The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
Andrew Albert Christian Edward Windsor, 1st Duke of York, son of Philip Mountbatten, 1st Duke of Edinburgh and Elizabeth II Alexandra Mary Windsor, Queen of the United Kingdom
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19th February 1960
At Buckingham Palace in the Parish of St. James, London
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Ancestor's report
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Windsor, Winser, Winsor individual records
Kings & Queens individual records
The ancestral pedigree of Andrew Albert Christian Edward Windsor, 1st Duke of York
 Philip Mountbatten
1st Duke of Edinburgh
m: 20th Nov 1947 Westminster Abbey, Westminster, LondonElizabeth II Alexandra Mary
Queen of the United Kingdom
 b: 10th Jun 1921 Villa Mon Repos, Isle of Kerkira, Corfu, Greece  b: 21st Apr 1926 17 Bruton Street, Matfair, London 
 Charles Philip Arthur George Anne Elizabeth Alice Louise Andrew Albert Christian Edward Edward Anthony Richard Louis
 b: 14th Nov 1948 Buckingham Palace, St. James, London
ch: 15th Dec 1948 Buckingham Palace
 b: 15th Aug 1950 Clarence House, Stable York Road, St. James, London
ch: 21st Oct 1950
 b: 19th Feb 1960 Buckingham Palace, St. James, London b: 10th Mar 1964 Buckingham Palace, St. James, London
ch: 2nd May 1964

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