The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
Pricketts [a.k.a. Prickells, Wickers] Hatch      Fletching  
Historical records

1561/62Manor recordJohn Infelde.Pricketts hatchegate, cottageDuddleswell Manor

1564Manor recordPricketts hatchegate, cottageDuddleswell Manor
Road Pricketts hatchegate to Maresfield Church N, Forest pale S, Pricketts hatche W

1597FreeholderRichard MichelbornePricketts HatchBuckhurst Terrier
Richard Michelborne holds by deed Pricketts Hatch, 10 acres, bounds:
  • his land called Robin Hoods to the South
  • John Gilbert to the North and East
  • John Alcock to the West
Rent 1s. 5d

1597FreeholderJohan GilbertPricketts HatchBuckhurst Terrier
Johan Gilbert, widow, holds by deed tenement and land called Pricketts Hatch, 30 acres, bounds:
  • Queens highway East Grinsted to Lewys to the East
  • Rich. Michelborne to the South and West
  • way from Wulpitt Oke to Pricketts Hatch to the North
Rent 3s.

before 1634Manor recordBefore 1634 John ffoord surrendered self and wife.Pricketts hatchegate, cottageDuddleswell Manor

1634 to 1647Manor recordPricketts hatchegate, cottageDuddleswell Manor
1634 John ffoord and wife Anne then John and Elizabeth Streatfeild daughter admit.
1647 surrendered to John and Elizabeth Streatfeild.

1647 to 1684Manor recordJohn StreatfeildPricketts hatchegate, cottageDuddleswell Manor
1647 John and Elizabeth Streatfeild daughter admit, fine 20/-.
1684 Elizabeth ffoord deceased.

1684 to 1702Manor recordJohn StretfeildPricketts hatchegate, cottageDuddleswell Manor
1684 John Streatfeild son admit and surrendered to self and wife, fine 20/-.
1702 deceased, heriot steer 52/6d.

c 1693Ashdown ForestAshdown Forest by Barry Lucas after KeltonPrickets Hatch GateStraker's Ashdown Forest

1702 to 1712Manor recordWilliam StreatfeildPricketts hatchegate, cottageDuddleswell Manor
1702 William Streatfeild 17 admit, William Ratone guardian, fine 2/6d.
1711 surrendered to uses.

1711Manor recordMess tenement barnPricketts hatchegate, cottageDuddleswell Manor

1712 to 1728Manor recordMary Streatfeild [Gorringe]Pricketts hatchegate, cottageDuddleswell Manor
1712 Marie Streatfeild widow admit by will to son John at age 21, if no issue to kinsman William Wood, fine 10/-.
1728 Maria wife of Edmund Medhurst assumed deceased.

c 1724Nutley, Sussex - c 1724Part of the 1 inch to 1 mile map of Sussex produced in 1724 by Richard BudgenWickers hatch

after 1728Manor recordAfter 1728 Susanna Streatfeild admit by will, fine £4/10/- .Pricketts hatchegate, cottageDuddleswell Manor

before 1750Manor recordPricketts hatchegate, cottageDuddleswell Manor
Before 1750 Mary wife John Saxbee late wife William Streatfeild surrendered to William Wood.

1750 to 1785Manor recordWilliam WoodPricketts hatchegate, cottageDuddleswell Manor
1750 William Wood yeoman of Fletching.
1766 surrendered to will.
1784 deceased.

1786 to 1788Manor recordThomas WoodPricketts hatchegate, cottageDuddleswell Manor
1786 Thomas Wood eldest son admit.
1788 deceased, heriot red cow, compo £2/10/- .

1789 to 1824Manor recordThomas WoodPricketts hatchegate, cottageDuddleswell Manor
1789 Thomas Wood eldest son admit, mother Elizabeth guardian, fine 5/-.
1824 deceased, heriot cow compo £5.

c 1795Nutley, Sussex - c 1795Part of the 1 inch to 1 mile map of Sussex produced in 1795 by William Gardner and Thomas GreamPricketts hatch Gate

c 1825Nutley, Sussex - c 1825Part of the 1 inch to 1 mile map of Sussex produced in 1825 by Christopher and John GreenwoodPrickets Hatch

1825 to 1839Manor recordDaniel LewryPricketts hatchegate, cottageDuddleswell Manor
1825 Daniel Lewry natural son of Mary Wood admit by probate on 2nd proc, fine £12.
1839 deceased, heriot ox compo £7/6/8d.

1840Manor recordTithe map nos.633/7 – 2.1.33 acres.Pricketts hatchegate, cottageDuddleswell Manor

6th Jun 1841CensusJohn Bennett, M, Head, age 42, born Sussex, occupation: farm labourerJohn Bennett, farm labourerPicketts Hatch1841 Census
Fletching, Sussex
Elizabeth Bennett, F, [Wife], age 42, born SussexElizabeth Bennett
John Bennett, M, [Son], age 22, born Sussex, occupation: gardenerJohn Bennett
William Bennett, M, [Son], age 20 to 24, born Sussex, occupation: farm labourerWilliam Bennett

6th Jun 1841CensusHarry Carr, M, Head, age 45 to 49, born Sussex; occupation FarmerHenry CarrPricketts Hatch1841 Census
Maresfield, Sussex
Sally Carr, F, [Wife], age 45 to 49, born SussexSarah Carr [Lewry]
William Carr, M, [Son], age 22, born SussexWilliam Carr
Harry Carr, M, [Son], age 20, born SussexHenry Carr
Mary Carr, F, [Daughter], age 12, born SussexMary Carr

1841 to 1870Manor recordThomas LewryPricketts hatchegate, cottageDuddleswell Manor
1841 Thomas Lewry admit by will Harry Carr attorney on 3rd proc, fine £12/12/-.
1859 mortgage Rev Edward Turner of Maresfeild £400.
1862 satis.
1862 mortgage James Dives of Le James Dives of Leigh Kent farmer £550.
1862 mortgage James Dives again £350.
1870 exors satis.
1870 surrendered to John Hill £350.

30th Mar 1851CensusHead, occupation: farm labourerWilliam CarrPrickells Hatch1851 Census
Fletching, Sussex
WifeLucy Carr
DaughterRuth Carr
DaughterMary Ann Carr
DaughterAnn Carr

1870Manor record2 messuagesPricketts hatchegate, cottageDuddleswell Manor

1871Manor recordPricketts hatchegate, cottageDuddleswell Manor
1871 John Hill of Maresfeild miller admit, fine £35 and surrendered to Sir Spencer Maryon Wilson £300, heriot horse compo £10/10/- .

1871 to 1906Manor recordSir Spencer Maryon Wilson, 10th BaronetPricketts hatchegate, cottageDuddleswell Manor
1871 Sir Spencer Maryon Wilson Bart of Searles Fletching admit, fine £20.
1906 enfranchised.

c 1875Nutley, North of Maresfield - c 1875Part of the 6 inch to 1 mile map of Sussex produced in 1875 by Ordnance SurveyPricketts Hatch

1876RecollectionsHenry CarrPricketts HatchAshdown Forest dispute

During The Ashdown Forest Dispute 1876-1882 commoners and land owners were interviewed by the solicitor William Raper. Their comments were recorded in a series of notebooks:

[Carr/Card's evidence from Notebook 5 is inserted here to bring both statements together. It should be noted, however, that three years separate the two statements.]

Card, Harry. Aged 81. Owns double and 28 acres called Prickets Hatch lying across the boundary of Maresfield and Fletching parishes. This property has belonged to his Father and himself for over 100 years. His Father bought it off a man named Cole. He was born on it a small part of it. Was held of the manor of Maresfield and he enfranchised it over 30 years ago, quarterly rent 3s. 6d. He used to pay 1s. 8d. to the manor of Tarring Peverall, but has not paid it for over 40 years. Part is within the bounds of the manor of Duddleswell, but is free.


1879RecollectionsHenry CarrPricketts HatchAshdown Forest dispute

During The Ashdown Forest Dispute 1876-1882 commoners and land owners were interviewed by the solicitor William Raper. Their comments were recorded in a series of notebooks:

Carr, Harry. 84. Pricketts Hatch, Nutley, Maresfield. Born 11 January 1795 and baptised at Maresfield. My Father Vince Carr bought the Pricketts Hatch property about 28 acres in 1768 from one Cole. I produce the purchase deed of the freehold portion and he lived on it. I was born in the house on the property and have lived in it ever since. My Father died when I was 2 years old and my Mother carried on the farm for many years, I helping her, and when I was old enough she gave the farm up to me and I have used it ever since.


3rd Apr 1881CensusRuth Carr, F, Daughter (Head), single, age 34, born Fletching, occupation: charwomanRuth CarrPritchett Hatch1881 Census
Maresfield, Sussex
Louisa Carr, F, Daughter, , age 4, born MaresfieldLouisa Carr
John Farmer, M, Servant, single, age 20, born Maresfield; occupation: labourerJohn Farmer

1888Directory entryCarr, William, farmer, Pritchett's hatch, NutleyPritchett's hatch, NutleyBrooker's Guide

1906Manor recordEnfranchised.Pricketts hatchegate, cottageDuddleswell Manor

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