The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
Windsor Castle        
Historical records

Jun 1156BirthMatilda Plantagenet

29th Sep 1240BirthMargaret Plantagenet, Princess of England

c 1250BirthJohn Plantagenet

3rd May 1257DeathKatherine PlantagenetWindsor CastlePublic records

17th Jun 1264BirthEleanor Plantagenet

10th Jul 1266BirthJohn Plantagenet

13th Jul 1267BirthHenry Plantagenet

11th Sep 1275BirthMargaret Plantagenet

11th Mar 1278BirthMary Plantagenet

19th Aug 1284DeathAlfonso Plantagenet, Earl of ChesterWindsor CastlePublic records

13th Nov 1312BirthEdward III Plantagenet, King of England

20th Jul 1346BirthMargaret Plantagenet

1347BirthThomas Plantagenet

24th Jun 1348BirthWilliam Plantagenet

15th Aug 1369DeathPhilippe Plantagenet [de Hainaut]Windsor CastlePublic records

6th Dec 1421BirthHenry VI Plantagenet, King of England

11th Aug 1467BirthLady Mary Plantagenet

Mar 1477BirthGeorge Plantagenet, Duke of Bedford

Mar 1479DeathGeorge Plantagenet, Duke of BedfordWindsor CastlePublic records

12th May 1686BirthAnne Sophia Oldenberg

2nd Feb 1687DeathAnne Sophia OldenbergWindsor CastlePublic records

8th Feb 1687DeathDied from an acute infectionMary OldenbergWindsor CastlePublic records

30th Jul 1700DeathWilliam Henry Oldenberg, Duke of GloucesterWindsor CastlePublic records

20th Aug 1782DeathAlfred Hanover, Prince of Great Britain and IrelandWindsor CastlePublic records

29th Jan 1820DeathGeorge III William Frederick Hanover, King of Great BritainWindsor CastlePublic records

26th Jun 1830DeathDied from liver damageGeorge IV Augustus Hanover, King of the United KingdomWindsor CastlePublic records

20th Jun 1837DeathWilliam IV Henry Hanover, King of the United KingdomWindsor CastlePublic records

6th Aug 1844BirthAlfred Ernest Albert Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, Duke of Edinburgh and Strathearn

14th Dec 1861DeathDied from typhoid feverAlbert von Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha, PrinzWindsor CastlePublic records

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