The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex

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Books and other documents
PublishedTitle, author and references
1933Country Houses of Kent by Arthur Oswald ⇒ p. 40

Historical records

1728 to 1738Lieut. General Edward WolfeQuebec HouseODNB web site

1728 to 1738Henrietta Wolfe [Thompson]Quebec HouseODNB web site

1728 to 1738Lieut. General James WolfeQuebec HouseODNB web site

1728 to 1738Edward WolfeQuebec HouseODNB web site

1830Quebec HouseQuebec House, Westerham by Dugdales England & Wales DelineatedPrivate collection

3rd Apr 1881CensusJohn Howard, M, Head, widowed, age 76, born Westerham, Kent; occupation: retired corn merchantJohn Howard, corn merchantQuebec House East1881 Census
Westerham, Kent
Emma Howard, F, Daughter, single, age 39, born Westerham, KentEmma Howard
Louisa C. Howard, F, Daughter, single, age 26, born Westerham, KentLouisa C. Howard

5th Apr 1891CensusArthur Jeffkins, M, Head, married, age 40, born Holloway, Middlesex; occupation: nurserymanArthur Jeffkins, nurserymanQuebec House West1891 Census
Westerham, Kent
Mary M Jeffkins, F, Wife, married, age 40, born Brasted, KentMary M Jeffkins
Arthur Jeffkins, M, Son, age 13, born Brasted, Kent; occupation: scholarArthur Jeffkins
May Jeffkins, F, Daughter, age 11, born Brasted, Kent; occupation: scholarMay Jeffkins
Gordon Jeffkins, M, Son, age 9, born Brasted, Kent; occupation: scholarGordon Jeffkins
Marguarite Jeffkins, F, Daughter, age 7, born Brasted, Kent; occupation: scholarMarguarite Jeffkins

5th Apr 1891CensusFrederick Howard, M, Head, married, age 43, born Westerham, Kent; occupation: commercial agentFrederick Howard, commercial agentQuebec House East1891 Census
Westerham, Kent
Ellen Howard, F, Wife, married, age 47, born Bromley, KentEllen Howard
Cyril F Howard, M, Son, age 8, born Ashford, Kent; occupation: scholarCyril F Howard
Wilfred I Howard, M, Son, age 7, born Lee, KentWilfred I Howard
Emma Howard, F, Sister, single, age 49, born Westerham, Kent; occupation: living on own meansEmma Howard
Louisa C Howard, F, Sister, single, age 35, born Westerham, Kent; occupation: living on own meansLouisa C Howard
Nellie M Searle, F, Visitor, age 13, born Herrne Hill, SurreyNellie M Searle
Ethell M Searle, F, Visitor, age 11, born Herrne Hill, SurreyEthell M Searle

1904Quebec HouseQuebec House, Westerham photographed by J.A. Hughes, WesterhamPrivate collection

c 1930Quebec House, Westerham - General Wolfes boyhood homeQuebec House, Westerham - General Wolfes boyhood homeCountry Houses

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