The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
Lady Ela de Marci [Sackville] [Dene], daughter of Ralph de Dene and Sybella de Dene [Gatton]
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Sir Jordan de Sackville in the County of Suffolk
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Birth of a son
Sir Jordan in the County of Suffolk
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Birth of a son
Richard in the County of Suffolk
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Birth of a son
Sir George (Jeffrey) in the County of Suffolk
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c 1145
Lady Buckhurst
Sutton's Historical Notes
Birth of a son
Ralph in the County of Suffolk
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Guy in the County of Suffolk
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Warren in the County of Suffolk
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c 1155
William de Marci, of Faulkbourne
c 1160
Birth of a son
Ralph de
c 1200
At Bayham
Cooper's Bayham
It was about the year 1200, that Sir Robert de Turneham assigned his manor of Begham to be the seat of an abbey dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary, when both he and Ela de Saukeville gave their formal sanction to the transfer to this place of the Premonstratensian canons, previously settled at Brockley and Otteham. At first the abbey was called Beaulieu, from the beauty of its situation; but this title was soon merged in the more familiar name of Begham, or Begeham.
c 1205
At Otham Abbey
History of Hailsham
The position of Otham was soon found to be very inconvenient; situated out in the marshes and even now almost inaccessible after heavy rainfall; it must have been unhealthy and ucomfortable to a degree; and after about twenty years proposals were made to remove the seat of the Abbey; the first site offered was Hellingly, but about 1205 Sir Robert de Turnham determined to found an abbey at Bayham on the borders of Sussex and Kent, and for that purpose transplanted a small colony of Premonstratensians who had settled at Brockley in Kent; and as these were not enough for an abbey of the size of his new foundation he also obtained the leave of Ela De Sackville, the patron of Otham, to remove the latter establishment to this more favourable situation; so that after that date Otham ceased to be more than a grange of Bayham Abbey.
Sutton's Historical Notes
The first direct mention of this ancient house [Old Buckhurst] is in the Enquiry of 1274, after the death of the late owner, Sir Jordan de Sackville, who became possessed of the property through marriage with the Lady Ela de Dene. It is spoken of as that time as "a well-built dwelling house", and there are indications of even greater antiquity in certain parts of the ruins, where portions of Saxon masonry are to be seen built in the walls.
27th March 1737
North View of Begeham Abbey
North View of Begeham Abbey by Samuel & Nathaniel Buck
Private collection
Ralph de Dene in the reign of King Henry II founded an Abbey of Praemonstratensian Canons at Ottcham [Offham] in Kent, and recommended it to the patronage of St. Laurence; But Ela de Saukevile [Sackville] daughter of the aforesaid Ralph de Dene translated those Canons to this place, such translation Geffry de Saukevile her son ratified, as did diverse other Persons, who were great Benefactors to the Abbey. King John confirmed to these monks the Benefactions bestowed on them, whose immediate Successor King Henry III in 1251 granted them a weekly market on Thursday at their manor of Rokeland & a Fair there to continue three days at Midsummer, which King Edward II confirmed in 1313. Through different hands it came to the present Proprietor John Pratt, Esquire

Ancestor's report
Descendent's report
Dean, Deane, Deans, Dene individual records
Marci individual records
Sackville, Sackville-West family records
The ancestral pedigree of Lady Ela de Marci [Sackville] [Dene]
 Robert de Dene
Pincerna to Edward the Confessor
m: 1th centuryMrs 
 b: 1th century  b: 1th century 
 Robert de 
 b: 1050 
 Robert de Denem: c 1080Mrs 
 b: 1050  b: c 1050 
 Ralph de 
 b: 1085 
 Ralph de Denem: c 1115Sybella Gatton 
 b: 1085  b: c 1085 
 Robert de Lady Ela de
 b: c 1120 b: 1122
 Sir Jordan de Sackvillem: 1140 SuffolkLady Ela de Dene1st marriage
 b: c 1115
d: 1178 Withyham, Sussex
  b: 1122 
 Sir Jordan Richard Sir George (Jeffrey) Ralph Guy Warren
 b: 1141 Suffolk
d: 1208
 b: 1143 Suffolk b: 1145 Suffolk b: 1147 Suffolk b: 1149 Suffolk b: 1151 Suffolk
 William de Marci
of Faulkbourne
m: c 1155Lady Ela de Sackville2nd marriage
 b: c 1120  b: 1122 
 Ralph de 
 b: c 1160 

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