The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex

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Books and other documents
PublishedTitle, author and references
1902Historical Notes of Withyham, Hartfield and Ashdown Forest by C. N. Suttonp. 110

Historical records

1714Occupation TenantEdward OsbourneOld Buckhurst FarmSutton's Historical Notes

1720Occupation TenantWilliam HumphreyOld Buckhurst FarmSutton's Historical Notes

1743Occupation TenantCharles HookerOld Buckhurst FarmSutton's Historical Notes

1749Occupation TenantEdward PackhamOld Buckhurst FarmSutton's Historical Notes

1791Occupation TenantLeonard HookerOld Buckhurst FarmSutton's Historical Notes

c 1795Withyham, Sussex - c 1795Part of the 1 inch to 1 mile map of Sussex produced in 1795 by William Gardner and Thomas GreamBuckhurst Farm

c 1800Occupation TenantWilliam CoverleyOld Buckhurst FarmSutton's Historical Notes

c 1800Occupation TenantJohn PayneOld Buckhurst FarmSutton's Historical Notes

c 1800Occupation TenantWilliam CheneyOld Buckhurst FarmSutton's Historical Notes

c 1825Withyham, Sussex - c 1825Part of the 1 inch to 1 mile map of Sussex produced in 1825 by Christopher and John GreenwoodBuckhurst Farm

1838CensusHead; occupation: farmerGeorge Doggett, farmerBuckhurst Farm1838 Census
Withyham, Sussex

6th Jun 1841CensusGeorge Doggett, M, Head, age 44; occupation: farmerGeorge Doggett, farmerBuckhurst Farm1841 Census
Withyham, Sussex
Eliza Doggett, F, [Wife], age 34Elizabeth Doggett [Chittock]
Henry Doggett, M, [Son], age 9, born SussexHenry Doggett
Alfred Doggett, M, [Son], age 8, born SussexAlfred Doggett
Harriett Doggett, F, [Daughter], age 6, born SussexHarriett Doggett
Sarah Ann Doggett, F, [Daughter], age 3, born SussexSarah Ann Doggett
James Almond, M, age 55 to 59; occupation shepherdJames Almond
John Heffer, M, age 32; occupation: servantJohn Heffer
Susanna Akehurst, F, age 18, born Sussex; occupation: servantSusanna Akehurst
Sarah Ann Comber, F, age 17, born Sussex, occupation: servantSarah Ann Comber
George Bird, M, [Lodger], age 45 to 49George Bird
Sarah Bird, F, [Lodger's wife], age 40 to 44Sarah Bird

30th Mar 1851CensusHead; occupation: boot and shoe makerWilliam Turner, boot and shoe makerBuckhurst Cottage1851 Census
Withyham, Sussex

30th Mar 1851CensusHead, employs 15 people, occupation: farmerJohn Coverly, farmerBuckhurst Farm1851 Census
Withyham, Sussex
Mother, widowedElizabeth Coverly
Servant; occupation: farm labourerHenry Avis, farm labourer
Servant, occupation: house servantElizabeth Ben
Servant; occupation: farm labourerJohn Edwards

1867Directory entryPayne John, farmr., Old Buckhurst farmOld Buckhurst farmPost Office Directory

1874Directory entryPayne John, farmer, Old Buckhurst farmOld Buckhurst farmPost Office Directory

c 1875Buckhurst, Balls Green, St Mary's & St Michael's, Hartfield & Withyham - c 1875Part of the 6 inch to 1 mile map of Sussex produced in 1875 by Ordnance SurveyBuckhurst Farm

1882Directory entrySmith William, farm steward to Earl De Ia Warr, Old Buckhurst farmOld Buckhurst farmKelly's Directory

2nd Apr 1911CensusThomas Evans, M, Head, married, age 27, born Petworth, Sussex; occupation: cowman on farmThomas Evans, cowman on farmHoldings, Withyham1911 Census
Withyham and Groombridge, Sussex
Selina Evans, F, Wife, married 1 year, age 24, born Bethnal Green, LondonSelina Evans
Phylis Evans, F, Daughter, age 6 monthd, born Haslemere, SurreyPhylis Evans

2nd Apr 1911CensusHenry Thomas Turk, M, Head, married, age 34, born Croydon, Surrey; occupation: waggoner on farmHenry Thomas Turk, waggoner on farmHoldings, Withyham1911 Census
Withyham and Groombridge, Sussex
Harriett Turk, F, Wife, married 12 years, age 33, born Hartfield, SussexHarriett Turk [Lee]
Harriett Elizabeth Turk, F, Daughter, age 10, born Cowden, Kent; occupation: schoolHarriett Elizabeth Turk
Thomas Turk, M, Son, age 8, born Hartfield, SussexThomas Turk

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