The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
St. James Palace        
Historical records

17th Nov 1558DeathMary I von Habsburg [Tudor], Queen of EnglandSt. James PalacePublic records

6th Nov 1612DeathHenry Frederick Stuart, Prince of WalesSt. James PalacePublic records

29th May 1630BirthCharles II Stuart, King of Great Britain

4th Nov 1631BirthMary Henrietta von Nassau-Dillenberg [Stuart], Princess Royal of Great Britain

14th Oct 1633BirthJames II Stuart, King of Great Britain

29th Dec 1635BirthElizabeth Stuart

17th Mar 1637BirthAnne Stuart

30th Apr 1662BirthMary II von Nassau-Dillenberg [Stuart], Queen of Great Britain

12th Jul 1663BirthJames Stuart, Duke of Cambridge

6th Feb 1665BirthAnne Stuart, Queen of Great Britain

4th Jul 1666BirthCharles Stuart, Duke of Kendal

20th Jun 1667DeathJames Stuart, Duke of CambridgeSt. James PalacePublic records

14th Sep 1667BirthEdgar Stuart, Duke of Cambridge

15th Nov 1669DeathHenrietta StuartSt. James PalacePublic records

31st Mar 1671DeathDied from cancerLady Anne Stuart [Hyde]St. James PalacePublic records

5th Dec 1671DeathCatherine StuartSt. James PalacePublic records

23rd Apr 1685King of England, Scotland, France and Ireland, Defender of the FaithJames II Stuart, King of Great BritainSt. James PalacePublic records

14th Oct 1690DeathMary OldenbergSt. James PalacePublic records

14th Oct 1690BirthMary Oldenberg

9th Nov 1716DeathUnnamed son HanoverSt. James PalacePublic records

9th Nov 1716BirthUnnamed son Hanover

3rd Nov 1717BirthGeorge William Hanover

31st Aug 1737BirthAugusta Hanover, Princess Royal of Great Britain and Ireland

28th Dec 1757DeathCarolime Elizabeth HanoverSt. James PalacePublic records

12th Aug 1762BirthGeorge IV Augustus Hanover, King of the United KingdomSt. James PalacePublic records

16th Aug 1763BirthFrederick Augustus Hanover, 1st Duke of York

10th Dec 1820BirthElizabeth Georgiana Adelaide Hanover

4th Mar 1821DeathElizabeth Georgiana Adelaide HanoverSt. James PalacePublic records

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