The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
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 Thomas Eldridge
m: 24th Mar 1814 St. Mary, Battle, Sussex
witnesses: Hannah Jaques and Ann Gansden
Charlotte Back 
 b: 1788 Salehurst, Sussex  b: 1791 Ashford, Kent
John  Anne  Eliza Sarah Allen Matilda Charlotte Thomas 
b: 1814 Battle, Sussex
ch: 9th Sep 1814 St. Mary
  b: 1817 Battle, Sussex
ch: 8th Oct 1817 St. Mary
  b: 1821 Battle, Sussex
ch: 5th Jan 1821 St. Mary
 b: 1822 Battle, Sussex
ch: 23rd Oct 1822 St. Mary
 b: 1824 Battle, Sussex
ch: 4th Dec 1824 St. Mary
 b: 1826 Battle, Sussex
ch: 2nd Jul 1826 St. Mary
 b: 1831 Battle, Sussex
ch: 12th Aug 1831 St. Mary
 b: 1832 Battle, Sussex
ch: 4th Nov 1832 St. Mary
  Mary Frances            
  b: 1816 Battle, Sussex
ch: 25th Mar 1816 St. Mary
 b: 1819 Battle, Sussex
ch: 10th Mar 1819 St. Mary

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