The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex



Fred Harman passed away on 21st November 2006 after a very short illness.

Fred was a great enthusiast for family history as he catalogued and recorded every aspect of the Harmans and related families. He was also a social historian as he brought to life the circumstances and environment of his ancestors all round the world through stories, anecdotes and pictures.

In 2003 this web site was in its infancy with limited capability and reach. Fred donated the Harman genealogy to test and extend the site and he did this with great enthusiasm and patience. This site owes much to Fred Harman

Thanks, Fred, you will be greatly missed



Peter Macleod

The Weald is at  Database version 14.05 which has ongoing updates to the 395,000 people; 9,000 places; 613 maps; 3,308 pictures, engravings and photographs; and 248 books loaded in the previous version

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