The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
Greenwich Palace        
Historical records

23rd May 1482DeathLady Mary PlantagenetGreenwich PalacePublic records

28th Jun 1491BirthHenry VIII Tudor, King of England

21st Feb 1499BirthEdward Tudor, Duke of Somerset

7th Sep 1533BirthElizabeth I Tudor, Queen of England

29th Jan 1536DeathStillbornUnnamed son TudorGreenwich PalacePublic records

29th Jan 1536BirthUnnamed son Tudor

6th Jul 1553DeathDied from pulmonary tuberculosisEdward VI Tudor, King of EnglandGreenwich PalacePublic records

8th Apr 1605BirthMary Stuart, Princesse de France

22nd Jun 1606BirthSophia Stuart

23rd Jun 1606DeathSophia StuartGreenwich PalacePublic records

13th May 1629DeathCharles James Stuart, Duke of CornwallGreenwich PalacePublic records

13th May 1629BirthCharles James Stuart, Duke of CornwallGreenwich PalacePublic records

The Weald is at  Database version 13.6 which has ongoing updates to the 393,326 people; 9,000 places; 613 maps; 3,308 pictures, engravings and photographs; and 248 books loaded in the previous version

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