The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
Tunbridge Wells
At the Pantiles with Mr Richardson in 1748
At the Pantiles with Mr Richardson in 1748
The principal attraction, however, of the place is the chalybeate water. Nearly the whole of the forest ridge abounds with springs, more or less impregnated with iron, but the spring at the Wells being lower than the generality, it is less liable to be affected by changes of the atmosphere and heavy rains. The spring which is most in estimation, affords about a gallon a minute, and yields, therefore, a plentiful supply. It was for many years surrounded only by a common wooden railing. In 1664, however, Lord Muskerry, Lord of the Manor, enclosed it with a triangular stone wall, and built a hall "to shelter the dippers in wet weather." A very handsome building is now erected on the scite of the ancient enclosure, containing cold, warm, vapour, and shower baths; all excellent in their kind, and well appointed. 'The well, or basin, from which the water is supplied by the dippers, still retains its original situation, though better protected in front of the building.
The water itself is extremely clear and bright, without any sort of colour; its taste is pleasantly steely; it has hardly any perceptible smell, though sometimes in a dense air its ferruginous exhalations are very distinguishable; and in point of heat, it is invariably temperate in every change of the atmosphere. It is never affected by rains, but retains an even temperature of 53° at all seasons. It is of great use in all those cases of debility for which other stimulant mineral waters are so celebrated. It is probable that at a very early period the peculiar beneficial properties of these waters were known to the persons residing in the immediate vicinity, but they were not in general repute, nor has the town been erected, till within the last two centuries and. a half. …
The appearance of Tunbridge Wells, at the present period, is altogether of a different description to that of the time before alluded to. Since the erection of the new church, which was the first visible proof of the enlargement of the place, numerous buildings have arisen in various directions, but more particularly in that part of the Wells designated Mount Pleasant, or what is now more generally styled "The New Town;" built principally on the Calverley estate, belonging to John Ward, Esq. Still, however, the Parade, where the mineral springs are situated, has to boast of its assembly rooms, taverns, libraries, theatre, and a variety of shops for the sale of jewellery, toys, and Tunbridge ware. Mount Sion has also its attractions. On the top of the hill is a beautiful grove of oaks and beeches, covering a piece of land of about four acres, given in 1703, for the amusement and recreation of the inhabitants, by John Earl of Buckingham, who had, not long before, evinced his bounty in the gift of ground for the chapel of ease.
extract from Horsefield's History of Sussex published in 1835

Parish & other records Before

Books and other documents
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also published as
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People of note
Burton, Decimus
(1800 - 1881)
Byrne, Letitia
(1779 - 1849)
Henrietta Maria, wife of Charles I
(1609 - 1669)
Royal patronage of the "Wells"
Nash, Richard "Beau"
(1674 - 1761)
Dandy of the Georgian era
North, Dudley, 3rd Baron North
(1581 - 1666)
Discovered the "Wells"
Romary, Alfred
(1844 - 1929)
Biscuit maker
Slight, Rev. Benjamin
(1800 - 1889)
Nonconformist minister
Thackeray, William Makepeace
(1811 - 1863)

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The Springs - 1664

Tunbridge Wells - 1678

Tunbridge Wells - 1718

At the Pantiles with Mr Richardson - August 1748

View of the Rocks near Tunbridge Wells - 1783

View of the Rocks near Tunbridge Wells - 1783

A View of the Rocks near Tunbridge Wells taken from a field on the side of the opposite Hill - 1785

The Rocks near Tunbridge Wells taken in a field near Rusthall Common - 1785

Mount Ephraim - 1790

A Perspective View of Tunbridge Wells Walks - 1797

Mount Pleasant - 1797

Tunbridge Wells - c 1800

South View of the High Rocks - c 1800

A Perspective View of Tunbridge Wells Walks - c 1800

Tunbridge Wells Maps

c 1724

c 1795

c 1825


Sussex Maps



1st Sept 1787




Places and properties in Tunbridge Wells - a directory of homes, farms, churches, schools, inns, and other places of interest that existed prior to 1900 has been compiled from Post Office directories, Kelly's directories, Trade directories, Census data, Ordnance survey maps and books of the period
Churches, Inns,
Schools, Shops
and other places of interest
Albion Stables, Albion Road
Alma Tavern, Varney Street
Ashurst Mill, Ashurst
Ashurst Park, Ashurst
Ashurst Rectory, Ashurst
Assemby [a.k.a. Ball] Rooms, The Pantiles [a.k.a. The Parade, The Walks]
Bath House [a.k.a. Chalybeate Springs, The Wells], The Pantiles [a.k.a. The Parade, The Walks]
Beer House, Golding Street
Berkeley Place
Birling Place, Nevill Street
Bricklayers Arms, Victoria Road
Brickmakers Arms, St Johns Road
Bridge Tavern, Mount Pleasant
Brighton [a.k.a. Tunbridge Wells West] Station, Eridge Road
Bristol Arms, Calverley Road
Broadwater Down National School, Frant Road
Brookers Shop, Hawkenbury
Buckingham Place, Mount Ephraim
Bull Inn [a.k.a. Woodmans Arms, Bricklayers Arms] Inn, Frant Road
Calverley Hill, Clarence Road
Calverley Hotel [a.k.a. Mount Pleasant House, Hotel du Vin], Crescent Road
Calverley Market, Calverley Place
Calverley Promenade, Crescent Road
Calverley Waterworks, Quarry Road
Camden Hotel, Camden Road
Camden Inn, Calverley Place
Camdens Grocers Shop, Hawkenbury
Cape of Good Hope [a.k.a. High Rocks Inn], High Rocks
Carpenters Arms, Frant Road
Castle Hotel, London Road
Catherine Place
Cemetery, Bayham Road
Chapel of Ease Free School, Cumberland Walk
Christ Church, High Street
Clarence Hill, Clarence Road
Clarence Hotel, Church Road [a.k.a. Jordan Lane]
Compasses Inn
Congregational Church, Mount Pleasant
Congregational Church, Albion Road
Cowells Place, Rusthall
Cross Keys, St Johns Road
Crown Coffee Tavern, High Brooms Road
Crown Tavern, Varney Street
Dorset Arms, Golding Street
Dover Place, Queens Road
Down Tavern, Down Lane
Elephant & Castle, Goods Station Road
Emmanuel Church, Mount Ephraim Road
Female British School, Little Mount Sion
Fern Cottage Nursery, Queens Road
Gas Works of the Tunbridge Wells Gas Co., Auckland Road
Gasworks, Broom Hill, St Johns
George Hotel, Mount Ephraim Road
Gloucester Tavern, The Pantiles [a.k.a. The Parade, The Walks]
Greyhound Inn, Upper Grosvenor Road
Grosvenor Bridge, Upper Grosvenor Road
Grosvenor Recreational Grounds, St James Road
Grosvenor Tavern, Calverley Road
Grove Place
Hanover Chapel, Hanover Road
Harp Hotel, St Johns Road
Hawkenbury National School, Hawkenbury
Hospital, Bayham Road
Infant School, Grosvenor Road
Kent and Sussex Hospital, Mount Ephraim
Kentish Yeoman Inn
King Charles-the-Martyr Church, London Road
King William Beer Shop, Frant Road
Ladies School, Mount Ephraim
Lady Huntingdons Chapel, Mount Ephraim
Lansdown Place
Liverpool Arms, John Street
Meadow Hill, Grove Hill Road
Mechanic Institute, Dudley Road
Mitre Public House, Lower St James Road
Morning Star Public House, Rusthall Common
Mount Ephraim Hotel, Mount Ephraim
Mount Ephraim Tap, Mount Ephraim
Mount Sion Chapel, Mount Sion
Murray House
Nevill Arms, Nevill Street
Norfolk Hotel, Church Road [a.k.a. Jordan Lane]
Post Office, London Road
Prospect Place, High Street [a.k.a. Workhouse Lane]
Providence Place, Second Street
Pump Room, The Pantiles [a.k.a. The Parade, The Walks]
Queens Head, John Street
R. W. Weekes, Mount Pleasant
Railway Bell Inn, Mount Pleasant
Railway Inn, Goods Station Road
Red Lion Inn, Lower Green
Red Lion Inn, St Johns Road
Revesby Place, London Road
Rising Sun, Grosvenor Road
Roebuck Inn, Camden Road
Rose and Crown, Grosvenor Road
Rose Hill, London Road
Royal Kentish Hotel, London Road
Royal Oak Inn, Bayhall Road
Rylatt Stables, Albion Road
S.E. Railway Station, Vale Road
Sandown Place, London Road
Southfield Brickyard, St Johns Road
Spread Eagle Inn, Hawkenbury
St. Augustine Roman Catholic Church, Hanover Road
St. James' Church, Sandrock Road
St. John's Church, St Johns Road
St. Lawrence's Church, The Village
St. Mark's Church, Broadwater Down
St. Paul's Church, Rusthall Common
St. Peter's Church, Windmill Street
St. Stephen's Church, Camden Road
Stag Inn, Ashurst
Stone Hill, Upper Grosvenor Road
Strange Brick Field, Reynolds Lane
Strawberry Hill, Eridge Road
The Carlton Hotel, Eridge Road
The Coach and Horses Inn, Market Place
The Corn Exchage, The Pantiles [a.k.a. The Parade, The Walks]
The Duke of York, Market Place
The Greyhound, Langton Green
The Hand and Sceptre, The Pantiles [a.k.a. The Parade, The Walks]
The Music Gallery, The Pantiles [a.k.a. The Parade, The Walks]
The Oak Inn, High Street [a.k.a. Workhouse Lane]
The Opera House, Mount Pleasant
The Primitive Methodist Chapel, Camden Road
The Royal Victoria and Sussex Hotel [a.k.a. Sussex Tavern], The Pantiles [a.k.a. The Parade, The Walks]
The School House, Sandy Lane
The Skinners School, St Johns Road
The Spa Hotel, Bishops Down
The Swan Hotel, The Pantiles [a.k.a. The Parade, The Walks]
The Theatre, The Pantiles [a.k.a. The Parade, The Walks]
The Town Hall, Calverley Road
The Tunbridge Wells Infirmary, Grosvenor Road
The White Hart, Lower Green Road
Tinies Tavern, Grosvenor Road
Toad Rock, Rusthall
Trinity Church, Church Road [a.k.a. Jordan Lane]
Tuttys Common, Tuttys Village
Vauxhall Inn, Tunbridge and Hastings Road
Victoria School House
Victoria Tavern, Crescent Road
Volunteer Tavern, Victoria Road
Wellington Hotel [a.k.a. Wellington Place], Mount Ephraim
Wesleyan Chapel, Vale Road
White Bear Inn, London Road
White Horse, Goods Station Road
Wiltshire Arms, Victoria Road
Woodbury Hill, St Johns
Roads and Streets
Albert Street
Albion Road
Amherst Road
Auckland Road
Avon Street
Baltic Road
Basinghall Street
Bayhall Road
Bayham Road
Bedford Place
Bedford Terrace
Beech Street
Belgrave Road
Beulah Road
Birling Road [a.k.a. Rumbers Street]
Bishops Down
Bowling Green Terrace
Broadwater Down
Broadwater Forest
Brunswick Terrace
Calverley Park
Calverley Park Gardens
Calverley Place
Calverley Road
Calverley Street
Calverley Terrace
Cambridge Street
Camden Park
Camden Road
Camden Woodland
Carlton Road
Castle Street
Chandos Road
Chapel Place
Chapple Lane
Church Road [a.k.a. Jordan Lane]
Claremont Road
Clarence Road
Clarence Terrace
Clifton Place
Colebrook Road
Commercial Road
Crescent Road
Cromwell Road
Culverden Park
Culverden Square
Culverden Street
Cumberland Walk
Currie Road
Dale Street
Dale Street
Denny Bottom
Down Lane
Dudley Road
Dukes Road
Dunorlan Lane
Dunstan Road
Eden Road
Ely Lane
Eridge Road
Fairmile Road
Farnham Lane
Frant Forest
Frant Road
Garden Road
Garden Street
George Street
Golding Street
Goods Station Road
Granville Road
Grosvenor Road
Grove Hill
Grove Hill Road
Halls Hole Road
Hanover Road
Hargate Forest
High Brooms Road
High Rocks
High Rocks Lane
High Street
High Street [a.k.a. Workhouse Lane]
Hill Street
Holly Bank Terrace
Hungershall Park
Hurstwood Lane
John Street
Kensington Street
Kirkdale Road
Langton Green
Langton New Town
Lansdowne Road
Little Mount Sion
London Road
Lower Albion Road
Lower Green
Lower Green Road
Lower St James Road
Lower West Road
Market Place
Meadow Lodge Road
Meadow Road
Monson Road
Mount Ephraim
Mount Ephraim Road
Mount Pleasant
Mount Sion
Murray Road
Nevill Street
Neville Park
Newcomen Road
Norman Road
North Street
Nursery Road
Oxford Terrace
Park Road
Park Street
Pembury Road
Poona Road
Princes Street
Prospect Road
Prospect Street
Quarry Road
Queens Road
Reynolds Lane
Richardson Road
Richmond Terrace
Rochdale Road
Rock Villa Road
Rusthall Common
Sandhurst Road
Sandown Park
Sandrock Road
Sandy Lane
Second Street
Shaftesbury Road
Southfield Terrace
Spring Gardens
St James Road
St James Street
St Johns
St Johns Road
St Marys Hill
St Peters Street
Standen Street
Stanley Road
Stone Street
Stratford Street
Sunnyvale Terrace
Tea Garden Lane
The Common
The Pantiles [a.k.a. The Parade, The Walks]
The Village
Third Street
Thomas Street
Tunbridge and Hastings Road
Tunnel Road
Tuttys Village
Upper Grosvenor Road
Vale Road
Varney Street
Vernon Road
Victoria Road
Warwick Road
Western Road
William Street
Windmill Street
Wood Street
Woodbury Park Road
York Road
Homes and Farms
Abergavenny Cottages, Frant Road
Abergavenny Villa, Nevill Street
Adams Well, Broadwater Forest
Albert Cottages, Camden Road
Albert Terrace, Queens Road
Albion Square, St Johns Road
Amherst Lodge, Amherst Road
Anglesey, Upper Grosvenor Road
Apsley House
Arundel House, Clarence Road
Ashburnham House, Hurstwood Lane
Ashley House, Grove Hill
Ashour [a.k.a. Ashower] Farm, Bidborough
Ashton Lodge, London Road
Ashurst Bank, Ashurst
Ashurst Park Lodge, Langton Green
Ashwick House
Ashwood Cottages, Queens Road
Atherton Cottages
Bakers Row, Broadwater Down
Bank House, Clarence Road
Barden Furnace Farm, Bidborough
Bargrove, Frant Road
Barnetts Cottages, Hawkenbury
Basinghall Infants School, Basinghall Street
Baston Cottage, Calverley Park Gardens
Baston Lodge, Calverley Park Gardens
Bath House, London Road
Baxterly, Denny Bottom
Bayhall Road Farm
Beach Villa, Frant Road
Beaurepaire, Upper Grosvenor Road
Beechwood, St Johns
Beechwood Cottages, Dunorlan Lane
Beggars Heaven, Ashurst
Belair Cottage, London Road
Belgrove House, Little Mount Sion
Belle Vue, St Johns
Belleville, The Common
Belmont Lodge, London Road
Belton House, London Road
Ben Nevis Villas, Queens Road
Berkshire Cottages, Camden Road
Beverly House, Frant Road
Birling Cottages, Birling Road [a.k.a. Rumbers Street]
Bishops Down Cottages, Sandy Lane
Bishops Down House, Bishops Down
Black Lion, Ashurst
Blackhurst, Pembury Road
Blackhurst Cottage, Pembury Road
Blacklands Cottages, Hawkenbury
Blackwells Cottage, Birling Road [a.k.a. Rumbers Street]
Blunts Cottages, Hawkenbury
Bockhurst, Culverden Park
Bonds Cottage, Broadwater Forest
Bornden Cottage, Goods Station Road
Bottle Cottage, Warwick Road
Boughton Lodge, Frant Road
Boundes Park [a.k.a. Great Bounds], Bidborough
Bourne Mill and Farm, Tunbridge and Hastings Road
Boyne House, Mount Ephraim
Braeside, Denny Bottom
Brampton Rise, Frant Road
Bredbury Cottage, Bishops Down
Bretlands, Denny Bottom
Brewery Cottages, St Johns Road
Brick Works, Broadwater Down
Brickstone Farm, Langton Green
Brickyard Cottages, Hawkenbury
Broadwater Court, Broadwater Down
Broadwater House, Broadwater Down
Broadwater House, Broadwater Forest
Broadwater Lodge, Broadwater Forest
Broadwater Villas, Frant Road
Brookleigh, Woodbury Park Road
Brooklyn, Upper Grosvenor Road
Broom Cottages, Rusthall
Broomlannds, Rusthall
Broomlye Field
Brotherhood Cottage, Hawkenbury
Brunswick Villa, Hanover Road
Buckfield Cottages, Lower Green Road
Bulls Hollow, Denny Bottom
Burlington House, Murray Road
Burtons Cottage, Hawkenbury
Bush Houses
Byculla Villa, Upper Grosvenor Road
Calverley Lodge, Bayhall Road
Calverley Mews, Mount Pleasant
Calverley Mount, Mount Pleasant
Calverley Parade, Mount Pleasant
Cambridge House
Cambridge Lodge
Camden Park Lodge, Camden Park
Camden Villa, Upper Grosvenor Road
Camdens Cottages, Hawkenbury
Camerton, Queens Road
Canewood Farm, Reynolds Lane
Caprera Villa, Upper Grosvenor Road
Castle Hill Brickyard, Tunbridge and Hastings Road
Castle House, Mount Ephraim
Cavies Cottages, St Johns Road
Cemetery Lodge, Woodbury Park Road
Chancellor Cottage, Mount Ephraim
Chancellor House, Mount Ephraim
Chapple Cottage, Chapple Lane
Charity Farm
Chartham Villa, Upper Grosvenor Road
Chesterfield House
Chillingworth House, Lansdowne Road
Church View, Queens Road
Church Villa, Ashurst
Cintra House, Upper Grosvenor Road
Clairville, Frant Road
Clare Lodge, Sandy Lane
Claremont Cottage, Claremont Road
Claremont Lodge, Claremont Road
Clarence House, London Road
Clarence Lodge, Clarence Road
Clarence Row, Church Road [a.k.a. Jordan Lane]
Claytons, Ashurst
Clifton Cottage, St Johns
Clifton Lodge
Clifton Villas, St Johns
Cliftonville, Upper Grosvenor Road
Coachhouse, The Common
Coachhouse, Hungershall Park
Coachhouses, High Rocks Lane
Cobden Cottages, London Road
Cockshot, Ashurst
Cold Bath, Tea Garden Lane
Cold Bath [a.k.a. Rusthall] Farm, Tea Garden Lane
Colebrooke Cottages, Sandhurst Road
Combermere House, St Johns
Convalescant Home for Children, Frant Forest
Cottages, High Street [a.k.a. Workhouse Lane]
Cottages, St James Street
Cottages, Mount Pleasant
County Club, London Road
Court Lodge Down
Cowells Cottages, Rusthall
Cranmer Villa, Upper Grosvenor Road
Cranwell House, Lower Green
Crescent Lodge, Little Mount Sion
Culverden Castle [a.k.a. Tower], Culverden Park
Culverden Cottage, Culverden Park
Culverden Farm, Culverden Park
Culverden Hill, St Johns
Culverden Mews, Mount Ephraim
Cumberland Gardens, Mount Sion
Cumberland House, Mount Sion
Cumberland Terrace, Cumberland Walk
Cumberland Yard, Mount Sion
Currie Villa, Currie Road
Cyprus Villa, Upper Grosvenor Road
Dale Cottage, Birling Road [a.k.a. Rumbers Street]
Delves Farm, Frant Road
Dornden, Rusthall
Dornden Cottages, Langton Green
Dorset Stable, Church Road [a.k.a. Jordan Lane]
Douro House, Mount Ephraim
Dover House, Queens Road
Down Lodge, Broadwater Down
Dr Barnardos, Agra House, Park Road
Dunorlan, Fairmile Road
Dunorlan Cottages, Dunorlan Lane
Dunorlan Farm, Dunorlan Lane
Dutcote, Broadwater Down
Dyotte Terrace
Earl's Court, Mount Ephraim
Ebury Cottages, John Street
Eden Cottage, Dale Street
Eden Cottages, Camden Road
Edgeworth, Upper Grosvenor Road
Edward Cottages, Calverley Road
Egerton Lodge, Queens Road
Eleanor Villa, Upper Grosvenor Road
Elem Cottages, Camden Road
Elizabeth Villas, Queens Road
Ellington Cottage, Frant Road
Elm Court, Bidborough
Emla Villa, Rusthall
Ephraim Villa, The Common
Eridge Cottage, Frant Road
Eridge Villa, Eridge Road
Erskine House, Lower Green Road
Eversfield, Upper Grosvenor Road
Exeter Villa, The Common
Fairford Villa, Upper Grosvenor Road
Fairview, Upper Grosvenor Road
Farnborough Lodge, Calverley Park Gardens
Farnham Cottage, Farnham Lane
Farnham House, Farnham Lane
Farnville, Upper Grosvenor Road
Fenars Estate, Dunorlan Lane
Fenner's Repository, Mount Ephraim
Fern Villas, Queens Road
Ferndale View, St Johns
Fernside, Hurstwood Lane
Finchden, Upper Grosvenor Road
Florence Cottages, Rock Villa Road
Folly House, Frant Forest
Font Hill, The Common
Forest Farm, Tunbridge and Hastings Road
Frant Hill Lodge, Frant Road
Friendly Societies Hall, Camden Road
Furston Villa, Upper Grosvenor Road
Gabriel Cottage, Calverley Road
Garden Cottage, St Johns
Gibraltar, The Common
Gilberts Cottages, Wood Street
Gilead Villas, Mount Ephraim
Gipps Cross, Langton New Town
Glendermott, Culverden Park
Glenville, Upper Grosvenor Road
Glynlee, Clarence Road
Goods Station Cottage, St Johns
Gordon Villa, London Road
Grandchester House, Upper Grosvenor Road
Grange Cottage, St Johns Road
Great Culverden, Culverden Park
Great Hall, Mount Pleasant
Green Bank, Amherst Road
Greenfield Cottage, Frant Road
Grosvenor Cottage, Grosvenor Road
Grosvenor House, Grosvenor Road
Grosvenor Lodge, Grosvenor Road
Grove Cottage, Warwick Road
Grove Cottage
Grove Hill Cottages, Grove Hill Road
Grove Hill Mews, Grove Hill Road
Grovehurst, Pembury Road
Halls Hole Cottages, Calverley Park Gardens
Hamilton House, Woodbury Park Road
Hampton Cottages, Goods Station Road
Hanover House, Hanover Road
Hargate Lodge, Hargate Forest
Hartfield Cottage, Queens Road
Hartfield Villa, Queens Road
Harvey Town
Harwood House, London Road
Havelock House
Hawkenbury House, Hawkenbury
Haywards Cottages, St Johns Road
Heath Villa, London Road
Herne Lodge, Frant Road
High Brooms Cottage, High Brooms Road
High Rocks Farm, High Rocks Lane
Hill Cottage, Frant Road
Hillside, Bishops Down
Hodges Bank, Bidborough
Hollands Cottage, Langton Green
Hollands Farm, Langton Green
Hollies, Frant Road
Holly Bank
Holly Bank Cottages
Hollyshaw, Camden Park
Hollyshaw Cottage, Claremont Road
Holmans Cottages, Goods Station Road
Holmfield, Denny Bottom
Holmhurst, Bishops Down
Holmrock, London Road
Holmwood, Langton Green
Home Farm, Tunbridge and Hastings Road
Home Farm, Frant Road
Homesdale Cottage, Goods Station Road
Hope Cottage, Little Mount Sion
Hope Cottages, Frant Road
Hope Villas, Colebrook Road
Horseshoe Farm, Tunbridge and Hastings Road
Howard Lodge
Howich House, London Road
Huntleys Estate, Culverden Park
Hurstleigh, Hurstwood Lane
Hurstwood Lodge, Hurstwood Lane
Ivy Cottage, Bayham Road
Ivy Cottages, St Johns Road
Ivy Lodge, Frant Forest
Jessops, Ashurst
Jordan House, London Road
Joslins Cuttages, Hawkenbury
Kelsey Cottages, St Johns Road
Keston Lodge, Calverley Park Gardens
Lampard Villas, High Street [a.k.a. Workhouse Lane]
Langley Villa, Frant Road
Langton House, Langton Green
Langton Villa, Langton Green
Larchwood, Ferndale
Laurel Cottage, Goods Station Road
Laurel Cottage, Hawkenbury
Laurel Cottage, High Street [a.k.a. Workhouse Lane]
Laurel Cottage, Lower West Road
Laurel Villa, Upper Grosvenor Road
Laval, Upper Grosvenor Road
Lenton Villa, Woodbury Park Road
Lindum Villa, Upper Grosvenor Road
Linkhouse, Ashurst
Liptraps Farm
Little Culverden Farm, Culverden Park
Little Farnham, Farnham Lane
Lloyd House, Bishops Down
Lodge Gate, Pembury Road
London House, Nevill Street
Low Cottage, Hawkenbury
Lyndhurst Villa, Upper Grosvenor Road
Lynwood, Upper Grosvenor Road
Homes and Farms
Malgre Tout, Queens Road
Malvern House, Denny Bottom
Manor Grange, Hurstwood Lane
Manor House, Bishops Down
Manor Lodge, Bishops Down
Manor Villas, Bishops Down
Markham House
Marlpit Corner, Bidborough
Marston Lodge
Meadow Villa, Meadow Road
Medwyn Villa, Queens Road
Melrose, Upper Grosvenor Road
Milford House
Mission Room, Goods Station Road
Moat Farm, Broadwater Down
Model Cottages
Moncktons Row
Monson House, Monson Road
Montgomery Cottage, Little Mount Sion
Montpelier Cottage, Mount Ephraim
Montpelier Lodge, Mount Ephraim
Moreland House, London Road
Moreland Prospect, London Road
Moreton Lodge, Queens Road
Mortimer Villas, Queens Road
Mostyn Villas, Frant Road
Mount Edgecombe, The Common
Mount Edgecombe Cottage, The Common
Mount Ephraim House, Mount Ephraim
Mount Ephraim Yard, Mount Ephraim
Mount Nevill [a.k.a. The Queen's Stone, The Blue Bell, The Black Dog], Frant Road
Mount Nevill Lane, Nevill Street
Mount Neville Stables, Frant Road
Mount Nod, Frant Road
Mount Pleasant Villas, Queens Road
Mr Weares Cottages, Quarry Road
Myrtle Villas, Queens Road
Napier House
Nevill Arms Cottages, Nevill Street
Nevill Bank, Nevill Street
Nevill House, Nevill Street
Nevill Place, Nevill Street
Nevill Terrace, Nevill Street
Nevill Villa, Frant Road
Neville Court, Neville Park
Neville Lodge [a.k.a. Neville Club], The Pantiles [a.k.a. The Parade, The Walks]
Neville Park Lodge, Neville Park
New England Cottage, Queens Road
Newick Cottage, Bishops Down
Newport Cottage, Beulah Road
Newton House, Woodbury Park Road
North Grove House, Mount Sion
North Lodge, Denny Bottom
Northcote, Frant Road
Norwood Villa, Queens Road
Nursery Cottage, Birling Road [a.k.a. Rumbers Street]
Oak Villa, Queens Road
Oakbank, Denny Bottom
Oakfield Court, Camden Park
Oaks, Frant Road
Old Farm, Bidborough
Oldenbury House, Mount Ephraim Road
Omega House, Woodbury Park Road
Osborne Cottage, Mount Ephraim
Osborne House
Out Cottage, The Common
Owl House, Broadwater Forest
Paiges Row, Hawkenbury
Palmers Farm, Hawkenbury
Pangbourne, Church Road [a.k.a. Jordan Lane]
Park Villas, Upper Grosvenor Road
Percy Cottage, Rusthall
Percy Cottages, St Johns Road
Pinewood, Frant Road
Pinhoe, Upper Grosvenor Road
Pokehill [a.k.a. Pork Hill], Langton Green
Polards Row, Hawkenbury
Police Station
Pollards Cottages, St Johns Road
Poplar Cottages, Rusthall Common
Portland Lodge, Frant Road
Post Office, Langton New Town
Pratts Farm, Frant Road
Preston Cottage, St Johns Road
Prince Style [a.k.a. Printstile], Bidborough
Priory, Church Road [a.k.a. Jordan Lane]
Prospect Cottages, Frant Road
Providence Cottage, Dale Street
Quarry Farm, Frant Road
Queens Grove, The Common
Quinton Quarry, Langton Green
Railway Cottages, Broadwater Down
Railway Station, Broadwater Down
Railway View, Queens Road
Ramsley, Eridge Road
Richmond Villa, Upper Grosvenor Road
Ridgelands, Bidborough
Rock Cottage, Queens Road
Rock Cottages, London Road
Rock House, Woodbury Park Road
Rock Lodge, London Road
Rock Mount, Mount Ephraim Road
Rock Villa [a.k.a. Thackerys House], London Road
Rocklands, Tea Garden Lane
Roebuck Cottages, Camden Road
Roffsbury, Down Lane
Romanoff House, London Road
Romanoff Lodge, The Common
Roots Farm, Frant Road
Ropers Gate, Eridge Road
Rose Cottage, St Johns Road
Rose Villa, Upper Grosvenor Road
Rose Villas, Queens Road
Roseberry Cottage, Eridge Road
Rosemead, Broadwater Down
Rumbers Hill, Frant Road
Rumbers Street, Frant Road
Rushly Down
Rusthall House, Rusthall
Rusthall Lodge, High Street [a.k.a. Workhouse Lane]
Rusthall Villas, Denny Bottom
Saltwood Lodge, Queens Road
Sandhurst, Sandhurst Road
School, Ashurst
Sefton Villa, Upper Grosvenor Road
Sewage Farm Cottages, Tunbridge and Hastings Road
Sherwood View, Colebrook Road
Shirley Cottages, Woodbury Park Road
Shirley Villas, Woodbury Park Road
Shops, High Street [a.k.a. Workhouse Lane]
Silwood House, Church Road [a.k.a. Jordan Lane]
Silwood Lodge, London Road
Silwood Mews, Church Road [a.k.a. Jordan Lane]
Sims Cottages, St Johns Road
Sion House Cottage
Slaughter House, Eridge Road
Smockham Farm, Reynolds Lane
Somerville Cottage, Mount Ephraim
South Hill House, Amherst Road
South Lawn, Clarence Road
South View Cottage, High Brooms Road
Speeds, Farnham Lane
Spratsbrook [a.k.a. Flying Horse] Farm, Eridge Road
Spratts Row, Hawkenbury
Spring Bank, Langton Green
Spring Cottage, The Common
Spring Cottages, Goods Station Road
Spring Cottages, Frant Road
Spring Row, Hawkenbury
Springfield Cottages, Camden Road
Springhead, Sandhurst Road
St Aubyns, Clarence Road
St Cuthbeths, Camden Woodland
St. Alban's Lodge, Eridge Road
St. Andrew's Convent, Fairmile Road
St. Clair, Frant Road
St. Helena, The Common
St. John's Lodge, Queens Road
St. John's Villa, Queens Road
St. Mary's, Queens Road
St. Paul's Cottage, Queens Road
St. Paul's Estate, Rusthall Common
Stellenberg House, London Road
Stockwell House, London Road
Stone Cottage, Langton Green
Stone House, Mount Ephraim
Stone Ness, Ashurst
Stoneleigh, Sandy Lane
Stonewall, Langton Green
Stratford House, Sandown Park
Strawberry Gardens, Hawkenbury
Strevelin, Queens Road
Studley, Bishops Down
Summer Cottages, Rusthall
Summerhill Cottages, London Road
Summerhill House, London Road
Summerhill Lodge, London Road
Summerhill Place, London Road
Summervale, Broadwater Down
Sunnyvale Lodge, Vale Road
Sussex House, St Johns
Sussex Shades, Frant Road
Sussex Tap, Nevill Street
Sussex View, Cumberland Walk
Sussex Villa, Nevill Street
Sussex Villas, Queens Road
Swaylands, Bidborough
Swiss Cottage, Culverden Park
Sydenham Villa, London Road
Tea Chest Row, Hawkenbury
Telford Lodge, Upper Grosvenor Road
Texford Lodge, Upper Grosvenor Road
Thatch Cottage, Culverden Park
The Beeches, Bishops Down
The Chestnuts, Grove Hill Road
The Cottage, Broadwater Forest
The Cottage, The Common
The Derry, Frant Road
The Elms, Rusthall Common
The Ferns, Carlton Road
The Firs, Broadwater Down
The Fountain, Calverley Road
The Glen, St Johns
The Grange, Sandown Park
The Hole, Farnham Lane
The Hollands, Langton Green
The Hollies, Lower Green Road
The Lodge, London Road
The Lodge, Upper Grosvenor Road
The Nursery, Frant Road
The Rectory, The Village
The Vale, St Johns
The Vicarage, Mount Sion
The Vicarage, Amherst Road
Thornfield, Sandown Park
Thorngrove, Clarence Road
Toll House, Frant Road
Torrington Villa, London Road
Town Court, Bayham Road
Town Hall Cottage
Tresham Villa, Upper Grosvenor Road
Tunbridge Wells Crematorium
Tunnell Cottage, Hawkenbury
Tuttys Farm, Tuttys Village
Vale Royal, London Road
Vaux's Row, Nevill Street
Vicarage, Langton Green
Vicarage, Calverley Road
Vicarage, Denny Bottom
Vicarage, St Marks House, Broadwater Down
Victoria Brewery Stables, Frant Road
Victoria Cottages, Frant Road
Waggons Gate House, Broadwater Forest
Waghornes Gate [a.k.a. Waggons Gate], Langton Green
Walkers Cottages, St Johns Road
Walklinges Cottages, High Street
Warbro, Denny Bottom
Warren House, Broadwater Forest
Warwick Villa, Colebrook Road
Waterdown Cottages, Bayham Road
Waterdown Farm, Bayham Road
Waterdown Forest, Broadwater Down
Waterford Farm, Langton Green
Webbs [a.k.a. Rainers Brook] Farm, Hawkenbury
Wells Cottages
Werton Grove, St Johns
West Hall, Amherst Road
Westow Lodge, Amherst Road
Weymouth Villa, Frant Road
White House, Culverden Park
Whortleberry Farm, Hawkenbury
Whybournes Gate, Hawkenbury
Whybourns Farm, Hawkenbury
Windmill Farm, Hawkenbury
Windmill Fields, Bayhall Road
Winwood, Queens Road
Wood House, Hawkenbury
Woodbury Grange, Upper Grosvenor Road
Woodbury House, Woodbury Park Road
Woodbury Lodge, Queens Road
Woodbury Park Villa, Queens Road
Woodland Cottage, Frant Road
Woodland Prospect, Frant Road
Woodland Villa, Upper Grosvenor Road
Woodlynch, St Johns
Woods Cottages
Woodside View, Colebrook Road
Wroxton Lodge, Upper Grosvenor Road
Wycliffe Lodge, St Johns
Yates Lodge, Culverden Park
Yew Tree House, Ashurst
Yewtree Cottage, Frant Road
York Cottage, The Common
York Cottages, Frant Road

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