The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex

The Ashdown Forest Dispute 1876-1882
by Professor Brian Short
published by Sussex Record Society in 1997
Excerpts from this work have been reproduced on this site with the kind permission of Professor Brian Short

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William Augustus Raper
Thomas Dival


Dival, Thomas. This witness cannot fix dates at all and will probably not be worth calling. He works at present for Lord De La Warr. [Lives at] Chuck Hatch, Hartfield. Born at the brickyard close by and baptised at Hartfield 24 July 1814. My father was foreman at the Chuck Hatch brickyard belonging to the Buckhurst Estate. As soon as I was old enough I helped my Father and cut litter on the Forest for anyone who wanted it from the time I was a nipper, 12 or 13, and I have cut every year till the last 10 or 12 years when I had other work to do.

I cut litter for Bellingham of Lower Parrock one year. I cut one year for Robert Edwards at Lines, Little Parrock and Andrews Bank. I cut for Mr. Burfoot who had Bassetts Farm, Hartlield, for about 20 years till his death which was I should think about 10 years ago. [I cut] for General Maitland who lived near Blackham and for Mr. Wheatley who lived at Holtye Common 4 or 5 years. His Carter Payne (now dead) told me that the old Lord De La Warr came along one day when he was carrying litter and asked who it was for and on being told said it was all right.

[I also cut for:] Baines who lived at Cullinghurst Farm, Hartfield, (Lord De La Warr's property), about 20 years ago; Henry Young (dead) at Fincham; Mr. Wallis at Landhurst, which belonged to Price.

I remember seeing the teams cut litter [for]:

Upper ParrockOld Mr. Stephen Langridge. Mr. Stephen Langridge present tenant
Little Parrock, Lines and Andrews BankRobert Edwards
Holly Hill, etc.Mr. Hale
SuntingsChart, Morphew and Hale
PossingfordFlaunt and John Miles
CotchfordYoung and Scrace

I used to see Mr. Augustus Elliott Fuller shoot on the Forest. My Father told me he had to order people off from shooting and he ordered Mr. Fuller off. A few days after he came to the brickyard and told my father he was quite right and that he was to go on ordering everybody off but that the Duchess had given him leave. My Father told me he gave him 1/-.

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