The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
John Blundell, yeoman
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Birth of a daughter
Agnes (Annys)
c 1465
In the Parish of Edenbridge, Kent
Lionel Cole's records
c 1490
Lionel Cole's records

Lionel Cole's records

JOHN BLUNDELL of Edenbridge, yeoman (c1465-1525)

He was first mentioned in 1488 when he witnessed a deed between Reginald Cobham of Edenbridge, gent, and Martin Titchbourne, gent, and involving Waterlakes Farm. Other witnesses were Richard Martin, gent, John Seyliard, Robert Tropenell, Thomas Alchorn and John Woodgate. These were among the most prominent inhabitants of Edenbridge at the time and suggest that John Blundell was a man of substance.

In 1516 John Blundell was called before the ecclesiastical court meeting at Malling church. He gave evidence concerning Richard Spatchurst (accused of immorality) and also Sir Morgan ap Rhys the parson (also accused of immorality). This suggests that John was regarded as an upright man and in 1524 and 1525 he was a churchwarden.

John Blundell died in 1525. In his will (Drb) he left to his dear daughter Annys his "messuage next unto the churchyard". Andrew Cole to have all his leases in lands and tenements in Edenbridge. To John Cole a cow and to Johane Cole a cow and to Julyan Cole a cow.To John Blundell 6s 8d and to Edward Blundell 3s 4d. Overseers Richard Tychbourne (to whom his bow) and John Seyliard (to whom his knife).

Before John Blundell there was another John Blundell, possibly his father. He is mentioned in the Act Book of the Bishop of Rochester in 1464 (Drb Pa3). There was an issue between the churchwardens of Edenbridge and the parson William Moys. John Blundell appeared for the churchwardens.

John Blundell had a daughter AGNES who married ANDREW COLE

No ancestor's report
Descendent's report
Blumdell, Blundell, Blunden individual records
The ancestral pedigree of John Blundell, yeoman
 John Blundell
m: c 1490Mrs 
 b: c 1465 Edenbridge, Kent
d: 1525
  b: c 1465
 Agnes (Annys) 

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