The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
Historical records

1787BirthWilliam WalkerSydneyIGI - Family Search

1797BirthElizabeth Walker

1798BirthElizabeth Walker [Kirby]SydneyIGI - Family Search

11th Jun 1846BirthWilliam Walker LarnachSydneyMarie Larnach's records

10th Jun 1849BirthJames Walker LarnachSydneyMarie Larnach's records

c 1850BirthElizabeth Walker LarnachSydneyMarie Larnach's records

c 1852BirthSydney LarnachSydneyMarie Larnach's records

1862BirthEdwin Thomas IsleySydneyBeryl Offley's records

1863BirthLouisa M. Howell

1865BirthHenri L. SamuelSydney1881 Census
Tunbridge Wells, Kent

1866BirthAlfred B. Howell

19th Dec 1897DeathElizabeth Taylor [Stevenson]SydneyMark Taylor's records

1913DeathWilliam Henry WheatleySydneyBeryl Offley's records

1926DeathHenrietta Martha Wheatley [Burgess]SydneyBeryl Offley's records

Nov 1929DeathArthur Edward GroverSydneyChristine Bianco's records

22nd Sep 1941DeathLouisa Jane Grover [Como]SydneyChristine Bianco's records

6th Dec 1952DeathWalter John Vincent JuddSydneyTony Cairns' records

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