The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
Euphemia T. Harman [Noble]
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Fred Harman
Bernard Owen Harman
Fred Harman
9th December 1937
Birth of a son
George Owen in the Parish of Rotherfield, Sussex
Fred Harman
Birth of a son
Fred Harman
Birth of a daughter
Fred Harman
Birth of a daughter
Maralyne D.
Fred Harman
November 2003
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Fred Harman
Fred Harman

Bernard Owen and Herbert John and - the twins - were born over midnight on 13th November 1913 and weighed just 2 lbs each. The two of them would swop girl friends and were in the Territorials at the beginning of the war. They were separated to different regiments - Herbert to France and Bernard to the Middle East.

Bernard Owen - the younger of the twins - was born at 12.15 a.m. on 14th November, 1913. He met and married Euphemia T. Noble at Gateshead in 1937 and worked as an ambulance driver and handyman. Bernard served in the Royal West Kent regiment during the Second World War. He died in 1952 at 50 Birkin Road, Sherwood Estate, Tunbridge, aged 69.

Bernard and Euphemia had four children:-
George Owen who was born in 1938.
Kenneth who was born in 1941 and married Judith A. Hurford in 1966. They had two children - Suzanne Louise born in 1974 and Samantha Jane born in 1977.
Jean who was born in 1946 and married Brian A. Ford also in 1966.
Marilyn D. was born in 1954 and married Philip L. Edney in 1974.
George Owen was born in Rotherfield on the 9th December 1938 the eldest son of Bernard and Euphemeia Harman. It is believed that George was married before to a Carol Riddle. He eventually emigrated to New Zealand.

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The ancestral pedigree of Euphemia T. Harman [Noble]
 Bernard Owen Harmanm: 1937Euphemia Noble 
 b: 13th Nov 1913 Shernfold Meadow Cottage, Frant, Sussex
d: 1982 50 Birkin Road, Sherwood Estate, Tunbridge Wells, Kent
  b: 1913 
 George Owen Kenneth Jean Maralyne D.
 b: 9th Dec 1937 Rotherfield, Sussex
d: 25th Mar 1973 Tauranga, New Zealand
 b: 1941 b: 1946 b: 1954

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