The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
William Vinall, son of Ambrose Vinall, farm labourer and Sarah Vinall [French]
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In the Parish of Buxted, Sussex
Buxted Parish Registers
31st July 1864
At St. Margaret's Church in the Parish of Buxted, Sussex; son of Ambrose Vinall (labourer) and Sarah Vinall
Buxted Parish Registers

Ancestor's report
No descendent's report
Vinall, Vinnall, Vinal, Vinell, Vinoll, Venal, Venall, Venel, Vennel, Venele, Vennell, Vennal, Vennall, Vineall, Vinehall, Vineill, Vinel, Vynall family records
The ancestral pedigree of William Vinall
 John Vennell
m: 17th Sep 1799 St. Denys Church, Rotherfield, SussexSarah Ridge 
 b: 1775 Buxted, Sussex  b: c 1775 
 Elizabeth John Jesse Sarah Ann Martha William Thomas Richard Alfred Ambrose
 b: 1800 Buxted, Sussex
ch: 5th Oct 1800 St. Margaret's Church
 b: 1804 Buxted, Sussex
ch: 22nd Apr 1804 St. Margaret's Church
 b: 1809 Buxted, Sussex
ch: 5th Nov 1809 St. Margaret's Church
 b: 1813 Buxted, Sussex
ch: 3rd Oct 1813 St. Margaret's Church
 b: 1818 Hurstwood, Buxted, Sussex
ch: 27th Sep 1818 St. Margaret's Church
 b: 1820 Buxted, Sussex
ch: 8th Oct 1820 St. Margaret's Church
 b: 1823 Buxted, Sussex
ch: 12th Oct 1823 St. Margaret's Church
 Ambrose Vinall
farm labourer
m: Oct to Dec 1845Sarah French 
 b: 1823 Buxted, Sussex
ch: 12th Oct 1823 St. Margaret's Church
  b: 1824 Buxted, Sussex 
Joseph  Emma  Ambrose  Ellen Clara Lucy Ann William Frederick
b: 1846 Buxted, Sussex
ch: 29th Mar 1846 St. Margaret's Church
  b: 1850 Buxted, Sussex
ch: 13th Jan 1850 St. Margaret's Church
  b: 1853 Buxted, Sussex
ch: 13th Nov 1853 St. Margaret's Church
  b: 1857 Buxted, Sussex
ch: 8th Nov 1857 St. Margaret's Church
 b: 1859 Buxted, Sussex
ch: 24th Jul 1859 St. Margaret's Church
 b: 1861 Buxted, Sussex
ch: 16th Jun 1861 St. Margaret's Church
 b: 1864 Buxted, Sussex
ch: 31st Jul 1864 St. Margaret's Church
 b: 1867 Buxted, Sussex
 Jane Richard  Hannah     
 b: 1847 Buxted, Sussex
ch: 12th Dec 1847 St. Margaret's Church
 b: 1851 Buxted, Sussex
ch: 27th Oct 1851 St. Margaret's Church
  b: 1855 Buxted, Sussex
ch: 20th May 1855 St. Margaret's Church

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