The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
Major General Matthew Charles Dixon, R.A., V.C., son of General Matthew Charles Dixon, R.E. and Emma Dixon [Dalton]
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Major-General Matthew Charles Dixon, R.A., V.C. was born 5 Feb 1821 at Avranches in Brittany, the eldest son of General Matthew Charles Dixon R.E. and his second wife Emma Dalton, daughter of William Dalton and his wife Rebecca Wright. Born in 1821, the son of a Major General and grandson of an Admiral, Captain Dixon, he gained his Victoria Cross soon after he was ordered to the front at the outbreak of the Crimean War.

On 17th April 1855, the battery Captain Dixon was commanding was blown up by an enemy shell which destroyed the parapets at Sevastopol. Ten men were killed or wounded, five guns were disabled and a sixth was covered with earth. Dixon took control of the remaining gun and, despite heavy enemy fire, continued firing until sunset brought relief.

Major General Dixon married Henrietta Louisa Eliza Bosanquet, daughter of Vice-Admiral C. J. Bosanquet on the 13 May 1862 but had no family. They livedĀ in Pembury soon after he retired from the army in 1869 until his death on 7th January 1905. He was buried at Kensal Green and a memorial tablet to the Major General can be seen in St Peter's Church, Pembury.

5th February 1821
At (British Subject), Avranches, Brittany in the Country of France
Jeanette Grant's records
13th May 1862
Henrietta Louisa Eliza Bosanquet
Jeanette Grant's records
3rd April 1881
At Woodsgate House in the Parish of Tonbridge, Kent; Matthew Chas. Dixon, M, Head, married, age 60, born (British Subject), France; occupation: retired major general
1881 Census
Tonbridge, Kent
7th January 1905
In the Parish of Pembury, Kent
Jeanette Grant's records
After 7th January 1905
At Kensal Green
Jeanette Grant's records

Ancestor's report
No descendent's report
Dickinson, Dickens, Dickensen, Dickenson, Dickerson, Dickson, Dixon individual records
The ancestral pedigree of Major General Matthew Charles Dixon, R.A., V.C.
2nd marriageGeneral Matthew Charles Dixon
m: c 1820Emma Dalton 
 b: 1791
d: 1860
  b: c 1795 
 Major General Matthew Charles 
 b: 5th Feb 1821 (British Subject), Avranches, Brittany, France
d: 7th Jan 1905 Pembury, Kent
bur: After 7th Jan 1905 Kensal Green
 Major General Matthew Charles Dixon
R.A., V.C.
m: 13th May 1862Henrietta Bosanquet 
 b: 5th Feb 1821 (British Subject), Avranches, Brittany, France
d: 7th Jan 1905 Pembury, Kent
bur: After 7th Jan 1905 Kensal Green
  b: 1834 London
d: 3rd Sep 1926

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