The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
Mary Cornelia Rebbeck, daughter of John Rebbeck, master carpenter and Emily (Emma) Sophia Rebbeck [Groombridge]
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In the Parish of Mayfield, Sussex
1881 Census
Mayfield, Sussex
3rd April 1881
At High Street in the Parish of Mayfield, Sussex; Mary C. Rebbeck, F, Daughter, age 2, born Mayfield
1881 Census
Mayfield, Sussex
5th April 1891
At Post Office in the Parish of Mayfield, Sussex; Cornelia Rebbeck, F, Servant, age 12, born Mayfield, Sussex; occupation: general domestic servant
1891 Census
Mayfield, Sussex

Ancestor's report
No descendent's report
Rebbeck, Rebeck, Reback, Rayback family records
The ancestral pedigree of Mary Cornelia Rebbeck
 James Rebbeckm: 28th Dec 1801 St. Dunstan Church, Mayfield, SussexCharlotte Piper 
 b: c 1780  b: 1782 Mayfield, Sussex
ch: 15th Jul 1782 St. Dunstan Church
 John R. Rebecca
 b: 1806 Mayfield, Sussex
ch: 5th Jan 1806 St. Dunstan Church
d: Jul to Sep 1882
 b: 22nd Feb 1810 Mayfield, Sussex
ch: 21st Mar 1810 Independent Non-conformist, Heathfield, Sussex
 John R. Rebbeck
farm labourer
m: Oct to Dec 1841Rose Chatfield 
 b: 1806 Mayfield, Sussex
ch: 5th Jan 1806 St. Dunstan Church
d: Jul to Sep 1882
  b: 1824 Tunbridge Wells, Kent
d: Jul to Sep 1881
John  Martha Matilda Ruth James William Emma Maria Alice Albert John William Arthur
b: 1846 Mayfield, Sussex
ch: 4th Oct 1846 St. Dunstan Church
  b: 1851 Mayfield, Sussex
ch: 2nd Mar 1851 St. Dunstan Church
d: Oct to Dec 1852
 b: 1853 Mayfield, Sussex
ch: 6th Mar 1853 St. Dunstan Church
 b: 1856 Mayfield, Sussex
ch: 7th Sep 1856 St. Dunstan Church
d: Jul to Sep 1893
 b: 1858 Mayfield, Sussex
ch: 1st Aug 1858 St. Dunstan Church
d: Apr to Jun 1859
 b: 1860 Mayfield, Sussex
ch: 5th Aug 1860 St. Dunstan Church
 b: 1863 Mayfield, Sussex
ch: 2nd Aug 1863 St. Dunstan Church
d: Jan to Mar 1881
 b: 1867 Mayfield, Sussex
ch: 6th Apr 1867 St. Dunstan Church
d: After 6th Apr 1867
   b: 1848 Mayfield, Sussex
ch: 2nd Jul 1848 St. Dunstan Church
1st marriageJohn Rebbeck
master carpenter
m: 31st Dec 1864 St. Dunstan Church, Mayfield, SussexEmily Groombridge 
 b: 1846 Mayfield, Sussex
ch: 4th Oct 1846 St. Dunstan Church
  b: 1848 Mayfield, Sussex
ch: 3rd Sep 1848 St. Dunstan Church
d: Jan to Mar 1881
Victoria Sophia John George Alice Victoria William Albert Joseph Palmer Rose Mary F. Mary Cornelia Ellen Josephine
b: 1866 Mayfield, Sussex
ch: 18th Mar 1866 St. Dunstan Church
d: 18th Mar 1866
 b: 1867 Mayfield, Sussex
ch: 3rd Nov 1867 St. Dunstan Church
 b: 1870 Mayfield, Sussex
ch: 6th Feb 1870 St. Dunstan Church
 b: 1872 Mayfield, Sussex
ch: 2nd Jun 1872 St. Dunstan Church
 b: c 1875 Mayfield, Sussex
d: Jan to Mar 1876
 b: 1877 Mayfield, Sussex
d: Jul to Sep 1885
 b: 1879 Mayfield, Sussex b: Jan 1881 Mayfield, Sussex
d: Nov 1881

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