The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex

The Diary of Alfred Chilman (1826-1902)
by Alfred Chilman
published by Chris Rickards in 2014


Diary entries for Stephan Chilman1 senior and his only son2.

Stephan Chilman1 died abt 1790 Sundridge Kent.
He did marry Sarah Ledger who died abt 1845.

They had only one son, Stephan Chilman2 born 1788 and died 2:30 am October 18 1876 at Brasted in Kent.
Was buried Sunday October 22 1876 and was buried in the grave of his first wife South of the old church tower.
Stephan Chilman born April 2 1788 died 1876 his age being 88 years 6 months 2 weeks and 2 days.
Attending his funeral were:- Stephan, George, Alfred, Jesse and William. His 5 sons.
Richard Chilman grandson, George Greenway son in law, Joseph Evans [married into the Keeys family]
[Note the maiden name of Hannah Chilman/Watling. Hannah and her two brothers had relocated from Norfolk to London at first in search of work then at much later date, set up a grocery and dressmaking business in Cranfield Bedfordshire. This was going to have a great bearing on the activities of the Chilman and White family of Cranfield in future years and was the catalyst to my family being in New Zealand today.]

Data extracted 20th May 1832 Seven Oaks Kent Petty Sessions and the diary of Alfred Chilman.

At an unknown date Stephan Chilman1 = Sarah Ledger.
1790 abt Stephan Chilman1 died.
1788 Stephan Chilman2 born. He was but two years old when his father Stephan Chilman1 died. He was their only child.
1808 Stephan Chilman2 was hired by a Mr Wells as a carter, then Mr. Bourne both of Sundridge.
1811 he inherited 18 acres and a house at Plaxtol. Likely from his parents Stephan and Sarah nee Ledger. Sarah Ledgers father was a Surry man and settled at Plaxtol and appears to be tolerably well off.
1812 he marries Ann Dye
1813 Ann Dye dies. Given the short time, pregnancy a likely scene?
1814 Stephan Chilman marries Annis Woodhams. 10 children are born.
1818 he then rented land and a house from Francis Hay.
1829 the Plaxtol property is sold for £1800. A large sum of money in those days. From the proceeds of this sale he sets up a carrier business from Brastow to London. Too many ale houses on the route was his undoing. Annis Chilman was forced to see her possessions taken, sold and evicted from their home due to rental arrears. Later her debt was paid for by a Christian lady.
1876 Stephan Chilman dies and is buried at Brasted with his first wife Ann Dye. Annis is looked after by her daughter Marie Greenway.
1884 Annis Chilman dies age 91 and is buried with her husband and his first wife.
1902 Alfred Chilman dies at Cranfield.

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