The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
William Fenner, son of Andrew Fenner, blacksmith and Ann Fenner [Taylor]
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In the Parish of Rotherfield, Sussex
Rotherfield Parish Registers
5th November 1780
At St. Denys Church in the Parish of Rotherfield, Sussex; son of Andrew Fenner & Ann Fenner
Rotherfield Parish Registers

Ancestor's report
No descendent's report
Fenner, Fenor family records
The ancestral pedigree of William Fenner
1st marriageAndrew Fenner
m: 21st Apr 1772 St. Denys Church, Rotherfield, SussexAnn Taylor 
 b: 1742
d: 1st Feb 1812 Rotherfield, Sussex
bur: 29th Feb 1812 St. Denys Church, Rotherfield, Sussex
  b: 1750
d: 2nd Jan 1789 Rotherfield, Sussex
bur: After 2nd Jan 1789 St. Denys Church, Rotherfield, Sussex
James Ann Elizabeth Mary William Thomas Mark George
b: 1773 Rotherfield, Sussex b: 1774 Rotherfield, Sussex
ch: 20th Feb 1774 St. Denys Church
 b: 1776 Rotherfield, Sussex
ch: 13th Oct 1776 St. Denys Church
 b: 1778 Rotherfield, Sussex
ch: 8th Nov 1778 St. Denys Church
 b: 1780 Rotherfield, Sussex
ch: 5th Nov 1780 St. Denys Church
 b: 1782 Rotherfield, Sussex
ch: 25th Dec 1782 St. Denys Church
d: Nov 1860 Rotherfield, Sussex
bur: 14th Nov 1860 St. Denys Church, Rotherfield, Sussex
 b: 1785 Rotherfield, Sussex
ch: 14th Aug 1785 St. Denys Church
d: Oct 1828 Rotherfield, Sussex
bur: 24th Oct 1828 St. Denys Church, Rotherfield, Sussex
 b: 1789 Rotherfield, Sussex
ch: 15th Feb 1789 St. Denys Church
d: Dec 1864 Rotherfield, Sussex
bur: 31st Dec 1864 St. Denys Church, Rotherfield, Sussex

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