
Fair Oak Farm, Fair Oak Street
Fir Point Cottages[a.k.a. Furpoint Cottages, als The Firs], Five Ashes
Fir Tree Villa, Five Ashes
Five Ashes Inn & Farm, Five Ashes
Flat Farm
Forge [a.k.a. Bibleham Forge] Farm, Witherenden Road
Freemans Farm
Frog Hole [a.k.a. Hogshole] Farm, Witherenden Road
Frogs Hole [a.k.a. Hodges] Farm, Five Ashes
Furnace [a.k.a. Furness] House
Gamekeepers Cottage, Hadlow Down
Geetrive Cottage, Five Ashes
Gillhope Farm, Witherenden Road
Golds [a.k.a. Goulds] Farm, Bibleham
Gravelpit Cottages, Rotherfield Lane
Great Bainden [a.k.a. Bendean] Farm
Great Bigknowle Farm
Great Broadhurst
Great Trodgers Farm
Grove Farm
Gurrs Fields
Hadlow House, Hadlow Down
Hamdens [a.k.a. Havenden, Hampden, Hambleton] Lodge
Hams House, Back Lane [a.k.a. South Street]
Hanging Birch Cottages, Five Ashes
Hare Holt, Bibleham
Harlots [a.k.a. Arlotts] Farm, Five Ashes
Harts Cottage, Five Ashes
Hastingford, Hadlow Down Road
Highfields Farm
Hodges Farm, Five Ashes
Hole Farm, Five Ashes
Hole Farm, Cogginsmill Street
Holtons [a.k.a. Holbon] House
Holy Trinity Orphanage
Home View, East Street
Homestall [a.k.a. Holmstall] Farm, Five Ashes
Hoopers Land
Horleigh Green Farm
Horns Lodge, Five Ashes
Huggates [a.k.a. Huggetts] Furnace, Hadlow Down
Huggates [a.k.a. Huggetts] Furnace Mill, Hadlow Down
Humphrey's [a.k.a. Harling Harlands] Farm, Lake Street
Hunts Farm
Hutchens Farm
Hyders, Hadlow Down
Inwoods [a.k.a. Innwoods] Farm, Five Ashes
Isenhurst [a.k.a. Isinghurst, Herrings Farm], Five Ashes
Ivy Bank
Ivy Cottage, Hadlow Down
Judges, Hadlow Down
Knole [a.k.a. Knowle] Farm
Lakestreet Farm, Lake Street
Late Brookers Farm, Hadlow Down
Leeds Farm, Five Ashes
Lidbetters [a.k.a. Leppiters] House, Hadlow Down
Little Bainden [a.k.a. Bendean], Witherenden Road
Little Bigknowle Farm
Little Broadhurst
Little Broadreed Farm, Hadlow Down
Little Hadlow, Hadlow Down
Little Inwood [a.k.a. Innwood] Farm
Little Pigstrood
Little Spitlye Farm
Little Steel
Little Trodger Farm, Lake Street
Little Twitts Farm
Londwell [a.k.a. Loudwell] Farm, Tinkers Lane
Longs Cottage, Back Lane [a.k.a. South Street]
Longs Fields
Lower House, Station Road
Luckhurst [a.k.a. Luggers] Crouch, Scotsford Hill
Homes and Farms
Malls [a.k.a. Molls] Bank, Tinkers Lane
Mansion, West Street
Marchant Cottage
Martins Cottage
Mathbin Cottage
Mayfield Academy, High Street
Mayfield Flat
Meers [a.k.a. Meres & Miers] Farm, Five Ashes
Merians, Five Ashes
Merryweather Cottage
Middle House, High Street
Miss Cottages
Moat Farm
Moons Mill [a.k.a. Nursery] Farm, Tinkers Lane
Morel House, Station Road
Mount Pleasant, Five Ashes
Mouse Hall Farm, Tidebrook
Myrtle Cottage, Hadlow Down
Naylors Farm
New Barn
New Barn Cottages, Five Ashes
New House, West Street
Newhouse Farm
Newpin Farm, Five Ashes
Noahs Ark, Hadlow Down
Normans Hole [a.k.a. Cornell End]
North Bin [a.k.a. Pin]
Oak Farm Cottage, Mark Cross
Old Boot, Hadlow Down
Old Carnet, Hadlow Down
Old Croust, Hadlow Down
Old Mill Farm
Old Palace Farm
Orchard Cottages, Five Ashes
Orchard House, West Street
Pages Farm
Park Cottage, Witherenden Road
Park Farm
Pennybridge Farm
Pigsfoot Farm, Hadlow Down
Pike Farm, Five Ashes
Pipers Farm, Hadlow Down
Pococks Farm, Cogginsmill Street
Popler Cottage, Witherenden Road
Pound Field Farm House, Five Ashes
Pounsford Cottage, Five Ashes
Presbytery, High Street
Primrose Cottage, Five Ashes
Readings Farm
Renhurst [a.k.a. Wrenhurst], Mark Cross
Rolfs [a.k.a. Roffs, Roses] Farm
Rose Cottage, Five Ashes
Rose Cottage, Hadlow Down
Rose Mount, Station Road
Rotherfield Lane Cottage, Rotherfield Lane
Roundabouts Cottages, Hadlow Down
Rubber House
Rushers Cross Farm
Sandals Farm
School House, Hadlow Down
Scocus [a.k.a. Cokehurst Farm], Five Ashes
Scotsford Cottages, Scotsford Hill
Sharnden [a.k.a. Shornden]
Skippers Hill Manor House, Five Ashes
South Well, Hadlow Down
Spitlye Farm, Argos Hill
Spoods Farm, Tinkers Lane
Spratsreed Farm, Lake Street
St. John's Cottage, Hadlow Down
Stilereed Farm, Hadlow Down
Stock Yards, Five Ashes
Stockland Farm, Hadlow Down
Stone Cross, Back Lane [a.k.a. South Street]
Stone House
Stone Lodge
Stonehurst [a.k.a. Stonehouse] Farm
Stream Cottage, Hadlow Down
Streel Farm
Summerhill, Five Ashes
Sycamore Villas, Station Road
Tanners Green
The Eagle Beerhouse, Five Ashes
The Grove, Station Road
The Hollies House, Station Road
The Laurels, Station Road
The Manse, Station Road
Tide Brook Cottages, Tidebrook
Tide Brook Hill, Tidebrook
Tidebrook Farm, Tidebrook
Trodger Cottages, Lake Street
Trulls Hatch
Turks Farm
Turnpike House, Fletching Street
Turtle Hovery, Fletching Street
Twitts [a.k.a. Turks] Farm
Vale Cottage, Back Lane [a.k.a. South Street]
Venales, Station Road
Verralls Cottage, Hadlow Down
Vicarage, Hadlow Down
Vickers House, Hadlow Down
Victoria Cottages
Waghorns Farm, Hadlow Down
Wallis Farm
Walnut Tree House, High Street
Warren, Fletching Street
West Cottage, High Street
Whitehall Cottage
Wind Mill Cottages
Winters Farm, Witherenden Road
Wood Cottages
Wood Reed Farm, Five Ashes
Woolbridge Farm
Xavier Lodge
Xavier Villa
Yew Tree Cottage, Tinkers Lane
Yewtree Farm, Fletching Street

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