The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
Mary Ann Crowhurst, daughter of Robert Crowhurst, farmer and Mary Crowhurst [Mellash]
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In the Parish of Withyham, Sussex
1851 Census
Withyham, Sussex
6th Jun 1841
At Salehurst in the Parish of Withyham, Sussex; Maryann Crowhurst, F, [Daughter], age 5 months, born Sussex
1841 Census
Withyham, Sussex
7th May 1843
At St. Michael's Church in the Parish of Withyham, Sussex
Withyham Parish Registers
30th Mar 1851
At Salehurst Farm in the Parish of Withyham, Sussex; Daughter; occupation: scholar
1851 Census
Withyham, Sussex

Ancestor's report
No descendent's report
Crowhurst, Crohurst, Crouherst, Crouhull, Crowherst, Crowhorst, Crawhurst family records
The ancestral pedigree of Mary Ann Crowhurst
 Robert Crowhurstm: 9th Apr 1742 St. Lawrence's Church, Bidborough, KentSusannah Genner 
 b: c 1720  b: c 1720
 Robert William John Alice 
 b: c May 1742 Withyham, Sussex
ch: 20th May 1742 St. Michael's Church
 b: 1744 Withyham, Sussex
ch: 1744 St. Michael's Church
 b: 1747 Withyham, Sussex
ch: 13th Jan 1747 St. Michael's Church
 b: 1749 Withyham, Sussex
ch: 1749 St. Michael's Church
 John Crowhurstm: 24th Dec 1776 St. Michael's Church, Withyham, SussexMary Heat 
 b: 1747 Withyham, Sussex
ch: 13th Jan 1747 St. Michael's Church
  b: c 1755
Hannah Mary Martha Sarah John William Susanna Robert 
b: 1777 Withyham, Sussex
ch: 31st Aug 1777 St. Michael's Church
 b: 1780 Withyham, Sussex
ch: 12th Feb 1780 St. Michael's Church
 b: 1781 Withyham, Sussex
ch: 7th Oct 1781 St. Michael's Church
 b: 1784 Withyham, Sussex
ch: 6th May 1784 St. Michael's Church
 b: 1786 Withyham, Sussex
ch: 8th Aug 1786 St. Michael's Church
 b: 1791 Withyham, Sussex
ch: 26th Mar 1791 St. Michael's Church
 b: 1793 Withyham, Sussex
ch: 13th Nov 1793 St. Michael's Church
 b: 1798 Withyham, Sussex
ch: 23rd Nov 1798 St. Michael's Church
 Robert Crowhurst
m: 23rd Dec 1820 St. Mary's Church, Speldhurst, KentMary Mellash 
 b: 1798 Withyham, Sussex
ch: 23rd Nov 1798 St. Michael's Church
  b: 1801 Cowden, Kent
George  Charles  Sophia  Philip  Emma  Mary Ann Robert Anna 
b: 25th Dec 1820 Ashurst, Kent
ch: 18th Feb 1821 St. Martin of Tours
  b: 21st Mar 1824 Ashurst, Kent
ch: 16th May 1824 St. Martin of Tours
  b: 11th Mar 1828 Ashurst, Kent
ch: 8th Jun 1828 St. Martin of Tours
  b: 1832 Withyham, Sussex
ch: 27th May 1832 St. Michael's Church
  b: 1837 Withyham, Sussex  b: 1841 Withyham, Sussex
ch: 7th May 1843 St. Michael's Church
 b: 1843 Withyham, Sussex
ch: 7th May 1843 St. Michael's Church
 b: 1845 Withyham, Sussex
ch: 6th Jul 1845 St. Michael's Church
  Frederick James  Thomas Sarah Albert      
  b: 10th Jul 1822 Ashurst, Kent
ch: 4th Aug 1822 St. Martin of Tours
 b: 24th Oct 1826 Ashurst, Kent
ch: 5th Nov 1826 St. Martin of Tours
  b: 16th May 1830 Ashurst, Kent
ch: 10th Oct 1830 St. Martin of Tours
 b: 1834 Withyham, Sussex
ch: 28th Mar 1834 St. Michael's Church
 b: 1839 Withyham, Sussex      

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