The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
Minnie Harman [Hoath]
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At Hoaths Farm in the Parish of Rotherfield, Sussex
Fred Harman
31st October 1903
Eslie Harman; registered at Uckfield District, Sussex; ref: 1903 Q4 Vol 2b Page 291
Fred Harman
17th June 1905
Birth of a son
Ernest Edward in the Parish of Crowborough, Sussex
Fred Harman
Birth of a daughter
Minnie Elizabeth
Fred Harman
Birth of a daughter
Beryle Irene
Fred Harman
13th May 1964
At St. Leonard's Hospital
Fred Harman
November 2003
Contributed by
Fred Harman
Fred Harman

Herbert Harman and Elizabeth (nee) Lockyear were living at Frogs Hole and whilst there their children were born. The one and only son Esli was the eldest being born on the 26th May 1876. Esli had three sisters Elizabeth the eldest of the sisters born on 28th August 1877, then Ruth being born on the 13th July 1876. The last sister was Ada her date of birth is not known but the year was 1880.

Esli lived at Frogs Hole up to the age of ten. Then in 1886, the cottages were sold to the railway company, and as people started to move out of the cottages, the railway navies moved in until such times they were knocked down. … Esli became a bricklayer and in 1903 at the age of 27 he married Minnie Hoath, the daughter of George and Ellen Hoath a farmer's daughter. … On 17th June 1905 Esli and Minnie's first child was born, a boy, and christened Herbert Edward - the Herbert after his grandfather with a second name of Edward. Throughout his life he was known as Ted. … Esli and Minnie's second child was a girl. She was born in 1906 and christened Minnie Elizabeth … 1913 Esli and Minnie had another child and this was another girl who they christened Beryl. … Herbert Edward Harman born in 1905 and dying in 1988 was the last in this line of the Harmans, there being no other males the branch of this tree and it withered and died with Ted. …

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The ancestral pedigree of Minnie Harman [Hoath]
 Eslie Harmanm: 31st Oct 1903Minnie Hoath 
 b: 28th May 1876 Jarvis Brook, Rotherfield, Sussex
ch: 9th Dec 1877 St. Denys Church
d: 31st Jan 1956 Crowborough, Sussex
  b: 1878 Hoaths Farm, Rotherfield, Sussex
d: 13th May 1964 St. Leonard's Hospital
 Ernest Edward Minnie Elizabeth Beryle Irene
 b: 17th Jun 1905 Crowborough, Sussex
d: 25th Aug 1988 East Grinstead, Sussex
 b: 1907
d: 1913 Crowborough, Sussex
 b: 1913

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