The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
Arthur Brooker, son of William Brooker, labourer and Mary Brooker [Gibb]
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In the Parish of Worth, Sussex
Worth Parish Registers
7th December 1884
At Worth Parish Church in the Parish of Worth, Sussex; son of William (labourer) & Mary Brooker
Worth Parish Registers

Ancestor's report
No descendent's report
Brooker family records
The ancestral pedigree of Arthur Brooker
 James Brooker
m: 29th Oct 1801 Worth Parish Church, Worth, SussexSarah Taylor 
 b: c 1780  b: c 1780 
Mary Ann  Mark Sarah Ann Philadelphia Harriot Milly Elizabeth
b: 26th Feb 1803 Worth, Sussex
ch: 20th Mar 1803 Worth Parish Church
  b: 19th Apr 1808 Worth, Sussex
ch: 15th May 1808 Worth Parish Church
 b: 25th Dec 1810 Worth, Sussex
ch: 6th Jan 1811 Worth Parish Church
 b: 1814 Worth, Sussex
ch: 13th Mar 1814 Worth Parish Church
 b: 1817 Worth, Sussex
ch: 16th Feb 1817 Worth Parish Church
 b: 1820 Worth, Sussex
ch: 9th Apr 1820 Worth Parish Church
 b: 1823 Worth, Sussex
ch: 18th May 1823 Worth Parish Church
 b: 1826 Worth, Sussex
ch: 29th Jan 1826 Worth Parish Church
 b: 15th Apr 1805 Worth, Sussex
ch: 12th May 1805 Worth Parish Church
 James Brooker
m: 16th Jun 1834 Ifield, SussexSarah Prevett 
 b: 15th Apr 1805 Worth, Sussex
ch: 12th May 1805 Worth Parish Church
  b: c 1815 
 James Sarah Ann William Susannah Peter Mary Ann John
 b: 1835 Worth, Sussex
ch: 11th Oct 1835 Worth Parish Church
 b: 1838 Worth, Sussex
ch: 4th Mar 1838 Worth Parish Church
 b: 1840 Worth, Sussex
ch: 31st May 1840 Worth Parish Church
 b: 1843 Worth, Sussex
ch: 12th Mar 1843 Worth Parish Church
 b: 1845 Worth, Sussex
ch: 7th May 1845 All Saints, Crawley Down, Sussex
 b: 1848 Worth, Sussex
ch: 23rd Feb 1848 Worth Parish Church
 b: 1850 Worth, Sussex
ch: 21st Apr 1850 All Saints, Crawley Down, Sussex
 William Brooker
m: 26th Nov 1864 Worth Parish Church, Worth, SussexMary Gibb 
 b: 1840 Worth, Sussex
ch: 31st May 1840 Worth Parish Church
  b: 1843 Worth, Sussex 
 George William Edward Emily Kate Ellen Arthur
 b: 1865 Worth, Sussex
ch: 2nd Apr 1865 Worth Parish Church
 b: 1867 Worth, Sussex
ch: 3rd Mar 1867 Worth Parish Church
 b: 1869 Worth, Sussex
ch: 7th Mar 1869 Worth Parish Church
 b: 1871 Worth, Sussex
ch: 2nd Jul 1871 Worth Parish Church
 b: 1875 Worth, Sussex
ch: 5th Sep 1875 Worth Parish Church
 b: 1883 Burstow, Surrey b: 1884 Worth, Sussex
ch: 7th Dec 1884 Worth Parish Church

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