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Books and other documents
PublishedTitle, author and references
1797The Tunbridge Wells Guide by J. Sprange ⇒ p. 110
1840New Guide for Tunbridge Wells by John Colbran and edited by James Phippen ⇒ p. 60
1883Pelton's Illustrated Guide to Tunbridge Wells by J. Radford Thomson, M.A. ⇒ p. 89

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Historical records

1630HistoryBishops-down-commonBurr's Tunbridge Wells

Henrietta Maria, wife of Charles I, who was sent here by her physicians, for the re-establishment of her health, after the birth of Prince Charles

The queen continued about six weeks at the Wells, and dwelt in tents the whole time. Her camp was pitched upon Bishops-down-common, and certainly diffused a splendor and magnificence over this wild country, to which it had hitherto been an absolute stranger; … The curiosity of this gay young queen induced her one day to walk from the Well a little way into the county of Sussex, where she wandered about till, at length growing weary, she sat down on a bank beneath the shade of a spreading birch for refreshment; and, when she had sufficiently rested herself, she arose, and ordered a stone to be placed there, as a memorial of her travels in that county. … The Queen's-stone, an alehouse in the road to Frant, is built where this monument was placed, and the sign which hung there till within these few years, was drawn from a view of the stone itself. It is now the sign of the Blue-bell

1840HistoryBishop's DownColbran's Tunbridge Wells

In the neighbourhood of Bishop's Down, a new Park has been commenced, called Nevill Park, the situation of which for building, has been happily chosen. It commands a most charming prospect, and its short distance from the chalybeate springs, renders it a particularly desirable residence for those who wish to derive benefit from the waters. There is a pleasant walk through this park from Bishop's Down to Rusthall Common, and four handsome houses are erected here. One of them, the property of the Rev. Mr. Bramley, is at present the residence of Lord Viscount Nevill. The gardens belonging to it are arranged with most exquisite taste, and form a perfect bijou. The views from all parts of the park are varied and extensive, and at each entrance is a remarkably pretty lodge, the rustic appearance of which harmonises well with the surrounding scenery.

3rd Apr 1881CensusHeadley Willson, M, Head, married, age 32, born Cherry Hinton, Cambridge; occupation CurateHeadley WillsonBishops Down Park1881 Census
Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Mary L. Willson, F, Wife, married, age 26, born CambridgeMary L. Willson
Francis H. Willson, M, Son, age 3 m, born T Wells, KentFrancis H. Willson
Gwynnedd C. Gordon, M, Boarder, age 12, born India; occupation: scholarGwynnedd C. Gordon
James R.M. Abbott, M, Boarder, age 10, born Guildford, Surrey; occupation: scholarJames R.M. Abbott
Susannah E. Burr, F, Servant, married, age 32, born E Peckham, Kent; occupation: cookSusannah E. Burr
Clara Parenly, F, Servant, single, age 22, born (Nat Brit Subj), France; occupation HousemaidClara Parenly
Mary Langford, F, Servant, single, age 34, born Chesterton, Cambridge; occupation: nurseMary Langford

3rd Apr 1881CensusThomas Eldridge, M, Head, married, age 60, born Ticehurst, Sussex; occupation: coachmanThomas Eldridge, coachmanBishops Down Park1881 Census
Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Catherine Eldridge, F, Wife, married, age 68, born Tisbery, WiltshireCatherine Eldridge
Henry Eldridge, M, Son, single, age 26, born T Wells, Kent; occupation: servantHenry Eldridge

3rd Apr 1881CensusWalter M. Bolt, M, Head, married, age 27, born Exminster, occupation: coachmanWalter M. Bolt, coachmanBishops Down Park1881 Census
Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Selina Bolt, F, Wife, married, age 27, born Aylesbeare, DevonSelina Bolt
Reginald Bolt, M, Son, single, age 4, born starcross, DevonReginald Bolt
Ernest Bolt, M, Son, single, age 1, born Teignmouth, DevonErnest Bolt

3rd Apr 1881CensusEdwin Bowman, M, Head, married, age 25, born Eastry, Kent, occupation: gardenerEdwin Bowman, gardenerBishops Down Park1881 Census
Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Elizabeth Bowman, F, Wife, married, age 24, born Wingham, KentElizabeth Bowman

1889Bishops Down Grove Spa Hydropathic SanatoriumBishops Down Grove Spa Hydropathic Sanatorium, Tunbridge Wells by Charles Reynolds & Co.Private collection

1912The Spa HotelThe Spa Hotel, Tunbridge WellsBishops DownPrivate collection

1915Junction of Bishops Down, Major Yorks & Langton RoadsJunction of Bishops Down, Major Yorks & Langton Roads, Tunbridge Wells photographed by H.H.CamburnPrivate collection

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