The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
Isabelle Plantagenet [de France]
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c 1293
At Paris in the Country of France
Public records
25th Jan 1307/8
Edward II Plantagenet, King of England at Boulogne Cathedral, Champagne in the Country of France
Public records
c 1310
Birth of a son
13th November 1312
Birth of a son
Edward III at Windsor Castle in the County of Berkshire
Public records
15th August 1316
Birth of a son
John at Eltham Palace in the Parish of Eltham, London
Public records
18th June 1318
Birth of a daughter
Eleanor at Woodstock Palace in the County of Oxfordshire
Public records
5th July 1321
Birth of a daughter
Joanna at The Tower of London in the Parish of City of London
Public records
22nd August 1358
At Castle Rising in the County of Norfolk
Public records
After 22nd August 1358
At Grey Friars Church in the Parish of Greenwich, Kent
Public records

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The ancestral pedigree of Isabelle Plantagenet [de France]
 Edward II Plantagenet
King of England
m: 25th Jan 1307/8 Boulogne Cathedral, Champagne, FranceIsabelle de France 
 b: 25th Apr 1284 Caernarfon Castle, Caernarvon, Wales
d: 21st Sep 1327 Berkeley Castle, Gloucestershire
bur: After 21st Sep 1327 Gloucester Cathedral, Gloucestershire
  b: c 1293 Paris, France
d: 22nd Aug 1358 Castle Rising, Norfolk
bur: After 22nd Aug 1358 Grey Friars Church, Greenwich, Kent
 Adam Edward III John Eleanor Joanna
 b: c 1310
d: c 1325
 b: 13th Nov 1312 Windsor Castle, Berkshire
d: 21st Jun 1377 Sheen Palace, Surrey
bur: After 21st Jun 1377 Westminster Abbey, Westminster, London
 b: 15th Aug 1316 Eltham Palace, Eltham, London
d: 13th Sep 1336 Perth, Scotland
bur: c Jan 1337 Westminster Abbey, Westminster, London
 b: 18th Jun 1318 Woodstock Palace, Oxfordshire
d: 22nd Apr 1355
 b: 5th Jul 1321 The Tower of London, City of London
d: 7th Sep 1362 Hertford Castle, Hertfordshire
bur: After 7th Sep 1362 Grey Friars Church, Greenwich, Kent

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