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 Reuben Leonard
farm labourer
m: c 1855Charlotte 
 b: 1833 Little Horwood, Buckinghamshire  b: 1835 Inursley, Buckinghamshire
 William R. George R. Elizabeth C. 
 b: 1865 Little Horwood, Buckinghamshire b: 1873 Little Horwood, Buckinghamshire b: January 1881 Shoreham, Kent 

 Thomas Leonard
farm labourer
m: c 1857Mary Ann 
 b: 1837 Cranbrook, Kent  b: 1837 Goudhurst, Kent
 Thomas Eliza Ann Mary E. James W. Henry 
 b: 1863 Cranbrook, Kent b: 1866 Cranbrook, Kent b: 1868 Cranbrook, Kent b: 1871 Cranbrook, Kent b: 1874 Cranbrook, Kent 

 Levi Leonard
farm labourer
m: c 1858Mary 
 b: 1837 Chiddingly, Sussex  b: 1838 Mayfield, Sussex
 Eleanor Levi Albert Emily Ada 
 b: 1869 Framfield, Sussex b: 1871 Uckfield, Sussex b: 1877 Uckfield, Sussex b: 1879 Uckfield, Sussex b: January 1881 Uckfield, Sussex 

 William Leonardm: c 1860Lucy 
 b: c 1840  b: c 1840
 Charles William 
 b: 1864 Forest Row, Sussex
ch: 26th Jun 1864 Holy Trinity Church

 William Lenardm: c 1860Marianne 
 b: c 1840  b: c 1840
 William John Davy 
 b: 1863 Tunbridge Wells, Kent
ch: 15th Nov 1863

 Lewis Leonard
farm labourer
m: c 1860Sarah 
 b: 1840 Cranbrook, Kent  b: 1835 Hawkhurst, Kent
 Lydia Bernard 
 b: 1868 Cranbrook, Kent b: 1870 Cranbrook, Kent 

  not marriedHarriett Leonard 
    b: 1845 Buxted, Sussex
ch: 19th Jan 1845 St. Margaret's Church
 b: 1861 Buxted, Sussex
ch: 15th Sep 1861 St. Margaret's Church

 William Smith
farm labourer
m: 31st Aug 1861 St. Margaret's Church, Buxted, SussexHarriet Leonard 
 b: 1835 Buxted, Sussex
ch: 11th Oct 1835 St. Margaret's Church
  b: 1845 Buxted, Sussex
ch: 19th Jan 1845 St. Margaret's Church
 Anne Emily George 
 b: 1863 Buxted, Sussex
ch: 6th Sep 1863 St. Margaret's Church
 b: 1863 Buxted, Sussex
ch: 6th Sep 1863 St. Margaret's Church
 b: 1868 Buxted, Sussex
ch: 29th Mar 1868 St. Margaret's Church

 George Clout
farm labourer
m: Jan to Mar 1862
registered at Cranbrook District, Kent ref: 1862 Q1 Vol 2a Page 578
Elizabeth Leonard 
 b: 1836 Gill's Green, Hawkhurst, Kent
ch: 9th Aug 1840 St Laurence Church, aged 4 years
  b: 1842 Cranbrook, Kent
George  Lewis Jane Emily Ann Eliza Ernest Rosa Frederick 
b: 1863 Cranbrook, Kent  b: 1866 Cranbrook, Kent b: 1868 Cranbrook, Kent b: 1871 Cranbrook, Kent b: 1874 Cranbrook, Kent b: 1876 Cranbrook, Kent b: 1879 Cranbrook, Kent b: February 1881 Cranbrook, Kent 
  b: 1864 Hawkhurst, Kent               

 William Thomas Leonard
m: c 1865Amelia 
 b: 1844 Southborough, Kent  b: 1845 Croydon, Surrey
Ernest Edward Ellen Richard William Elliott John Frank Infant George Thomas 
b: 1870 Tonbridge, Kent b: 1872 Southborough, Kent b: 1873 Southborough, Kent b: 1875 Southborough, Kent
ch: 27th Jun 1875 St. Peter's Church
 b: 1877 Southborough, Kent
ch: 11th Mar 1877 St. Peter's Church
 b: 1879 Southborough, Kent
ch: 11th May 1879 St. Peter's Church
 b: March 1881 Southborough, Kent b: 1888 Southborough, Kent
ch: 29th Apr 1888 St. Peter's Church

 John Leonardm: c 1865Julia 
 b: 1844 Tonbridge, Kent
ch: 17th Nov 1844 St. Peter and St. Paul Parish Church
  b: 1845 Sevenoaks Weald, Kent
 Sarah Elizabeth 
 b: 1869 Tonbridge, Kent
ch: 25th Apr 1869 St. Peter and St. Paul Parish Church

 William Leonard
m: c 1867Mary Ann 
 b: 1846 Tonbridge, Kent
ch: 18th Oct 1846 St. Peter and St. Paul Parish Church
  b: 1846 Tonbridge, Kent
 William Frank Thomas Seymour Albert Ira Charles Richard Edwin Alice Ellen 
 b: 1870 Tonbridge, Kent b: 1874 Tonbridge, Kent b: 1876 Tonbridge, Kent b: 1878 Tonbridge, Kent b: 1880 Tonbridge, Kent b: July 1880 Tonbridge, Kent 

2nd marriage Matthew Fenner
farm labourer
m: 23rd Nov 1867 St. Denys Church, Rotherfield, SussexMary Ann Leonard 2nd marriage
 b: 1819 Mayfield, Sussex
ch: 6th Feb 1820 St. Dunstan Church, son of Thomas Fenner (labourer) & Mary Fenner
d: August 1893 Town Row, Rotherfield, Sussex, aged 73 years
bur: 30th Aug 1893 St. Denys Church, Rotherfield, Sussex
 b: 1815 Mayfield, Sussex
ch: 26th Mar 1815 St. Dunstan Church
d: January 1888 Rotherfield, Sussex, aged 73 years
bur: 26th Jan 1888 St. Denys Church, Rotherfield, Sussex

 Mr Leonardm: c 1870Jane 
    b: 1849 Playden, Sussex
 Elizabeth Jane Sarah Ann Frances H. Edith M. Edward H. 
 b: 1871 Tunbridge Wells, Kent b: 1874 Tunbridge Wells, Kent b: 1876 Tunbridge Wells, Kent b: 1879 Tunbridge Wells, Kent b: July 1880 Tunbridge Wells, Kent 

  not marriedEmily Leonard 
    b: 27th Mar 1848 Rotherfield, Sussex
ch: 4th Jun 1848 St. Denys Church
 b: 18th Jun 1871 Rotherfield, Sussex
ch: 24th Jun 1871 St. Denys Church

 George Quickenden
m: 2nd Dec 1871 St Swithin Parish Church, East Grinstead, SussexAnnie Leonard 
 b: 1845 Ardingly, Sussex
ch: 23rd Feb 1845 St. Peter's Church
  b: 1853 Rotherfield, Sussex
ch: 6th Feb 1853 St. Denys Church
 Annie Jerusha Louisa 
 b: 1873 East Grinstead, Sussex
ch: 30th Nov 1873 St Swithin Parish Church
 b: 1876 East Grinstead, Sussex 

 Charles Leonard
coal merchant
m: c 1873Elizabeth 
 b: 1853 Tonbridge, Kent  b: 1850 Talyllyn, Brecknock, Wales
Elizabeth  Charles  Ellen Florence Roger William Thomas Rose M Albert Edward 
b: 1876 Tonbridge, Kent  b: 1880 Tonbridge, Kent  b: 1883 Tonbridge, Kent b: 1884 Tonbridge, Kent b: 1886 Tonbridge, Kent b: 1888 Tonbridge, Kent b: 1889 Tonbridge, Kent b: 1890 Tonbridge, Kent 
  Margaret H. Edith A.            
  b: 1878 Tonbridge, Kent b: January 1881 Tonbridge, Kent            

 Abraham Rogers
m: Oct to Dec 1873
registered at Chard, Somerset ref: 1873 Q4 Vol 831 Page 5c
Jerusha Augusta Leonard 
 b: 1846 Somerset  b: 1859 Rotherfield, Sussex
ch: 10th Apr 1859 St. Denys Church
 Abraham Edward James Emily Jane Joanna Annie Florence Jerusha Augusta Elizabeth A. George Thos. 
 b: 13th Sep 1874 Rotherfield, Sussex
ch: 6th Dec 1874 St. Denys Church
 b: 1876 Rotherfield, Sussex
ch: 3rd Dec 1876 Brightling, Sussex
 b: 1877 Brightling, Sussex
ch: 12th Oct 1877
 b: 1877 Brightling, Sussex
ch: 12th Oct 1877
 b: 1880 Westfield, Sussex b: November 1880 Rotherfield, Sussex
ch: 28th Oct 1881 St. Denys Church

 Ellen Leonardm: c 1880Mrs Leonard 
 b: 1856 Tunbridge Wells, Kent   
 Richard Henry 
 b: 1886 Tonbridge, Kent b: 1889 Tonbridge, Kent 

2nd marriage Fredrick Gurr
farm labourer
m: Jan to Mar 1881
registered at Sevenoaks District, Kent ref: 1881 Q1 Vol 2a Page 693
Ellen Eliza Leonard 
 b: 1837 Isfield, Sussex
ch: 21st Feb 1837 St. Margaret's Church
 b: 1859 Penshurst, Kent

 George Hemsley
m: Apr to June 1883
registered at Tonbridge District, Kent ref: 1883 Q2 Vol 2a Page 899
Clara Leonard 
 b: 1861 Hartfield, Sussex  b: 1855 Rotherfield, Sussex
ch: 2nd Dec 1855 St. Denys Church
 Helena Lilian 
 b: 1885 Hartfield, Sussex b: 1888 Hartfield, Sussex 

 Ernest Edward Leonardm: c 1892Ellen 
 b: 1870 Tonbridge, Kent  b: c 1870
 Alice May George Harry Charles Frank John Amelia 
 b: 1893 Southborough, Kent
ch: 28th May 1893 St. Peter's Church
 b: 1894 Southborough, Kent
ch: 12th Aug 1894 St. Peter's Church
 b: 1895 Southborough, Kent
ch: 6th Oct 1895 St. Peter's Church
 b: 1897 Southborough, Kent
ch: 18th Jul 1897 St. Peter's Church
 b: 1899 Southborough, Kent
ch: 4th Jun 1899 St. Peter's Church
 b: 1901 Southborough, Kent
ch: 15th Sep 1901 St. Peter's Church
 b: 1904 Southborough, Kent
ch: 28th Sep 1904 St. Peter's Church

 Albert Leonardm: c 1895Mary Hannah 
 b: c 1870  b: c 1870
 Margery Ethel 
 b: 1898 Tunbridge Wells, Kent
ch: 9th Oct 1898

 Edward James Lennardm: c 1900Elizabeth Jane 
 b: c 1880  b: c 1880
 Ellen Ruth Adele Adrian Caesar 
 b: 1905 Hildenborough, Kent
ch: 25th Jun 1905 St. Johns Parish Church
 b: 1910 Hildenborough, Kent
ch: 31st Jul 1910 St. Johns Parish Church

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