The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex

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Dibley, Dibly family records sorted by marriage date 339 parish records
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 William Dibley
farm labourer
m: 24th Mar 1851 St. Dunstan Church, Mayfield, SussexAnn Lade 
 b: 1828 Sussex  b: 1827 Mayfield, Sussex
 b: 1852 Ticehurst, Sussex
ch: 5th Dec 1852 St. Dunstan Church, Mayfield, Sussex

  not marriedCharlotte Killick 
    b: 1832 Rotherfield, Sussex
ch: 30th Dec 1832 St. Denys Church
 Norman Louisa 
 b: 1852 Marlings, Rotherfield, Sussex
ch: 4th Apr 1852 St. Denys Church, daughter of Louisa Killick

 Thomas William Dibley
m: July to Sep 1854
registered at Tonbridge District, Kent ref: 1854 Q3 Vol 2a Page 571
Sarah Ann Hollamby 
 b: 1832 Tunbridge Wells, Kent  b: 1833 Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Clars  George Harry Fred Edwin Albert Esther Willie 
b: 1858 Tunbridge Wells, Kent  b: 1862 Tunbridge Wells, Kent
ch: 25th May 1862 St. James' Church
 b: 1865 Tunbridge Wells, Kent
ch: 26th Mar 1865 St. James' Church
 b: 1867 Tunbridge Wells, Kent b: 1869 Tunbridge Wells, Kent
ch: 28th Nov 1869 St. James' Church
 b: 1871 Tunbridge Wells, Kent b: 1875 Tunbridge Wells, Kent b: 1877 Tunbridge Wells, Kent 
  b: 1859 Tunbridge Wells, Kent               

  not marriedAnsley Dibley 
    b: 1837 Rotherfield, Sussex
ch: 16th Apr 1837 St. Denys Church
 Sarah Ann 
 b: 1857 Eridge Green, Sussex
ch: 7th Jun 1857 Holy Trinity Church

 Henry Killick Dibley
farm labourer
m: 2nd Aug 1856 St. Denys Church, Rotherfield, SussexFanny Cockrell Coomber 
 b: 1835 Rotherfield, Sussex
ch: 1st Feb 1835 St. Denys Church
  b: 1838 Speldhurst, Kent
Walter William Rose Ellen Fanny Catherine Louisa Lillian Eliza James Frederick Edwin 
b: 1857 Rotherfield, Sussex
ch: 13th Sep 1857 St. Denys Church
 b: 1860 Rotherfield, Sussex
ch: 12th Feb 1860 St. Denys Church
 b: 1861 Rotherfield, Sussex
ch: 13th Oct 1861 St. Denys Church
 b: 1864 Rotherfield, Sussex b: 1867 Rotherfield, Sussex b: 1869 Speldhurst, Kent b: 1873 Speldhurst, Kent b: 1875 Otford, Kent 

 Timothy Fermorm: 29th Oct 1859 St. Denys Church, Rotherfield, SussexAnnesley Killick Dibley 
 b: 23rd Apr 1833 Rotherfield, Sussex  b: 1837 Rotherfield, Sussex
ch: 16th Apr 1837 St. Denys Church
 Harriet Selina 
 b: 1860 Redgate Mill, Rotherfield, Sussex
ch: 11th Mar 1860 St. Denys Church

 Edward T. Corke
m: c 1861Mary W. Dibley 
 b: 1841 Tunbridge Wells, Kent b: 1837 Tunbridge Wells, Kent

 Peter Dibley
farm labourer
m: Oct to Dec 1862Mary Huggins 
 b: 1842 Etchingham, Sussex  b: 1843 Goudhurst, Kent
 Anne James Albert Horace George Emily William 
 b: 1865 Goudhurst, Kent b: 1867 Ticehurst, Sussex b: 1870 Goudhurst, Kent b: 1872 Goudhurst, Kent b: 1875 Goudhurst, Kent b: 1877 Goudhurst, Kent b: 1883 Goudhurst, Kent 

 Frederick Dibleym: Oct to Dec 1864
registered at Tonbridge District, Kent ref: 1864 Q4 Vol 2a Page 896
Jane Oliver 
 b: 1841 Tunbridge Wells, Kent  b: 1843 Wrotham, Kent
Frederick  Ralph  Lucy  Ellen  Leonard  Sydney Ian  Martha Arthur 
b: 1865 Chatham, Kent  b: 1869 Chatham, Kent  b: 1874 Chatham, Kent  b: 1877 Chatham, Kent  b: 1880 Chatham, Kent  b: 1882 Chatham, Kent  b: 1885 Chatham, Kent b: 1887 Chatham, Kent 
  Alfred Frank Albert Harry Alice Percy Edwin    
  b: 1867 Chatham, Kent b: 1871 Chatham, Kent b: 1875 Chatham, Kent b: 1877 Chatham, Kent b: 1880 Chatham, Kent b: 1884 Chatham, Kent    

  m: 1865Ann 
    b: 1827 Mayfield, Sussex
 b: 1866 Buxted, Sussex 

  not marriedElizabeth Dibley 
    b: 1838 Ticehurst, Sussex
 Stephen G. Albert John 
 b: 1865 Etchingham, Sussex b: 1878 Ticehurst, Sussex 

 Amos Killick Dibleym: 19th Oct 1867 St. Michael's Church, Withyham, SussexMaria Stapeley 
 b: 15th Sep 1839 Rotherfield, Sussex
ch: 7th Sep 1845 St. Denys Church
d: 1872 registered at East Grinstead District, Sussex
 b: 1847

1st marriage Stephen Wickens
m: Oct to Dec 1869
registered at Ticehurst District, Sussex ref: 1869 Q4 Vol 2b Page 176
Caroline Killick Dibley 
 b: 1847 Rotherfield, Sussex
ch: 23rd May 1847 St. Denys Church
d: 12th Feb 1919 East Grinstead, Sussex, aged 72 years registered at East Grinstead District, Sussex ref: March 1919 Vol 2b Page 252
  b: 1845 Rotherfield, Sussex
d: December 1871 East Grinstead, Sussex, aged 27 years
bur: 29th Dec 1871 St. Michael's Church, Withyham, Sussex
 Emily Grace 
 b: 1870 Rotherfield, Sussex
ch: 8th May 1870 St. Michael's Church, Withyham, Sussex, daughter of Stephen Wickins (labourer) and Caroline Wickins

 Alfred John Hesman
m: 19th Mar 1870 St. Dunstan Church, Mayfield, SussexEllen Dibley 
 b: 1852 Mayfield, Sussex  b: 1852 Ticehurst, Sussex
ch: 5th Dec 1852 St. Dunstan Church, Mayfield, Sussex
Mark John  Edward  Kate  Flora  Florence Emily James Alfred Rose 
b: 1871 Mayfield, Sussex
ch: 4th Jun 1871 St. Dunstan Church
  b: 1875 Mayfield, Sussex
ch: 7th Mar 1875 St. Dunstan Church
  b: 1879 Mayfield, Sussex  b: 1882 Hadlow Down, Sussex
ch: 30th Apr 1882 St. Mark's Church
  b: 1886 Hadlow Down, Sussex
ch: 29th Aug 1886 St. Mark's Church
 b: 1888 Hadlow Down, Sussex
ch: 29th Apr 1888 St. Mark's Church
 b: 1890 Hadlow Down, Sussex
ch: 29th Jun 1890 St. Mark's Church
 b: 1893 Buxted, Sussex 
  Anne William Alice Victoria Ellen        
  b: 1872 Mayfield, Sussex
ch: 1st Dec 1872 St. Dunstan Church
 b: 1877 Mayfield, Sussex b: 1880 Hadlow Down, Sussex
ch: 26th Dec 1880 St. Mark's Church
 b: 1884 Hadlow Down, Sussex
ch: 26th Oct 1884 St. Mark's Church

 Horace Killick Dibleym: Apr to June 1872
registered at Tonbridge District, Kent ref: 1872 Q2 Vol 2a Page 843
Louisa Wright 
 b: 1850 Rotherfield, Sussex
ch: 1850 St. Denys Church
  b: c 1850
 Eliza Killick 
 b: 1876 Speldhurst, Kent
ch: 14th May 1876 St. Mary's Church

 Thomas Dibleym: Jan to Mar 1873
registered at Tonbridge District, Kent ref: 1873 Q1 Vol 2a Page 688
Elizabeth Amelia Hodgkin 
 b: November 1850 Wadhurst, Sussex  b: 1851 Brenchley, Kent
 Emily William Percy Ivy 
 b: 1875 Hastings, Sussex b: 1877 Hastings, Sussex b: 1882 Rottingdean, Sussex b: 1890 Newhaven, Sussex 

2nd marriage James Killick Dibleym: Oct to Dec 1878
registered at East Grinstead District, Sussex ref: 1878 Q4 Vol 2b Page 261
Caroline Hider 2nd marriage
 b: 29th Dec 1809 Frant, Sussex
ch: 18th Feb 1810 St. Alban's Church
d: Apr to June 1880 registered at East Grinstead District, Sussex ref: 1880 Q2 Vol 2b Page 81
 b: 1810 Rotherfield, Sussex
ch: 12th Nov 1810 St. Denys Church

 Henry Dibleym: Oct to Dec 1887
registered at Chichester District, Sussex ref: 1887 Q4 Vol 2b Page 727
Sarah Jane Over 2nd marriage
 b: 1847 Tunbridge Wells, Kent  b: 1846 West Itchenor, Sussex
 b: 1887 Chichester, Sussex 

 Harry Dibleym: July to Sep 1889
registered at Eastbourne District, Sussex ref: 1889 Q3 Vol 2b Page 109
Florence Emily A. Hare 
 b: 1865 Tunbridge Wells, Kent
ch: 26th Mar 1865 St. James' Church
  b: 1868 St. Leonards, Sussex
 Ellen C. Percy G. Edith F. 
 b: 1890 Hove, Sussex b: 1893 Hove, Sussex b: 1895 Hove, Sussex 

 James Frederick Dibleym: Apr to June 1898
registered at Bromley District, Kent ref: 1898 Q2 Vol 2a Page 953
Louisa Chilton 
 b: 1873 Speldhurst, Kent  b: 1877 Knockholt, Kent
 Herbert James Frederick Waltere 
 b: Oct to Dec 1898 Knockholt, Kent b: Apr to June 1901 Knockholt, Kent 

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