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 unknown father
Not marriedJulia 
   b: 1831 Benenden, Kent
ch: 30th Jan 1831 St. George's Church
 b: 1850 Benenden, Kent
ch: 15th Jan 1850 St. George's Church

 George Clout
farm labourer
m: 30th Dec 1850 St Laurence Church, Hawkhurst, KentJane Page 
 b: 1817 Hawkhurst, Kent
ch: 26th Jan 1817 St Laurence Church
  b: 1828 Salehurst, Sussex 
 James Albert
 b: 1851 Hawkhurst, Kent b: 1860 Hawkhurst, Kent

 William Clout
m: Oct to Dec 1853Ann Harmer
 b: 1827 Leeds, Kent  b: 1817 Warbleton, Sussex 
 Emily Charles William
 b: 1854 Ticehurst, Sussex b: 1858 Ticehurst, Sussex b: 1860 Burwash, Sussex

 George William Clout
mechanics labourer
m: 26th Nov 1859 St. George's Church, Benenden, KentLouisa Groves 
 b: 1836 Benenden, Kent
ch: 24th Jan 1836 St. George's Church
  b: 1835 Tunbridge Wells, Kent 
 Fanny Julia Thomas William Louisa George Philadelphia Eleanor
 b: 1861 Maidstone, Kent
ch: 14th Apr 1861 St. George's Church, Benenden, Kent
 b: 1863 Maidstone, Kent b: 1864 Benenden, Kent
ch: 27th Nov 1864 St. George's Church
 b: 1869 Benenden, Kent b: 1870 Ashford, Kent b: 1872 Benenden, Kent
ch: 24th Nov 1872 St. George's Church

 John Vennell
millers loader (corn)
m: Apr to Jun 1860Ellen Cloutt 
 b: 1836 Goudhurst, Kent  b: 1830 Hawkhurst, Kent 
 Mary Ellen Jane Kate Fanny
 b: 1861 Hawkhurst, Kent b: 1863 Hawkhurst, Kent b: 1865 Hawkhurst, Kent b: 1867 Hawkhurst, Kent b: 1869 Cranbrook, Kent

 George Clout
farm labourer
m: Jan to Mar 1862Elizabeth Leonard 
 b: 1836 Gill's Green, Hawkhurst, Kent
ch: 9th Aug 1840 St Laurence Church
  b: 1842 Cranbrook, Kent 
George  Lewis Jane Emily Ann Eliza Ernest Rosa Frederick
b: 1863 Cranbrook, Kent  b: 1866 Cranbrook, Kent b: 1868 Cranbrook, Kent b: 1871 Cranbrook, Kent b: 1874 Cranbrook, Kent b: 1876 Cranbrook, Kent b: 1879 Cranbrook, Kent b: Feb 1881 Cranbrook, Kent
 b: 1864 Hawkhurst, Kent         

 George Gray [Clout]m: 1864Anne 
 b: 10th Jan 1832 East Indies
ch: 1st Apr 1832 Kirkee
  b: 1838 Worcestershire 
 Elizabeth George
 b: 1869 St. Pancras, London b: 1874 Clapham, Surrey

 James Cloutm: Jul to Sep 1864Sarah 
 b: 1842 Oylers Cottage, Ticehurst, Sussex
ch: 27th Mar 1842 St. Mary the Virgin Church
  b: 1845 Hove, Sussex 
 George Henry Emily Frances Charles Thomas Henry Thomas James Sarah Ann
 b: 1869 Wadhurst, Sussex
ch: 1st Aug 1869 St. Peter and St. Paul Parish Church
 b: 1872 Wadhurst, Sussex
ch: 11th Feb 1872 St. Peter and St. Paul Parish Church
 b: 1873 Wadhurst, Sussex
ch: 23rd Nov 1873 St. Peter and St. Paul Parish Church
 b: 1876 Wadhurst, Sussex
ch: 13th Feb 1876 St. Peter and St. Paul Parish Church
 b: 1877 Wadhurst, Sussex
ch: 17th Jul 1877 St. Peter and St. Paul Parish Church
 b: 1879 Wadhurst, Sussex
ch: 30th Nov 1879 St. Peter and St. Paul Parish Church

 Thomas Towner
m: 13th Aug 1865 All Saints Church, Brenchley, KentHannah Clout 
 b: Oct to Dec 1842 Horsmonden, Kent  b: c 1746 Brenchley, Kent 

 William Cloutm: Apr to Jun 1866Elizabeth 
 b: 1825 Benenden, Kent
ch: 12th Jun 1825 St. George's Church
d: Oct 1900 Iden Green, Benenden, Kent
bur: 25th Oct 1900 St. George's Church, Benenden, Kent
  b: 1840 Sandhurst, Kent 

3rd marriageWilliam Cloutm: 21st Oct 1867 St. Mary's Church, Warbleton, SussexCharlotte Burt 
 b: 1803 East Sutton, Kent
ch: 9th Oct 1803 St. Peter and St. Paul
d: 1870 Warbleton, Sussex
bur: 2nd Jan 1871 St. Mary's Church, Warbleton, Sussex
  b: c 1840 
 Louisa Clara 
 b: Apr to Jun 1868 

 Charles Clout
m: c 1869Ruth 
 b: 1844 Horsmonden, Kent  b: 1849 Horsmonden, Kent 
 Sarah A. Mary R. James
 b: 1874 Horsmonden, Kent b: 1876 Horsmonden, Kent b: 1877 Horsmonden, Kent

 John Vousden
m: Jul to Sep 1870Ann Clout
 b: c 1830
d: 1895 Cranbrook, Kent
  b: 27th Oct 1831 Hawkhurst, Kent
ch: 5th Dec 1831 Baptist Chapel, Sandhurst, Kent
d: 1904 Cranbrook, Kent

 George Clout
farm labourer
m: 14th Dec 1872 St. Nicholas Church, Sandhurst, KentEliza Blackford 
 b: 1840 Highgate, Hawkhurst, Kent
ch: 3rd Feb 1840 St Laurence Church
  b: 1846 Hawkhurst, Kent 

 Charles Clout
m: Oct to Dec 1873Elizabeth Sinden 
 b: Oct to Dec 1849 Warbleton, Sussex
ch: 9th Dec 1849 St. Mary's Church
  b: 1850 Penhurst, Sussex 
 Charles A. Norah A.
 b: 1879 Warbleton, Sussex b: Mar 1881 Warbleton, Sussex

 Charles Cloutt
farm labourer
m: c 1876Harriett 
 b: 1858 Ticehurst, Sussex  b: 1856 Heathfield, Sussex 
 Emily William Ann Mark Charles Rose
 b: 1879 Burwash, Sussex b: 1880 Mayfield, Sussex b: 1883 Mayfield, Sussex b: 1886 Mayfield, Sussex b: 1888 Mayfield, Sussex b: 1890 Mayfield, Sussex

 Charles Clout
m: Oct to Dec 1877Harriet Collins 
 b: 1858 Ticehurst, Sussex  b: 1857 Heathfield, Sussex 
Emily William Henry Ann Mark Charles Rose Violet Charles
b: 4th Aug 1878 Burwash, Sussex
ch: 20th Oct 1878 St. Philip's Church
 b: 10th Mar 1880 Burwash, Sussex
ch: 18th Apr 1880 St. Philip's Church
 b: 10th Jul 1882 Burwash, Sussex
ch: 17th Sep 1882 St. Philip's Church
 b: 1885 Mayfield, Sussex
ch: 4th Jan 1885 St. Dunstan Church
 b: 1887 Mayfield, Sussex
ch: 4th Sep 1887 St. Dunstan Church
 b: 1890 Carters, Mayfield, Sussex
ch: 5th Oct 1890 St. Dunstan Church
 b: 1890 Carters, Mayfield, Sussex
ch: 5th Oct 1890 St. Dunstan Church
 b: 1895 Mayfield, Sussex
ch: 17th Aug 1895 St. Philip's Church, Burwash, Sussex

2nd marriageDavid Clout
farm labourer
m: 7th Feb 1880 St Laurence Church, Hawkhurst, KentFrances Weeks 
 b: 14th Sep 1811 Sandhurst, Kent
ch: 1st Dec 1811 Wesleyan Church, Rye, Sussex
  b: 1817 Ticehurst, Sussex 

 Alfred Jeffrey
farm labourer
m: Oct to Dec 1885Alice Clout 
 b: 1862 Edenbridge, Kent  b: 1863 Worth, Sussex 
 Alfred W Alice I Harold V
 b: 1886 Hever, Kent b: 1889 Hever, Kent b: 1890 Hever, Kent

 Philip Arthur Joseph Marchant
m: Jul to Sep 1892Emily Clout 
 b: 1873 Hawkhurst, Kent
ch: 28th Dec 1873 St Laurence Church
  b: 1871 Cranbrook, Kent 
 Samuel Florence Alice Amelia Nellie Elizabeth Charles Philip Edmund Edith Mary
 b: 22nd Jan 1893 Cranbrook, Kent b: 11th Oct 1896 Cranbrook, Kent b: 23rd Oct 1904 Cranbrook, Kent b: 26th Dec 1909 White's farm, Goudhurst, Kent
ch: 30th Jan 1910 St Mary the Virgin Church
 b: 17th Nov 1911 White's farm, Goudhurst, Kent
ch: 28th Jan 1912 St Mary the Virgin Church

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