The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex

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Nos 21 to 30    High Street    
Historical records

3rd Apr 1881CensusFrederick Gaseline, M, Head, married, age 47, born Swallowfield, Berkshire; occupation: greengrocerFrederick Gaseline, greengrocer22 High Street1881 Census
Sevenoaks, Kent
Mary Gaseline, F, Wife, married, age 47, born Hastoby, LincolnMary Gaseline
Thos. Gaseline, M, Father, widowed, age 78, born Swallowfield, Berkshire; occupation: independentThomas Gaseline
Richard Ford, M, Nurse Child, age 3, born Reachoney, BerkshireRichard Ford
Arthur Rick, M, Lodger, single, age 19, born Bexhill, Sussex; occupation Harness MakerArthur Rick
George Turcock, M, Lodger, single, age 22, born Maidstone, Kent; occupation GroomGeorge Turcock

3rd Apr 1881CensusRichard Cloake, M, Head, married, age 40, born Hackney; occupation: gas fitterRichard Cloake, gas fitter24 High Street1881 Census
Sevenoaks, Kent
Sophia Cloake, F, Wife, married, age 43, born Sevenoaks, KentSophia Cloake
Elizabeth S. Cloake, F, Daughter, single, age 12, born Sevenoaks, KentElizabeth S. Cloake
Ashbie James, M, Lodger, single, age 23, born Rye, Sussex; occupation: watch makerAshbie James

3rd Apr 1881CensusJames Stanger, M, Head, married, age 74, born Chatham, Kent; occupation: carver gidder photographerJames Stanger, carver gidder photographer26 High Street1881 Census
Sevenoaks, Kent
Elizabeth Stanger, F, Wife, married, age 70, born Plaxtol, KentElizabeth Stanger
Emma Saville, F, Servant, single, age 16, born Rickling, Essex; occupation: domestic servantEmma Saville
Stephen Love, M, Lodger, single, age 54, born Shoreham, Kent; occupation: no occupationStephen Love
Ellen Love, F, Lodger, single, age 50, born Shoreham, Kent; occupation: no occupationEllen Love

3rd Apr 1881CensusGeorge Budgen, M, Head, married, age 35, born Sevenoaks, Kent; occupation: tobacconistGeorge Budgen, tobacconist28 High Street1881 Census
Sevenoaks, Kent
Mary Budgen, F, Wife, married, age 33, born Elmsett, SuffolkMary Budgen [Ratcliffe]
Ellen L.M. Budgen, F, Daughter, single, age 10, born Sevenoaks, KentEllen Louisa Mary Budgen
George W. Budgen, M, Son, single, age 8, born Sevenoaks, KentGeorge William Budgen
Herbert G. E. Budgen, M, Son, single, age 6, born Sevenoaks, KentHerbert George Edgar Budgen

3rd Apr 1881CensusCatherine Lightfoot, F, Head, single, age 74, born St James Westminster, Middlesex; occupation: annuitantCatherine Lightfoot, annuitant26 High Street1881 Census
Sevenoaks, Kent
Georgina Lightfoot, F, Sister, single, age 59, born St James Westminster, Middlesex; occupation: annuitantGeorgina Lightfoot
Matilda Siskin, F, Servant, single, age 26, born Leigh, Essex; occupation: parlour maidMatilda Siskin
Jane Turner, F, Servant, single, age 34, born Sutton At Hone, Kent; occupation: cookJane Turner
Louisa Long, F, Servant, single, age 22, born Chichester, Sussex; occupation: housemaidLouisa Long

3rd Apr 1881CensusOsborne Marriott, M, Head, married, age 39, born Sunbury, Middlesex; occupation: doctor of medicineOsborne Marriott, doctor of medicineHigh Street1881 Census
Sevenoaks, Kent
Mary Marriott, F, Wife, married, age 37, born Sevenoaks, KentMary Marriott
Eva Marriott, F, Sister, single, age 26, born Sunbury, MiddlesexEva Marriott
Robert Russell, M, Pupil, single, age 20, born Farningham, Kent; occupation Student Of MedicineRobert Russell
Harold Plews, M, Patient, single, age 12, born Champin Hill, Surrey; occupation ScholarHarold Plews
Mary Ellis, F, Servant, single, age 24, born Peat Waltham, Essex; occupation: cookMary Ellis
Sophia Porter, F, Servant, single, age 19, born Godden Green Deal, Kent; occupation HousemaidSophia Porter

3rd Apr 1881CensusAnn Richardson, F, Head, widowed, age 70, born Cowden, Kent; occupation HousekeeperAnn RichardsonHigh Street No 211881 Census
Sevenoaks, Kent
Sarah Richardson, F, Daughter, single, age 41, born Sevenoaks, Kent; occupation DressmakerSarah Richardson
John Richardson, M, Son, single, age 39, born Sevenoaks, Kent; occupation Linen DraperJohn Richardson
Elizabeth Richardson, F, Daughter, single, age 37, born Sevenoaks, Kent; occupation DressmakerElizabeth Richardson
George Payne, M, Lodger, single, age 49, born Lewes, Sussex; occupation: banker's clerkGeorge Payne

3rd Apr 1881CensusFrances Hilton, F, Head, widowed, age 83, born Yoxford, Suffolk; occupation: independentFrances Hilton, independent25 High Street1881 Census
Sevenoaks, Kent
Emma Green, F, Servant, single, age 45, born Blechinston, Oxford; occupation: domestic servantEmma Green

3rd Apr 1881CensusThomas Ashton, M, Head, married, age 55, born Sevenoaks, Kent; occupation: veterinary surgeonThomas Ashton, veterinary surgeon29 High Street1881 Census
Sevenoaks, Kent
Jane Ashton, F, Wife, married, age 52, born Sherrington, BuckinghamJane Ashton
Marion Ashton, F, Daughter, single, age 22, born Sidcup, KentMarion Ashton
Charles Ashton, M, Son, single, age 20, born Sidcup, Kent; occupation: veterinary surgeonCharles Ashton
John Ashton, M, Son, single, age 19, born Sidcup, KentJohn Ashton
Ellen Ashton, F, Daughter, single, age 17, born London; occupation: scholarEllen Ashton
Elizabeth Ashton, F, Daughter, single, age 16, born London; occupation: scholarElizabeth Ashton
Thomas Ashton, M, Son, single, age 13, born London; occupation: scholarThomas Ashton
Emily Ashton, F, Daughter, age 11, born Sevenoaks, Kent; occupation: scholarEmily Ashton
Maud Ashton, F, Daughter, age 5, born Farningham, KentMaud Ashton

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