The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
Frances Field, daughter of Thomas Field, carpenter and Frances Field [Bennet]
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In the Parish of Bidborough, Kent
1851 Census
Frant, Sussex
1st Jan 1815
At St. Peter and St. Paul Parish Church in the Parish of Tonbridge, Kent
Tonbridge Parish Registers
30th Mar 1851
At Little Bayham, Bayham Road in the Parish of Frant, Sussex; Servant; occupation: house servant
1851 Census
Frant, Sussex

Ancestor's report
No descendent's report
Field, Feilde, Feild, Field Buss, Field-Buss, Fielde, Fields, Fyld family records
The ancestral pedigree of Frances Field
 Thomas Fieldm: c 1785Mary 
 b: c 1765  b: c 1765
 John Thomas James Samuel 
 b: 1786 Tonbridge, Kent
ch: 21st May 1786 St. Peter and St. Paul Parish Church
 b: 1789 Tonbridge, Kent
ch: 22nd Feb 1789 St. Peter and St. Paul Parish Church
 b: 1791 Tonbridge, Kent
ch: 24th Jul 1791 St. Peter and St. Paul Parish Church
 b: 1794 Tonbridge, Kent
ch: 9th Mar 1794 St. Peter and St. Paul Parish Church
 Thomas Field
m: 24th Aug 1814 St. Mary's Church, Speldhurst, KentFrances Bennet 
 b: 1789 Tonbridge, Kent
ch: 22nd Feb 1789 St. Peter and St. Paul Parish Church
  b: 1792 Speldhurst, Kent
Frances  Robert  William Mira Obedaiah Henry George John James 
b: 1815 Bidborough, Kent
ch: 1st Jan 1815 St. Peter and St. Paul Parish Church, Tonbridge, Kent
  b: 1819 Bidborough, Kent
ch: after 7th Mar 1819 St. Lawrence's Church
  b: 1823 Bidborough, Kent
ch: 3rd Aug 1823 St. Lawrence's Church
 b: 1826 Bidborough, Kent
ch: 16th Apr 1826 St. Lawrence's Church
 b: 1828 Bidborough, Kent
ch: 12th Oct 1828 St. Lawrence's Church
 b: 1831 Bidborough, Kent
ch: 6th Feb 1831 St. Lawrence's Church
 b: 1833 Bidborough, Kent
ch: 31st Mar 1833 St. Lawrence's Church
 b: 1836 Bidborough, Kent
ch: 6th Mar 1836 St. Lawrence's Church
  Thomas Sophia              
  b: 1817 Bidborough, Kent
ch: 2nd Feb 1817 St. Lawrence's Church
 b: 1821 Bidborough, Kent
ch: 26th Aug 1821 St. Lawrence's Church

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