The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex

The Ashdown Forest Dispute 1876-1882
by Professor Brian Short
published by Sussex Record Society in 1997
Excerpts from this work have been reproduced on this site with the kind permission of Professor Brian Short

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John Buckman

Buckman, John. Living under Mr. Thompson at Ashdown Park. 60 Age 75 or 76. Born at Quabrook. Baptised at Bolney. My father and grandfather worked at Holly Hill from the time I first recollect. I have lived all my life in Hartfield parish. I went to service when I was 11 years old. For 2 or 3 years before that I did odd work for Colonel Young at Holly Hill, not on Snow's Hole. The foreman's name was William Hills. I remember going along with him and the team on to that part of the Forest called the Roughs to bring in brakes. I helped load them. I think they littered down the yards with forest litter but I cannot say positively. I lived with my Father at a cottage called Cooper's Cottage on Snow's Hole. We always burnt peat, turf and scrub off the Forest. My Father used to get the peat and turf and mother used to cut the scrub. Father kept one cow and got litter for it off the Forest and used to turn the cow out.

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