The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
Descendant's report for Alan Alexander Milne, son of John Vine Milne and Sarah Maria Milne [Higinbotham]

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Alan Alexander Milne was born near Hampstead on 18th January 1882 to John and Sarah Maria Milne. He was educated at Westminster and Trinity College, Cambridge where his literary talents were first discovered as the editor of Granta. From then to Punch as a contributor and then sub-editor. In 1913 he married Dorothy de Selincourt and after the war years when he served for a period on the front A.A. Milne settled down to write a series of children's books which were to establish him as one of England's great writers - "When We Were Very Young", "Winnie-the-Pooh", "Now We Are Six", and "The House at Pooh Corner". He died on 31st January 1956 at Cotchford Farm, Hartfield which had become his home for many years.

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Generation No. 1
  1. Alan Alexander Milne was the son of John Vine Milne and Sarah Maria Milne [Higinbotham]. He was born 18th Jan 1882 at Hampstead, London; died 31st Jan 1956 at Cotchford [a.k.a. Scotchford] Farm, Hartfield, Sussex
  He married Daphne de Selincourt on 24th Jun 1913 at Chelsea, London, registered at St. Georges, Hanover Square District, London, ref: 1913 Q1 Vol 1a Page 908. She was the daughter of Martin de Selincourt and Mabel de Selincourt. She was born 1890 at Battersea, London; died 1971. They had the following children:
2 iChristopher Robin who was born 21st Aug 1920 at 11 Mallord Street, Chelsea, London; died 20th Apr 1996
Generation No. 2
  2. Christopher Robin Milne was the son of Alan Alexander Milne and Daphne Milne [de Selincourt]. He was born 21st Aug 1920 at 11 Mallord Street, Chelsea, London; died 20th Apr 1996
  He married Lesley de Selincourt on Jul 1948. She was the daughter of Aubrey de Selincourt and Irene Rutherford de Selincourt [McCleod]. She was born c 1920

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