The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
1851 Wadhurst Census
Reference: HO 107 1639, Wadhurst Registration District, Folios 343-352 in the Wadhurst Enumeration District 1c
Bibleham District. All that part of the Parish on the North and West side of the Road from Stone Cross to Coomb and on the East and South from Tide Brook to Upper Toll Gate including Coomb, Chittinghurst, Reeds, part of Risenden, Windmill Farm, Foxes, Castle etc.
Enumerator - William Reed
 ▼ Head records ▼

Id Property Person Position Date of Birth Place of Birth
001Stone CrossEdward Baldoc, farm labourerHead, occupation: farm labourer1797Parish of Wadhurst, Sussex
002Snape WoodSimeon Gibb, wheelwrightHead; occupation: wheelwright1817Parish of Wadhurst, Sussex
003Foxes FarmEdward Cunnington, farm labourerHead, occupation: farm labourer1815County of Lincolnshire
004SnapeJohn Vinall, farmerHead; widowed; employs 11 people; occupation: farmer1806Parish of Wadhurst, Sussex
005Little SnapeJohn WickhamHead; occupation Farm labourer1802Parish of Wadhurst, Sussex
006Little SnapeFrederick TillHead; employs 1 person; occupation BLACKSMITH1815Parish of Wadhurst, Sussex
007Snape WoodJesse Kitchenham, farm labourerHead; occupation: farm labourer1818Parish of Wadhurst, Sussex
008Snape WoodJohn TicnerHead; occupation Farm labourer1820Parish of Wadhurst, Sussex
009Snape WoodJosiah Fellows, railway platelayerHead; occupation: railway labourer1828County of Norfolk
010Snape WoodWilliam OramHead; occupation Railway labourer1817Parish of Clayton, Sussex
011Snape WoodGeorge Godley, railway labourerHead; occupation: railway labourer1812Parish of Keymer, Sussex
012StreamSamuel Hubbard, farm labourerHead; occupation: farm labourer1795Parish of Wadhurst, Sussex
013Snape Wood Beer ShopAlfred B. PlaystedHead; occupation BEER RETAILER1809Parish of Wadhurst, Sussex
014Coombe FarmJesse TompsettHead; employs 4 people; occupation FARMER1789Parish of Ticehurst, Sussex
015Chittinghurst FarmRichard Holman, farm labourerHead; occupation: farm labourer1808Parish of Chiddingly, Sussex
016Chittinghurst FarmWilliam Humphry, farm labourerHead; occupation Farm labourer10th Jan 1825Parish of Wadhurst, Sussex
017Tide BrookJohn WeeksHead; occupation Farm labourer1805Parish of Wadhurst, Sussex
018Yew Tree HouseJames Humphry, farmerHead; occupation Farm labourer1813Parish of Mayfield, Sussex
019Yew Tree HouseThomas Spice, farm labourerHead; occupation: farm labourer1810Parish of Wadhurst, Sussex
020Reed CottageElias Humphrey, farm labourerHead; occupation Farm labourer1824Parish of Heathfield, Sussex
021Reed FarmBenjamin TompsettHead; employs 4 people; occupation FARMER1822Parish of Wadhurst, Sussex
022Reed CottageWilliam Field, farm labourerHead; occupation: farm labourer1811Parish of Brightling, Sussex
023Reed CottageJames Gadd, farm labourerHead; occupation: farm labourer1821Parish of Wadhurst, Sussex
024Reed CottageJoseph Blackford, farm labourerHead, occupation: farm labourer1821Parish of Wadhurst, Sussex
025Reed CottageThomas Barnes, farm labourerHead; occupation: farm labourer1827Parish of Ticehurst, Sussex
026Reed FarmJames Humphrey, farm labourerHead; occupation Farm labourer1804Parish of Wadhurst, Sussex
027Reed CottageJesse Humphrey, farm labourerHead; occupation Farm labourer22nd Aug 1820Parish of Wadhurst, Sussex
028Reed CottagePhalec PalmerHead; occupation Farm labourer1829
029Reed CottagePeter Smith, currierHead; occupation: currier1808Parish of Wartling, Sussex
030Tide Brook Beer ShopCharles Weston, grocer and postmasterHead; occupation: farm labourer1826Parish of Wadhurst, Sussex
031Tide Brook RoadAaron WeeksHead; occupation Farm labourer1824Parish of Wadhurst, Sussex
032Riseden FarmJames WeeksHead; widowed; occupation Farm labourer1771Parish of Ticehurst, Sussex
033Riseden FarmCharlotte Weeks [Till]Head; widowed1805Parish of Rottingdean, Sussex
034Riseden MillThomas Martin, miller masterHead; employs 1 person; occupation: miller master1824Parish of Salehurst, Sussex
035Best Beech HillJohn Eastwood, farm labourerHead; occupation: farm labourer1780Parish of Wadhurst, Sussex
036Lomass FarmSamuel Baker, farmerHead; employs 1 person; occupation: farmer1791Parish of Ticehurst, Sussex
037Top Of Railway TunnellWilliam Funnell, blacksmithHead; occupation: blacksmith1823County of Norfolk
038Top Of TunnellJames Lambert, railway labourerHead; occupation: railway labourer1824County of Essex
039Top Of TunnellGeorge Smith, railway labourerHead; occupation: railway labourer1827County of Buckinghamshire
040DurgatesSamuel Barber, farm labourerHead, occupation: farm labourer1801Parish of Ticehurst, Sussex
041DurgatesRobert Haffenden, millerHead; occupation: miller1807Parish of Heathfield, Sussex
042DurgatesAbraham Gadd, farm labourerHead; occupation: farm labourer1816Parish of Wadhurst, Sussex
043DurgatesThomas Clubb, bricklayerHead, occupation: bricklayer1821County of Kent
044DurgatesMoses Downer, excavatorHead; occupation: excavator1817Parish of Thakeham, Sussex
045DurgatesDaniel Baldwin, farm labourerHead; occupation: farm labourer1781Parish of Lamberhurst, Kent and Sussex
046Windmill CottageThomas Jeffery, farm labourerHead; occupation: farm labourer1814Parish of Wadhurst, Sussex
047Wadhurst CastleEdward W. Smythe, landed proprietorHead; occupation: landed proprietor1809Parish of Hampstead, London
048Castle LodgeWilliam ShepherdHead; occupation GARDENER1801County of Surrey

Please note:

These are derived census records that have been enhanced as further data becomes available. For example - the surname at birth of a wife is derived from the census return or a corresponding parish record - the date of birth is derived from the age recorded on the census and refined where a parish record has been matched - the occupation has been unified (e.g. Ag Lab, Farm Lab, and many other such recordings are all displayed as Farm labourer).

The originals of these census returns are available at Record Offices, from The National Archives and from Logo

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