The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
1851 Wadhurst Census
Reference: HO 107 1639, Wadhurst Registration District, Folios 361-373 in the Wadhurst Enumeration District 1e
Markcross and Riverhall District. All that part of the Parish on the West side of the road from Markcross to Little Durgate and on the South side of the Turnpike Road from Little Durgate to Riverhall, including Frankham, Great Buckhurst, Little Buckhurst, Beggars Bush, Ivy Chimney, Little Durgate, Faircrouch, Watergates, Riverhall etc.
Enumerator - H T Austen
 ▼ Head records ▼

Id Property Person Position Date of Birth Place of Birth
001Little DurgateJohn Baldwin, farm labourerHead; occupation: farm labourer1807Parish of Wadhurst, Sussex
002Little DurgateWilliam TobettHead; employs 5 people; occupation FARMER1803Parish of Hawkhurst, Kent
003Minors ArmsWilliam PollardHead; occupation BEER RETAILER1808Parish of Goudhurst, Kent
004Tunnell CottageThomas Miles, carpenterHead; occupation: carpenter1810Parish of Hartfield, Sussex
005Best Beech HillWilliam Kitchenham, road manHead; widowed; occupation: road man1782Parish of Wadhurst, Sussex
006Best Beech HillJames Smith, farm labourerHead; occupation: farm labourer1826Parish of Wadhurst, Sussex
007Bext Beech HillAlfred Mabb, shoe makerHead; occupation: shoe maker1820Parish of Ticehurst, Sussex
008Best Beech HillJesse WickhamHead; occupation Farm labourer1811Parish of Wadhurst, Sussex
009Best Beech HillGeorge Gallop, blacksmithHead; occupation: blacksmith1823Parish of Waldron, Sussex
010Clarks CottageJohn Gibb, farm labourerHead; occupation: farm labourer1812Parish of Wadhurst, Sussex
011Little BuckhurstWilliam Francis, farmerHead; employs 2 people; occupation: farmer1812Parish of Wadhurst, Sussex
012Ivy ChimneysWilliam Stevens, farmerHead; occupation: farmer1774Parish of Wadhurst, Sussex
013Steels CottageJohn Mankelow, farm labourerHead; occupation: farm labourerJul 1798Parish of Mayfield, Sussex
014Steels CottageJohn Guess, farm labourerHead; widowed; occupation: farm labourer1778Parish of Ticehurst, Sussex
015CheesmansSamuel Packham, farmerHead; employs 2 people; occupation: farmer1805Parish of Wadhurst, Sussex
016Best Beech HillJoseph WeeksHead; occupation Farm labourer1805Parish of Wadhurst, Sussex
017Best Beech HillHenry Gibb, wheelwrightHead; occupation: wheelwright1808Parish of Wadhurst, Sussex
018Best Beech HillHenry SwiftHead; occupation Farm labourer1825Parish of Wadhurst, Sussex
019Best Beech HillMary Ann Wallis [Bottin]Head; widowed; occupation: pauper1802Parish of Frant, Sussex
020Mark Cross InnElizabeth Adams [Taylor] [Bourner], victuallerHead; occupation: victualler1807Parish of Battle, Sussex
021Frankham LodgeJohn Davis, farm labourerHead; occupation: farm labourer1814Parish of Wadhurst, Sussex
022Frankham LodgeReuben Latter, farm labourerHead; occupation: farm labourer1812Parish of Wadhurst, Sussex
023Frankham FarmJohn Guess, farmerHead; employs 4 people; occupation: farmer1788Parish of Ticehurst, Sussex
024Keepers House, FrankhamWilliam C. Breech, gamekeeperHead, occupation: gamekeeper1815Parish of Benenden, Kent
025Beggars BushGeorge SeymourHead; occupation Farm labourer1828Parish of Wadhurst, Sussex
026Beggars BushSamuel Huggins, farm labourerHead; occupation: farm labourer1782Parish of Hawkhurst, Kent
027Beggars BushJacob Wallis, farm labourerHead; occupation: farm labourer1813Parish of Wadhurst, Sussex
028WestonsEdmund Goldsmith, farmer and brickmakerHead; occupation: farm labourer1809Parish of Warbleton, Sussex
029Westons CottageAbraham Wallis, farm labourerHead; occupation: farm labourer1816Parish of Wadhurst, Sussex
030Great BuckhurstJohn SwiftHead; employs 2 people; occupation FARMER1804Parish of Wadhurst, Sussex
031PartridgesJoseph PettittHead; widowed; occupation Farm labourer1805Parish of Wadhurst, Sussex
032PartridgesCharles Lancester, farm labourerHead; occupation: farm labourer1819Parish of Heathfield, Sussex
033EarlyThomas WellsHead; employs 3 people; occupation FARMER1798Parish of Wadhurst, Sussex
034RiverhallCharles J. Macklin, farm bailiffHead; occupation: farm bailiff1816County of Hertfordshire
035Riverhall MillWilliam Ashby, millerHead; occupation: miller1798Parish of Eastdean, Sussex
036WatergatesJohn Borer, farmerHead; employs 4 people; occupation: farmer1790Parish of Rotherfield, Sussex
037Faircrouch GreenThomas Atwood, farm labourerHead; occupation farm labourer1811Parish of Waldron, Sussex
038Faircrouch GreenJohn Daw, gamekeeperHead; occupation: gamekeeper1806Parish of Dallington, Sussex
039Rock Hill HouseJames StylesHead; occupation BEER RETAILER1813Parish of Wadhurst, Sussex
040Great FaircrouchJames Barnes, farmerHead; employs 3 people; occupation: farmer1813County of Norfolk
041Little FaircrouchPeter Huntley, farm labourerHead; occupation: farm labourer1790Parish of Wadhurst, Sussex
043Little FaircrouchWilliam Baldwin, farmerHead; occupation: farm labourer1820Parish of Wadhurst, Sussex
044Little FaircrouchGeorge SaxbyHead; occupation Farm labourer and BEER RETAILER1821County of Sussex
045Little FaircrouchJames H. Burgess, farm labourerHead; occupation: farm labourer1824Parish of Heathfield, Sussex
046Little FaircrouchJohn Bones, labourerHead, occupation: farm labourer1795
047Rock Robin HillAlfred Baldwin, farm labourerHead; occupation: railway labourer1831Parish of Wadhurst, Sussex
048Rock Robin HillJohn NormanHead; occupation Railway labourer1822Parish of Buxted, Sussex
049Rock Robin HillCharles TreenHead; occupation BRICKLAYER1805County of Warwickshire
050TapsellsGeorge Baker, farm labourerHead; occupation: farm labourer1623Parish of Ticehurst, Sussex

Please note:

These are derived census records that have been enhanced as further data becomes available. For example - the surname at birth of a wife is derived from the census return or a corresponding parish record - the date of birth is derived from the age recorded on the census and refined where a parish record has been matched - the occupation has been unified (e.g. Ag Lab, Farm Lab, and many other such recordings are all displayed as Farm labourer).

The originals of these census returns are available at Record Offices, from The National Archives and from Logo

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