The Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
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Historical records

1563HistoryPygred [Pickreed]Pullein's Rotherfield
Elizabethan Survey taken from the Duchy of Lancaster Miscellaneous Books (vol. 112) in the Public Record Office, the year being 6 Elizabeth (1563 and 1564)
"The Borroughe of Allchorne lying in the parishes of Retherfelde, Buxsted and Selmyston.
Surveyors. Robert Tye, Constable, Richard Vynall, John Burgeis, John Alchorne
They say upon their othes
The Boundaries of the said Borroughe
Beginneth in Retherfelde from the litell Hammerponde of Litell Boxted [Little Forge]. And from thence leading upp the Streame unto a long Ghyll from thence to Shotts [Shooters Cross now Burnt Oak] from thence Downe by a bridge to the Wysshe. And so from thence leading upp by a gyll to Allfreys, Kechyn [Ketches] and so from thence to Crowboroug ende from thence unto the lordes well [Lordswell] from the same well to Coker well and from thence to Toffethornes from thence to Blackpitt from thence to Stobbewell. And from thence leading to Hoodedyke. And so from thence leading down by Hoodes Gyll unto a hedge from thence to Kerye lane. And so from the said lane leading by a hedge to Pygred [Pickreed] lane. And so from thence to foresaid Hammerponde.
Memodm. That in the said Borroughe is a common lying in Retherfelde. The tenants whereof pay yerely unto Sir Richard Sackvyle Knight who is lord of the same - jd."

1597FreeholderJohn SleachePickreedBuckhurst Terrier
John Sleache holds by deed land called Pickreed, 20 acres, bounds:-and Millponds als Millpynnes, bounded:-Rent 4 1/2d for Pickreed, Millponds, Grey Birchett and Mother Tebbs

c 1875Fordbrook, Hastingford & Sleeches, South of Crowborough - c 1875Part of the 6 inch to 1 mile map of Sussex produced in 1875 by Ordnance SurveyPickreed Wood

1928Borowe or Manor of Alchorne in 1560Borowe or Manor of Alchorne in 1560 by Mr Chapman and Catherine PulleinPickreedPullein's Rotherfield

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